Saturday, November 29, 2008


"Yeah, i remember i picked up some broad the night before thanksgiving, and i ended up marrying her..... "

Yep, my husband said that.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I finished the saga!


I will have to say that of the four giant books, the last one, Breaking Dawn was one of my favorites. I have not seen the movie but Blake and I are going this weekend, but I have a feeling I will be reading these babies again!

If you haven't read them--beware they are addicting, your social life may suffer, as well as the rest of your life but it's worth it, lol. I was like most people who didn't think i would like them, didn't think that vampire books appealed to me, but----they are so much more that that!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Kreative man!

Thank to Lauren for giving me this award even though i am WAY behind in posting about it! I am supposed to say 6 things that I am thankful for. I know that most people say theirs husbands, family and friends, but that is obvious to me, so I'm going to be a little Kreative, lol.

1. Ice Tea--One of the goals of my life is to figure out how Bread Co. makes such good tea. I am SO picky about Ice T that I know where and where not to get it. (Pei Wei makes the most awesomest Orange Ice T......and Bread Co--Panera for you non-St. Louis-ans) I would die without my ice t. Really.

2. My animals. Blake things i am turning into the crazy animal lady because I love my animals like they are kids. I am also obsessed with all cute animals, and would have a zoo at my house if he let me. They show such an unconditional love that cannot be duplicated by humans. One of the best parts of my day, is coming home to be greeted by them, plus the fact that they are both cuddle-bunnies makes it even better! I am truly blessed to have them in my life

3. Good Health--I never appreciated life and the ability to do whatever you want the way I have since my car accident. I was lucky that I was not the middle of those two trucks that hit me, because i think things would have been a lot worse. While my back is still screwed up, I am lucky that I am healthy, and that i can walk! Its been a long road to recovery (i sound like an addict) but I am so thankful because things could always be worse!!!

4. Speaking of good health, I am thankful for the kiddos I work with. I see the struggles that their little bodies go through, and the pain they endure mentally and physically. They keep me grounded, and more thankful for the life I have been given.

5. My house--I love my house! I am lucky to have my own home as I know many people who are older who are not so lucky. While we have less money in our pockets (and bank accounts), it' OUR home, where we have and will make memories, and where our story begins.

6. The Internet---HA! I know but seriously, I have been introduced to the world of blogging, met some fun and cool people while planning my wedding, and have a world of knowledge at my fingertips. It gives me a way to keep in touch with those who I am not lucky enough to live near, and who I don't get to see often enough! What is not to love? It also was great during grad school because some of my classes were online! I seriously think the Internet is crucial to my survival, that and my ice tea (and my tivo! lol!!!)

So, I need to give out this award to some people.....

Mary; The Wishes and the Glitches; Jen; Amanda; Nicole; and to anyone else who hasn't yet been hit! :)

Hopefully, this is a new award for you all! It seems to have spread like wildfire!

And to the rest of you, Happy Turkey Day! Hope it is a day full of blessings, and good food! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

They are in THE MAIL!

Our cd of proofs from our wedding have been shipped! They should be here tomorrow or Saturday!

I am pumped! 6 1/2 months later and they are ALMOST here.....eeeeek!

You might see an explosion of wedding pics next week, lol.

Thanks for all the grad school comments. I have to decide what I need to do ASAP!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Conundrum

I really like that word--conundrum. I know i have been tagged a few times but i will get to that, I promise....and I won a few fun things that I must post! Later, promise! :)

Anyway back to the conundrum. I started grad school in 2006 to get my Masters and Certification in Early Childhood Special Education. I was a nanny at the time and miserable. Then, I started my current job two years ago, and have found that it suits me, and actually like it on most days. It just doesn't pay much, but the benefits are well worth it.

Ok, so your wondering what is the issue, right? I took the summer off of school because after the wedding, working, and school, I was burnt out on school, and ready to have my life back. So, i planned to go back in the fall but found how wonderful it was to have free time again---to not have to worry that i should be doing homework, or this or that. I got a ton of stuff done around the house....and so on.

Well, guess what came in the mail yesterday? Student loan bills (because my deferment will end in December.) I will be honest, right now we cannot afford another bill, and this one is more than either of our car payments. So, then Blake brought up going back to school.

Basically, he couldn't understand why I didn't want to go back. His thoughts were
A) "your good at it (he isn't a fan of school, and while i am not, it's generally easy for me)
B) Why stop now when you have come this far
C) Do you really want to make $xx,xxx for the rest of your life?
D)You were just stressed out because of the wedding that last semester, it wasn't school.....

I really don't know how to answer any of those questions but to look at the pros and cons. I get his points, but i am happy for now, but then again.......that could always change. I do miss working one on one with kids, but what I do now is rewarding.

it would put us farther into debt.
It would also take me another two years to finish, and I plan (don't know about him, lol) to have kids before then.
Then, there is the whole, I don't know what i want to do with my life kind of thing.
Takes away time from my life
did i mention it's expensive?
It will not further me or get me any more money where i am at currently

Give me something to fall back on in the future
Teaching would be a good schedule for when we have kids
Ill accomplish my goal of getting my MA.
I would make more money in the future

I just don't know what to do. Anyone have any wise advice?

By the way, I picked up New Moon on Sunday night and FINISHED IT today during my lunch break! See, If i was in school i wouldn't have time to read and obess over Twilight.......

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I've been bit.....

I didn't sleep well last night, and had plans to join some ladies for brunch, but i still wasn't feeling well (me and antibiotics don't mix, i have hardly eaten all week) I couldn't sleep, but still didn't feel well to do anything.

I picked it up, and was ready to find out what all the hype is about since i just finished another book i was reading. I just started reading it and i am already 300 pages in. Laundry didn't get done today, and I don't foresee that happening.
I can now see what the hype is about.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A little of this and a little of that....

Thanks for the comments yesterday! I remember going through this right after I moved back home from college. It's funny sometimes I look around the house and go, this is our house, this is all of our stuff---I am all grown up. I know, i am almost 30 and I still think that....funny huh? Sometimes being grown up sucks, but most of the time its pretty damn nice! :)

* Today, I am in a great mood, I feel so much better! Finally! You don't really appreciate good health until you get sick.......

* My brother didn't end up getting his surgery. His hand actually was broken so they casted it first. Also, his eye is healing well. He will have to wear glasses but he won' t loose his sight in it--which is wonderful news! Thanks for the good thoughts!!

*We put Lily on a steroid Tuesday because she has been biting and biting at her feet like there is no tomorrow. I mentioned a few months ago she had a rash (which cleared up with benadryl), and our vet is sure its allergies. I hope it works for her, i know she is just miserable. She bites them until she cries sometimes, it just breaks my heart! I have noticed that after two full days of the steroid she isn't biting them as much, so I am hoping it works for her!

*Piper now weighs 3 1/2 pounds! My baby must be eating because she only weighed 2.10 last month! This is a pic of her from the vet office i took with my phone. She crawled up my neck into the hood of my sweatshirt. Tell me that isn't the cutest thing ever!

(sorry--you'll have to wait, as I'm having issues with blogger right now!)

*Anyone feel like Christmas is coming too soon this year?

This was one random post! Oh well! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Growing up

Do you ever feel like your life is changing and you have no control over it? It's really how I have felt lately, and the only way i know how to explain it. The more and more I have thought about it, I think it has been happening for longer than I realized. (Maybe the past year or two) I have grown up which is a normal path of life to take, but after a huge life altering event (our wedding) I have started to examine the relationships in my life. While i feel that some of my friendships have grown and deepened, I feel differently about others.

I'm not a very open person, but over the course of the past few months, I have found my mind wandering a lot about this... more often the past month or so......I started this blog as an outlet to express myself, and maybe learn some things along the way. I'm going to be vague to protect the guilty (and the innocent too, lol?)

I got married six months ago, and feel our relationship has grown. I'm happy in that department :)

But my husband is not the only relationship in my life (no, nothing adulterous here, lol) In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I have felt some fading, some distancing---due to having families of their own, others due to sheer lack of time and energy and others? Well, we just grew apart for no real reason (at least I can pinpoint) or because of several reasons crammed together. I will admit that in some cases I am partly to blame (grad school, work, and wedding planning wasn't helping.) but others--i have a hard time forgiving.

I feel like I was let down. I will admit, I have a hard time trusting (and I forgiving someone whose hurt me several times, its hard to get past that) but at the same time, I am too trusting. (I know, I don't make sense) I think i WANT to see the good in people but have felt let down too many times to completely put myself out there. I can't decide if it's sad or smart.....I have been stomped on many times in the course of my life but as i grow up, i have grown a pair. Though, they are a tiny pair, lol.

A couple weeks ago, I watched 27 dresses. Girl meets boy, boy tells girl she has issues with saying no. Hmmm....sounds familiar. OH! That's because it reminded me of myself. I am too nice, I have had a hard time with conflict, and have a bleeding heart. Sometimes I feel like I give, give and give, and never really get anything in return. At one point, I said I was tired of giving, tired of being the good friend but who does that make me then? Do I want to live my life like that?

As you can see, this part of me is still under construction.

Planning my wedding demonstrated that. There are several things I let go that I shouldn't have because i didn't want to cause conflict or make anyone mad. This was supposed to be a joyous time, instead I felt like a effing referee.

I am working on that, and I'll admit its really been difficult for me. I really miss times of simplicity but life changes, we change. I get that. I guess the point of this post was that i feel too many relationships in my life have changed,and it really saddens me. I know its a part of growing up and moving on, but I look at my husband who has had the same group of friends since he could remember. I will admit, i find myself jealous at times, but at the same time, am happy I left home, and for those i met in college.

I started to think that maybe I was just over analyzing things like i always find myself doing. Add a few cocktails, a few friends, and I learned that maybe I am not alone. It was a good feeling, but at the same time more confusing.

But then I wonder, what do i do? Let them go, or hold on? I guess only time (and my gut feeling) but at least i know that I am not alone in this. that maybe this is (gasp) normal.......

Saturday, November 8, 2008

So, i've been a little MIA but i have a REALLY good reason!

Remember last week, when I posted this, about my awful intern experience?

Well. I have decided to change allergist. Not solely because of that but because i woke up Wednesday with a 103.0 fever. A headache that felt like i was having an aneurysm. I know, blame him? well, just wait......

It's kinda funny too because I ended up going to urgent care (the new one in kirkwood, i swear do they not teach bedside manner anymore? ) that same day because I wasn't feeling good anyway. Again, bad service. Take some protonix and give it two weeks (acid refux med). So, i went a head and called the doc. that she recommended because my pcp quit her practice, and I was doctor less. She was awesome! She wanted to run some blood test, and gave me a pneumonia shot (i know for old people but she likes to give them to people with asthma) and a flu shot. I woke up that night with a high fever and starting throwing up.

I called the doctors office to see if it was normal after a flu shot, and she called me back herself. Wow. She was thinking maybe i had caught something before i got the shot, and to see a doc if it didn't go away in the next day.

Fast forward to today, Saturday. I can barely move, my heads going to fall off. So blake takes me to urgent care. She tested me for the flu because my symptoms were on dead on. Then, the doc comes in and looks me over. Well, (and not to gross you out) but she says I have pus in my nose. Yes. You heard me.

So, i left with a diagnosis of a sinus infection gone bad, and left untreated for weeks, that didn't clear up on its own. What i dont't get is that effing allergist didn't bother to catch it when i went in for a chronic headache? I am beyond furious, missed work. I got home and took my antibiotics, and have actually been able to get up, and check email and catch up on life. I literally slept for two days straight. Luckily, i have a wonderful hubby who have been tending to my every want and need, but i think we both got a little freaked out because i have never been that sick ever.

I hope this makes enough sense as i am still a bit delirious, The sad thing is that this doc is rated top allergists, but to me this is indescribable, and this whole thing could have been avoided.

Ok, vent over. I just wanted to get the word out, to speak up when you don't feel like something is right. i should have the first time, but I will never let myself get into that situation again. As for my allergist, i will be contacting him to let him know how that care i received was awful. I understand that doctors need practice, but he should have looked at me as well.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. back to bed for me!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Animal House

Warning: the pictures you are about to view are very cute and cuddly.

I love my little fur babies and all but when they get going, chasing each other around the house, i feel like i live in an animal house!!

They both have their own spots they cuddle in.....Lily has her cute little pink girlie bed. Piper love to sleep on top of the couch but when we leave the computer door open (which we only do if we leave the laptop closed because she likes to pounce on it) she likes to sleep in this spot.

Yes, that is a cd organizer she cuddles in. Here I obviously awaken the beast
(she doesn't like the flash!)
I bought her a Halloween costume thinking she'd be more likely to wear it but it was way to big. Then, last night i was cleaning out our spare bedroom and found the t-shirt to a bear (Blake bought it for me in Vegas 3 years ago when he went for a bach. party)

It was just her size.

It didn't bother her one teeny bit......

She hates me now......but not as much as her dear sissy..............

She wasn't diggin' it either, but left it on long enough for a pic opportunity.
Please note, that she believes she believes she deserved an angel costume. She also believes Piper may be the perfect devil......

The day has come.....

Work has blocked my favorite forum. What am I to do with myself now? Work?

This sucks.

By the way, i have an email with the link to my proofs, but he forgot to give me my password. Ironic huh?

Oh, and I have to add that I was married 6 (yes, SIX!!!) months ago today! Time flies!