Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Bachelorette!

I admit it loud and clear! I am totally addicted to this show. I have watched a few bachelors here and there, and even the one with Mr. brad womack that led Deanna to be the next bachelorette but this one i am truly addicted to. Maybe it's because it's summer and im stuck in the house or maybe it's just that good of telelvision....hmmm. I don't know.

First things first--what the hell is wrong with Jeremy? He's sweet, he's kinda cute in that creepy, 'i love you' after the first date kinda guy. Sometime struck a creeptastic nerve with me from the beginning but the scene after he gets dejected from the show, just was wierd. Like i said, creeptastic.

I really like the final two. They both seem genuine, and there for the right reasons. (Unlike smokin' hot Graham) Even though i wasn't a fan of Deanna during the bachelor (she kinda grew on me towards to end--and i mean kinda), I am rooting for her to find happiness. :) Every girl deserves that right?

The men tells all epsisode was all too much for me. Graham was a smug asshole, and Jeremy was still the creepy 'why didn't you pick' me whiny ass. The outakes were awesome as SOMEONE FINALLY made a comment about that guys freaking mullet!

I mean we all loved some party in the back at some time, but not in the past decade or two! See Brat Pitt even had one at one time!

ok,ok, enough with the mullet talk. Let's pray that this is one look that doesn't make it back into style! You hear me--no more mullets, at least not on national tv. We don't need that one kid who thinks that it looks cool to start a trend.

Back to Deanna---There have been some rumors that Jesse has had a girlfriend this whole time, and rumors that Graham and Deanna end up together after a failed attempt at love. So, what's your prediction? (about Deanna, not the mullet comeback!)

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