Monday, July 21, 2008

ahhh the virus took over!

I have been a bit mia lately. I can thank blake for that. :) Well, it turned out he didn't have the flu but a nasty virus that apparently has been going around! He went to the doc on Thursday (after i yelled at him to...) So, it was a crappy weekend to be sick. We missed a lot--annual float trip, some one's bday party and Cruefest.

I am kinda ticked at my hubby for the last one. He spent a crapload of money on these tickets, (and was the one to rally up ppl to go, and collect the money) So, we ended up with an extra ticket. I just found out today that he GAVE IT AWAY. i could have killed him. With him complaining about money lately, i dont know why he would have done that. We sold the other two, for about half of what we paid for too. GRRRRR.

he apologized later. luckily, bc i might of had his hide if he hadn't!

Anyway, enough crabbiness for today. It was a rather funny weekend if you think about it. Both of us sleeping all day, laying in bed our stomachs rumbled and gurgled almost in sync! funny stuff!

Last week, I did manage to accomplish something! I redecorated our bathroom. I am not 100% done yet but i'm happy with the results so far! I know, i know, no post allowed without pics, but i'll have to get that up and running soon! So, i will try to not suck at posting anymore!

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Maria said...

I feel your pain. I got a cold over the weekend and it sucks! People aren't supposed to get colds in the summer!