Monday, July 7, 2008

i'm a bad blogger....

I have been such a slacker lately! i am in this stupid slumpy dump so my motivation is in the can. I apologize in advance if this post sounds whiny, and depressing. I'll try to have some cheese later with 'whine' har har. I have been in this slumpy-dump (and it's really all i can say to describe it) since we got back from the honeymoon. It went away for a while but when the pain (from accident) didn't go away like we had thought it would, it returned with a vengeance.

The car accident was almost 3 months ago ( next week) and i am in worst shape now than I was then. I guess i can look at it on a positive note, at least i wasn't feeling anywhere near this on my weddng day. Right now, I am just so frustrated, and since I can't do anything else (really, this all i can do) i am going to bitch and moan. My dear hubby has even noticed that i am not 100% my self. I think that the onset of summer has spread the slumpy dump. It's my favorite time of year, time for float trips, lounging at the pool and fun with friends, and family, and just being outside--and i am just sitting here moping. Yep, Debbie Downer, I am.

I refuse to get in a swimsuit because i have put on at least 15 pounds since the wedding, and am now at my highest weight EVER. What's worse is that I can't do anything about it. i worked out in the yard this weekend, and this morning i woke up not able to get out of bed, so bad that i didn't go into work. When i first met with my chiro, I was excited at first when he told me 4-6 weeks but now it seems forever away. Especially during this season of swimsuits and shorts. Sometimes, i feel like it's never going to happen. it's hard ya know, when you are used to being so busy, and so active. i feel like an 90 year old woman in this 29 year old body. lol

Well, i was doing pretty well since i was given my 4-6 week hallelujah plan (time till i'll be healed) until the past couple of weeks. Last week. I went to the gym to sit in the sauna, to alleviate some of the pain. It felt so good to be in there sweating, really good, but i left there more upset then i already was. There I was, at the gym surrounded by people who are in shape, or trying to get there and i was near tears. I used to love working out, and love how i felt when i did it. This weekend we lounged at the pool, and that night i was sore yet again YES just from laying out at the pool. Here i am, it's my favorite time of year, and I can't do anything.

I could get angry but what use does that do? Accidents happen. Life happens. Shit happens--and we all come out fine in the end....righto? Sorry for being such a debbie downer but man, i just want to enjoy life again. I'm thinking good thoughts though, next week will be better. I think i over extended my self this weekend. In the meantime, lets have some good laughs.

Some E Eards are one of my favorite things to send to random ppl and always cheers everyone up....

Still in the 4th of July spirit....
This one is for Blake.

and lastly.....heeeheee


Julia said...

Hang in there, Amy. I know that chronic pain can seriously cause mild forms of depression, and it completely changes people. I'm hoping and praying that your pain can be alleviated somehow!

Just remember it could always be worse [I know, that statement sucks but it's true]. Try to count your blessings because you have a LOT going for you, and I'm so glad the accident wasn't any worse.

Jamie said...

I was thinking of you yesterday, Amy!! I saw a lady driving behind me as she SLAMMED on her brakes to stop from hitting me. I was totally freaked out...immediately thought of you and your accident shortly before the wedding....ugh. Hang in finace has a bad back and gets regular treatments with a chiropratctor and also with an acupuncturist...apparently it helps him a lot.

PS: I was on my way to a bridal shop to try on some gowns...and if she would have hit me, it would have been a sign....(but she didn't...) :)