Tuesday, July 22, 2008

and the story goes on......

So, back to the story. I used my mom's car to drive around by Lafayette's. I remember being parked by church with a red door (i know, sad times in my early 20s!) Ah-ha! I found it! Called work, told them i had a flat tire (i wasn't completely lying!) and had to have it towed!

A few weeks went by and we were texting A LOT! I was starting to like him, and i hadn't liked a boy like this in a long time! The night before Thanksgiving, I went out with my cousin, his now wife, and our friend Chris. I can't even remember what bar we were at but it sucked. I was texting blake and he was trying to get us to go to Sybergs. (he dropped his phone in the toilet or something too) Finally, i caved. we got there and i was SO excited to see him!

We were having a great time when some idiot started a fight with Chris. Next thing i knew tables were being knocked over, drinks went flying and it was pure chaos. (Ok, you have to remember we were young. blake was 22, and i was 23, 24) The bouncer shoved all of our group outside so that we could leave, and get the others out after we were gone. Well, we all started looking around to find out that blake was missing.

A few mintues later, Blake was shoved out the front door, his eye all puffy, and missing one shoe. Yes, he lost a shoe. Apparently, they had taken everyone else out, and he comes out of the bathroom, wondering, 'wtf just happened'. needless to say, the other group basically kicked his ass before he finally got outside! I remember someone putting him in my car, saying to watch him because he had gotten hit in the head pretty good. We headed to my cousin's girlfriends house to drop them off. We sit in the car debating on whether or not to go inside because 'that girl' lived there, and she had apparently wasn't very nice to him when they were dating. We kissed....aw. I know. We finally decided to go inside, and someone gave him a pack of peas to put on his head. We stayed there until we (at least i) sobered up to drive Blake to his parents housein the boonies.

We both fell asleep (or passed out) on his couch, and i woke up to a old grey man staring at us. Crap! It was thanksgiving! I bolted out of there.....not knowing that i had just left my future in-laws house!

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