Wednesday, February 20, 2008

EEEK! Invites in already?!?

Holy moly, talk about fast! I ordered my invites last week, and tada--here already.....
I took a few pics but of course my pic taking skills are way below par, and my camera is craptastic.
Here is the front:

Now that i have these babies in hand, it is really starting to hit home how close it is getting. Most of me is happy, but a little bit of me will be sad when its all over! The funny thing is, what will I do with myself? I'm taking two classses this semester, and working full-time, and planning this wedding in my spare time. Well, when i take the summer off, and the wedding is over, what will i do with spare time? Hmmmm....i might need to take up a hobby. Maybe, just maybe ill have time to read a book, like for fun--NOT a textbook that i am forced to read and makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs. OR maybe i'll enjoy my new hubby for a while! sounds good to me!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good times...bad times

I have seriously neglected posting lately! I hope to stay more on top of it, but the next few months have basically been planned out for me! I have 3 showers, my bachelorette party, and what seems like a millions papers due! I have had a lot going on the past month or so--life has had its share of good times and bad times lately.....and i think its allowed for blakey and i to grow as people, but also as a couple.

I will spare you all the long, drawn-out drama filled story, but Blake is now unemployed. I know that with the wedding about 2 1/2 months away that this couldn't be the worst time for this to happen. Somehow, I have remained calm, cool and collected. Somehow.

When someone is unemployed, there is a lot of stress, that is a given. While it is scary, since we now have a mortgage to pay, I really think that it is for the best. Blake is one the best people I know. He cares so much about those in his life, and would literally do anything for them. He deserves to be treated with respect, and most imporantly--be happy! this is all for the best! Ok, I am done now! :)

Blake has had a few inteviews already and we think that this whole thing is for the best! It's already so nice to have him home--and without his work phone constanlty ringing! I love it! We have been out to dinner more in the past week than we have in a loooong time!
The wedding plans have been rolling right along! I have accomplished a lot over the past few weeks! Most imporantly I ordered our invites, and they should be here any day now! I cannot wait to see the finished product. Here is the the style, but the colors will be different!

We picked out tuxes too! Blake demanded that he didn't care about the tuxes, and that they all looked the same, but later decided that oh, wait, he really did have an opinion! HA! He picked out a nice little number: black shadow stripe tux.

Ah.....the bridesmaid dresses came in! After a few months, and several bad dreams (in one of them the dresses came in and were hidious--pink, purple and green!!!) Here is a horrible pic of one! I love them! I ordered them through RK Bridal and I will have to say, they turned out great!

I also got my first invite to one of my showers! I am so excited! My MOH arranged for all of my friends to go to the winery in a few weeks! WHOOOO HOOO! I wuv me some wine!