Wednesday, July 30, 2008

no, he didn't!

I think my husband might have lost his mind. He wrote this email recently to the weatherman at channel 5. This is really what he wrote.

The new weather setup on your website sucks, it used to give the 5 day with written details and now it just shows pictures, and yesterday the 5 day wasn’t even updated. It worked fine before and now it sucks......

funny thing is he got a response from John Fuller. (for those non-st. louisians he's our local weatherman) HA. I almost died laughing when i saw this.


Sorry for the problems. We encountered some issues during the re-design. We have been working hard to eliminate as many problems as possible through our Web-master. Please visit, hit refresh, and let me know exactly when/where you saw the problem(s) since I cannot duplicate it at this end. Sometimes old data gets stuck in the cache. I hope this helps.

Apparently, my husband really likes to see his weather.....but john sure is a nice guy to answer an email to my crazy husband. lol.


Jenn said...


Maria said...

That is hilarious, especially since John Fuller replied! LOL!

Mary said...

I was pissed about that too! But I figured it out. You have to click "forecast" on the homepage, rather than the five-day outlook picture to get the description. It makes no sense.

Kelly said...

Wow. A weatherman AND computer savvy. I don't even know what a "cache" is. Sounds like a trendy handbag.