Monday, May 27, 2013

LIfe lately.

Why, hello, you little neglected little blog you.

Life lately has gotten in the way. Kids. Babies. Work. Life.

Definitely not sleep. Someone is FINALLY getting teeth. Yep. Eleven months old and he is working on his first tooth. Granted, I think shortly after this one pops through, 7 more are not too far behind. He claps, waves, blows kisses, shakes his head yes and no, WALKS and says my favorite word, "Mama!" He is still a peanut but the kid has grown! He is wearing Brady's old summer clothes and it's funny/sweet to look back. Funny because Brady was oh, 7-9 months old and Benny is almost 1. I also found Brady's first pair of shoes, size FIVE and peanut is in a size 3! Another thought, Brady was in a size 4 diaper at FOUR months and Benny is just now slowly inching there at 11 months.

Peanut he may be but personality is large.

His new thing is drama. Hand over mouth when he's ticked off and then he rubs his hands together. It's pretty adorable/comical.

Benny is (dare I say it?) walking. He still only takes a few steps at a time and only up to maybe 5-6 at a time but it has hit me, he's not my tiny baby anymore. He's doing SO much it's just really crazy how fast time is going. I've found myself stopping to just watch them, soak them up and it's good.

Brady is too cool for school. We signed him up for, gasp, preschool. We toured it a few weeks ago and he ran over to the other kids and just fit right in. He's a stinker, a dreamer and a very curious kid right now. Why? Why? His questions are getting harder and harder to answer. "Did Bennett cry when he was in your belly?' "Why do babies go in mommy's bellies?" Got to love the curious minds of a 3 year old, right?

I have lots more to share, soon. I have like, oh, 4-5 posts at the minimum I've started and need to post. I promise I won't neglect you anymore my precious little blog. I miss you. I need to get back to documenting my babies because as I'm realizing, time is flying and I don't want to forget a single moment. In all reality, my memory sucks so I need you too!

I hope some of you are still out there too, especially with this catastrophe end of Google Reader. I'm really loving, Bloglovin'! Though, I'm still trying to figure it all out!

Gosh. I love these boys.