Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Stupid cars. I swear this one is telling me that it wants a new owner. About two weeks ago,( I know i am a little late on this but hey, what the hell!) I attended a fab party at Rhonda's! I was SO excited i had made this fabulous sangria. Well, as i turned the corner to her house, the container i had it in exploded into my backseat. and i don't mean spilled, i mean kurplunk....exploded! and it totally made that sound when it spilled too! This is what it looked like the next day. yes, that is a red stain there. BUT thanks to the power of club soda, it is gone! What you can't see if the fruit all over the place, and the rancid smell of booze. Thank little baby jesus for not getting pulled over. It reminded me of those don't drink and drive commercials where the alcohol spills out.....

Then last week, the beast decided to blow some kind of stupid sensor--that hurt the piggy bank almost $500! like i said, it's a sign. BUT the beast is paid off...so we'll keep her a while longer. BOO! (I wonder if she is the cause of all my bad luck? hmmmm)

Anyway, back to the fab shindig. I didn't take very many pics but thought i'd share a few that i did take. Nicole brought a sweet ass pinata! She filled it with goodies like alcohol (like we needed anymore of that!), and fun little treats. As you see here, Mary was very excited about her goodies. and she said something to the effect of

Those are all mine bitches!!!!


Ame looks confused as she hits the pinata. It wouldn't break for nothin'!

I got to see Carrie a lot. or should i say a lot OF carrie. lol.

The two mary's! oh, mary #1 (aka monty's mom) thanks for the tip (moving the pics!)

We laughed A LOT!

So, all in all, it was a blast. i am going to try to go this month to yara's! wahooo!


Yara said...

Yikes i look weird on that picture!

GNO are more and more fun each time!!!

Nicole said...

Great pics! Such a fun night... can't wait till the next one!

Mary said...

Finally! The sangria-car photo! I am so disappointed that I didn't get to drink it and that your seat got to guzzle it all:( That's pretty impressive that club soda got all that out.