Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally, our story!

I have to laugh because the story of how we met isn't all that exciting, but what happened as things progressed make me laugh to this day.(and now as i relive it makes us sound like total drunkards, but hey it was 5-6 years ago!) I remember the exact day we met. Well, it was easy because we both had started a new job, the day after labor day. September 2nd. We were both filing out paperwork and i was talking to the girl across from me who i just happened to go to high school with.

he asks me, oh, you went to pius?


did you know so and so?

nope. he was probably younger.

end of convo. later on i learn that he thought i was totally a big old snob. Huh? me? Anyway, a few weeks went by and we would run into each other here and there, at our meetings, and on job sites. (We worked with ppl with disabilities on job sites, training etc)

At some point, my cousin who i was living with ran into him. They had known each other from grade school, and had been friends. I guess Blake was talking about his job, and mike put two and two together,and realized that we actually worked together. Ok, that was weird. So, then they talk more to find out that my cousins girlfriend (who he just married, and we both were engaged on the same day!) was living with one of Blake's ex-girlfriends. Ok, awkward. I never liked the girl, and now i know why! :)

Fast forward to Halloween. I was supposed to train him on this job site i was working on. We talked a bit here and there but it was awkward. (HE was so quiet!)

So, one night a week or so late, we ended up going to the same bar after work. We decided to go to Lafayette's (before it burned down.) Somehow it was only us at the bar (don't know what happened to the rest of the ppl we were with). and somehow i popped two tires in my brand new car (see, this car is cursed from day one!) We were both drunk, and shouldn't have been driving anyway, so we called his friend to pick us up. First of all, we had no idea what street we were on. and apparently, Blake hadn't yet learned his colors. He told Dave we were in a gold car (the car i had before was gold). My car is blue. Somehow, Dave found us and dropped me off at home.

The next day i wake up with the worst possible hangover ever, and the events start trickling into my head. Oh crap! My car! I dialed Blake's number, and he wasn't answering. No, of course not, he was sleeping! I was supposed to be at work in two hours and i had no idea where my car be continued!

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