Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I was calmer than I thought I would be on Friday (I still get a little nervous for ultrasounds for some reason!) I was waiting on Blake to come meet me, and when they called my name, I was calm. I got to hear his strong heartbeat for about 30 minutes and they told me it sounded great! He is a strong little guy!

In between waiting for the ultrasound and trying to get Blake to find me in the hospital, the time flew by. I was getting mad because it had been at least 30 mins and he still wasn't there. After about 15 minutes on the phone we both realized he was at the wrong hospital. Ooops but don't worry I have instilled in his brain that we WILL be at Mo Bap for delivery, lol!

He finally came in when I was just about finished with the ultrasound. I really don't know what to say about this experience. The nurse was very nice but she measured the fluid and told me she had a hard time finding pockets of fluid. She also said that she was having a hard time distinguishing fluid from the umbilical cord? Really? The ultrasound machine was not very good, and it was so hard to see anything. Another woman came in and asked if she was almost done because there were 3 others waiting for an ultrasound. This annoyed me as you shouldn't have to rush things like this. She asked if the other woman could come in and take a look. She explained to her she found 12 cm the first time but didn't feel that was right. The other woman said, yep, it looks low, and told her to remeasure it again. So, she did and couldn't get the old numbers out of there so she said she would hand calculate it. She said she got around 10, which would be good if I felt it was right.

I don't know, don't get me wrong, i am sure she knows more what she was doing but I left feeling that she didn't. I see my OB tomorrow so I will definitely let her know this, and I am so ready to go to this appointment I might camp out, lol.

I did get one good thing out of that appointment---we learned he has a head of HAIR! EEEK! Love it! I am ready to meet this little man that has kept me on my toes the last 8 1/2 months.

My sweet husband felt that we needed to get a camera ASAP because it would be the worst thing for him to be born without having one. I swear, this man melts my heart sometimes and I am sure once I see him holding our son, my heart will be nothing but mush. (and yes, i did get a little teary over that....anything lately seems to do that to me!)

oh and one more little thing....I woke up for one of my nightly runs to the bathroom, and because the dog was snoring, lol, but I couldn't go back to sleep because he had the hiccups. SO, STINKING CUTE!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waiting game

This is the part that sucks. Waiting. I have been super emotional the past few days. In fact, I got a package in the mail from a sweet friend who couldn't make it to my shower and it sent me to tears.

I go Friday for a NST (non-stress test) and an ultrasound to measure fluids. Then, I am sure I get to wait all weekend to hear anything. I go to my OB for my 34 week visit on Wednesday but that seems like years away. More waiting. Luckily, I have a shower on Saturday so that will keep me occupied for a while! :)

I really want to encourage your preggers out there to call your doctor if you have that feeling, that feeling that just isn't right. I almost didn't go and luckily I listened to that little voice that encouraged me to go.

Good thing is that the little man has been moving around like a mad man last night. Made me smile but reassured me too.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He continues to keep us on our toes!

I had a short stint in labor and delivery tonight. I called my doctor because I was not feeling as much movement as I had been, and they told me to go right there.

So, of course I freaked.

They hooked me up to the monitors and the sweet sound of his heartbeat filled the room. At first I got nervous because his heartbeat went up and down, but they reassured me that was good.

I was monitored for what felt like 6,000 years and it was so bizarre to be there hooked to the monitor listening to his heartbeat. It was so surreal. Finally, the midwife came in and did an ultrasound.

It turns out that he is low on fluid. He is not extremely low but low end of the normal range. They finally let me go but let me know that my OB will calling me tomorrow to schedule an ultrasound to check fluid levels. I could notice a huge difference from my last ultrasound. There was much more baby, and much less fluid.

I am glad I made the call and went. I was hesitant and Blake told me that I worry too much, that he is probably fine. I almost didn't go. I feel so much better knowing he is busy squirming away in there but I will feel much more reassured when I talk with my doctor.
I really don't know what all this means yet, but have read a little that could cause me to freak out. Most of the time everything is fine but it could mean that there is a birth defect (which I would have thought they would have caught in the many ultrsounds I have had) and could increase the risk of a c-section, or that the baby will have to come early.
I just hope that the levels stay, and do not decrease. If they decrease, he will have to come out. I need him to stay put for a little while longer. I am actually not freaking out, trying to remain positive that it's nothing but I still worry about my little monkey. I pray that he stays put until he is good and ready to come out.

There is such thing as gravity

My car wouldn't start on Sunday morning when I left to run errands. We tried jumping it with Blake's car for several several years (at least it felt like it) and it wouldn't go. We figured it was the alternator since the battery was less than two years old.

Blake got this great idea to push the car out of the driveway so that we can get it towed.

I reminded him that the driveway does downhill and that wouldn't be a good idea for him to do it alone.

No, it will be fine.

Guess what happens? I know it's hard to comprehend but the poor guy almost got ran over. He starts pushing it out the garage and it moves slowly but once it hit that edge it starting flying down the hill. All i could picture was my car driving backwards into my neighbors house. The neighbor we really don't know yet, and I don't think they would like us very much if that happened.

I watched my husband run after the car, and then watched him being drug by it and stopped the car by putting his hand on the brake. Nice honey. Nice.

He goes, 'that must have been really funny to watch'

Well after the initial heart attack wore off, yes it was pretty entertaining.

and goes to show you that I am always right. ALWAYS HONEY!

(On a sidenote, the damn battery was bad. We payed $75 to have it towed, and then the car shop charged us $105 for the damn battery. The damn battery that had a warranty on it from AutoZone. I love my car!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

32 weeks and my torpedo belly.

7 weeks, 6 days! :)

I had to take my pic in our ugly bathroom because my phone was not cooperating so please excuse the ugly mirror :)I have yet to do a front shot so here it is. I tried a different shirt that wasn't black to show you how really ginormous I am. Here is baby b from the front. and from the side. Seriously? It looks like a torpedo.

32 weeks seems like a stinking milestone if I would say so. I remember being at 20-24 weeks and thought time had stopped, and now I can't seem to get time to slow down! Emotions have gone from being so darn excited to see his little face to being freaked out.
I also swear that my belly had grown since I woke up yesterday.

I also realized that things I could eat before are not house-able in this tummy. Like chili--i swear that my stomach now has a hole in it and all the tums and Nexium are repairing it.
So, I had a major wake up call this week when I looked at our new insurance and the time I have saved up. Right now I have 5 weeks saved up, and I should have 3 more weeks saved up before then if I continue to work overtime. I found out that our insurance would cost me $846 a month if I have to go unpaid. Um...what?
I had my 32 week visit today! I got back in two more weeks and then every week after that! Oh, yipee! I just saw the nurse practitioner today since doc had to deliver a baby! She said that at the time of the ultrasound I had last month baby measured a week ahead, and I measured 2 ahead this time. My due date won't change as of now because just because the baby is ginormous doesn't mean lungs are developed. But basically, he is on track to be a biggin.
She then asked me if my mom had big babies.....um, no. We were barely 6 lbs. I told her my dear hubs was due 11/11 and came 10/10 and weighed over 7 lbs. She said, oh, he would have been a 9lber. Great.

I have gained a whopping 4 pounds in the past 4 weeks. Geez. I am blaming it all on him!
She also confirmed to me that I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions. I have only had a few but they are weird and uncomfortable. I mean ODD.
and again, we prove to have a stubborn baby on our hands. When she used the Doppler to find the heartbeat he wasn't having it and kicked her. She had me turn to my side because most babies then cooperate but again, he kicked her and then moved over. So, there we have it folks. A stubborn big old baby will be in our arms before we know it!

Monday, September 7, 2009


My work had a surprise baby shower for me last week! I am apparently in my own little world because there were several times when I should have known but again, I am in my own little world. It was full of yummy food, and fun stuff for baby B! they rock!

A small symptom has come back to haunt me from the first part of my pregnancy. Morning sickness, and I didn't miss her. It is NOWHERE as near as bad, or rough as that time though. It makes for brushing my teeth a bit more challenging! I keep thinking that I am so ready for him to be here but at the same time I am trying to enjoy having him safe inside. Watching my stomach move is the most amazing and the greatest thing on Earth.

Oh the topic of the baby (ha, like i talk about anything else?) I searched high and low for these darn paper rope baskets from World Market. I finally gave up and ordered these from Land of Nod in Orange and Light Blue for the changing table. Not exactly what I wanted but they will do!

And here is my rant on boy baby stuff. BLUE. It is all freaking blue. Finding anything orange is so damn hard and it makes this girl angry. All I want is an orange lamp that doesn't cost a pretty penny, OK! Ok, vent over.

Oh, and I am completely and utterly bummed. The fabric I found is not going to work. The part in the fabric that looked orange was actually gold. So, I am back at square one and bummed out and running out of time!

My first born baby has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. She has been biting her feet so badly that it was waking us up in the middle of the night, and she was loosing hair on her poor little paws. We took her in to the vet and they found some yeast in between her paws, and gave her meds to fix it. It helped a tiny bit but then she developed a rash on her belly. I mean ALL over her belly. Took her to the vet again and he gave her antibiotics for it and an antihistamine/cortisone combo to give her a little bit and it sure has done wonders for her. She is a different dog, and her anxiety has even calmed down too. The vet had mentioned that if we couldn't fix the feet biting and some of her other anxiety issues, we would have to consider Prozac! It's still in the back burner of our minds, but I am praying that this med clears it all up. I do have to change her dog food to a hypoallergenic dog food (he recommended Blue Buffalo or Natures Variety) as well. She sure is lucky we love her because she is getting expensive! It's worth it to see the difference it has made in her life. She is much calmer, and happier!

Blake quit smoking this weekend. He is doing really well but the big test will come tomorrow when he goes back to work! I am hoping it sticks this time but I think that with the baby coming, it is the best incentive to quit!!!


This baby is lucky. Everything he is getting is brand new but sometimes I don't think that equals greatness. Sometimes you have to have a little something that is passed down. He now has that too! :)

Blake's mom gave me this around Easter, and I sat on it and could not decide what to do with it. The picture frame was severely outdated (silly me didn't take a before pic!) The picture inside was something that she made when she was pregnant with Blake. It hung in his room for most of his life......

and now it will hang in his son's room.

I just updated it a bit by painting the frame!

There was something I forgot to mention in my weekly update last week. I now SNORE! Yep, and apparently it is pretty common in the later stages of pregnancy because of all the squishiness going on inside. I tried telling Blake that it was just my body preparing him for no sleep when the baby comes. He didn't quite buy it and has found himself on the couch many nights. I have tried those stupid nose strips last night, and I woke up to find him on the couch.
Any tips or ideas? I do not have much time left being prego and I'd like to enjoy the sleep I am getting (and not being woken up by my sleep deprived hubby!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

31 weeks!

8 weeks, 6 days......

Yippee Skippy! THE ROOM IS PAINTED. HALLELUJAH! Can you tell I am excited? I love the color and the picture does not do it justice. (I need a new camera STAT before this baby comes!) but I feel like things are coming together really soon!

The only snag I have found so far is that I cannot find a slipcover for the chair anywhere. I was hoping to find a fun color but that is not easy. I was going to settle for white or even blue, but not having much luck. I erroneously ordered a slipcover from Ebay that does not fit. BOO!
Today, i found the cutest Amy Coe canvas print at TJ Maxx for 9.99! It's perfect for his room! I am getting started on the 'alphabet wall' and have some acquired already. I am on a serious hunt for letters!
On the baby front, there are times when I can see my stomach jump, and it's the coolest thing since.....well, EVER! The past two days I have started to get really uncomfortable. I think it has to do with the fact that he is head down and burrowing that little head of his into my pelvis or my bladder. I swear me and the bathroom are now BFF's.
I have found some fabric that I am going to use for the curtains, and baby blanket/quilt. I hope it's as cute in person as it is online!
I visited a friend of ours that had a baby this week, and it just amazes me that I have one of those that I am carrying around, lol. My dear hubs said the cutest thing the other day, and it made me smile. He said that he is really pumped that the baby will be here soon! I love it!
By the way, I go for my 32 week appt. a week from today! We'll see what the doc has to say!