Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am a rollercoaster of emotions....

I am getting married....THIS WEEK! I can't believe it! I seriously cannot believe how time flew. I am happy, excited, nervous, and just plain giddy all at the same time! It's bittersweet because i will miss all the wedding stuff.

I just know that our ceremony is going to be so emotional. Blake admitted to me finally (this is after a year and a half of him swearing up and down that he wouldn't) that he is worried about being able to contain his emotions. He told me that he got teary eyed when we were listening to the organist play! It's why i love him. All of you that know Blake, never doubted in your mind that he wasn't NOT going to cry, but he finally admitted it, and i think it's adorable. I just know that if i see him crying, I will loose it. Hopefully, not enough to loose my falsies (eyelashes that is) LOL!
OH! The limo company called to tell me that our limo bus broke! Yep! BUT---and i say this with utter excitement they are replacing it with this:

Well, not that exact one but you get the idea! I am stoked! We didn't get one before because i was trying to save us money and be cheap, so i am more than happy!
And i spoke with my florist, Rich West, who assured me that my peonies are fine and ready for my bouquet. (He warned me when i booked him that there was a chance that they might not be ready since it happened last year!) I highly recommend him to any brides-to-be!
By the way, please pray for me for NO RAIN. The forecast is very iffy right now. All i want is no rain from 3-7. Please. It can start at 7 or 730 but please don't rain. PLEASE! This is what says, let's pray it's right. Tomorrow i can get a five-day forcast but who knows, St. Louis weather is nutso!
FriMay 2
Scattered T-Storms

SatMay 3
Mostly Sunny

SunMay 4
Mostly Sunny


With all that has happened to me the last month, I am just so damn excited to walk down that aisle. I might just run....just kidding! I'm not really all that nervous, more excited more than anything! SO FREAKING Excited!

I love my blakey, and soon we are going to be married! WOW! It really is surrel! Next time I post, I will be a married woman!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There is a black cloud over me.....

When things get bad, they get worse, huh? I was driving to work this morning, down 270 like i do every morning. Suddenly, i see the truck behind me struggle to stop, and i knew it, i just knew he was going to him me. He did, but what i didn't expect was the second impact---by another car which was 1,000 times harder than the first.

So, it's 18 days before my wedding, and not only do i have hives but now i have whiplash. Both other cars were totalled, and one passenger in the last car had to be taken to the hospital. I luckily drove away. My neck was already starting to hurt, but i knew i had them take me in the ambulance it would be more trouble (and they'd take me to the worst hospital in stl)

The funny thing, and i am glad i am laughing about it (it could be the but the paramedic who was looking at my neck asked me how old i was. I said, 26! no, wait, 28, i mean 29! Then, he goes, OK...then what day is it? Wednesday. (It's freaking Tuesday!!!) I am lucky they didn't take me away right then and there. Geez. Where did 26 come from? I just turned 29 in March!

Anyway, so i got to work, still ompletely shaken up, and out of it, my white shirt covered in coffee. My supervisor and everyone else basically made me go to the hospital. I have to tell you, that i actually had a great experience in an ER! I know....crazy. They took me right away, and x-rayed me neck and back. They were able to discharge me, and i was sent home! It was great!

This was the worst accident i've ever been in and it really got me shook up. I am thankful that i am okay, and while i might suffer for a few days, everyone was okay! I am getting married, and so excited for that. SO---what can i do...maybe walk around with a few hundred good luck charms, light a candle at church, or donate some money to poor, disadvantaged, crippled kids. I must need to do something, i need some good karma.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Timing is everything......

I swear, I need some good karma. A few weeks ago i started getting itchy. Then it went away and i didn't think much of it. Until, last Monday, it came back with a vengeance. I felt like utter crap since then. I finally got into my allergist on Friday--it's hives! I must be allergic to something, and we haven 't figured it out yet. I need to get some tests run but i am getting married in less than two weeks. SO--he puts me on steroid to knock out the hives. Not working so much.

SO, back to the whole "I AM GETTING MARRIED IN 19 DAYS" thing. Not only does this medicine suck, but it puffs you up. UM--don't people understand i have a dress to fit into?

#2: Blake is at home sick right now with the stomach flu. Awesome--again, bc this medicine lowers your immune system. Just great. I'm not already up to my next in work and wedding crap (not to mention the 9 papers i have due before then)

AND the worst thing about this (well, part of it) is that EVERYONE is saying that its caused by stress. My dr. specifically told me that it is not. It's an allergic reaction. If one more person (and i 've counted today--8 ppl have told me this) i might punch them in the freaking face.

I just have to bitch, moan, and complain because that is all i can do. Any tips on staying healthy?
Other than putting Blake or myself in a bubble. LOL, i did tell him earlier that i needed him to spray the bedroom and himself with Lysol every hour. He didn't like that very much........

I just need some good vibes!!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An open letter......

Dear guests;

Hey, so i spent $1 to mail you an invitation, and even put a stamp on the response card for you. How come you still cannot manage to mail it back? Seriously, is licking the envelope too hard?

Wait? what? You want to know where the wedding is? hmmmmm....well, how about reading the freaking invitation I sent you? If you happen to read it you'd find there is a ton of great information.......

To random people in my life;
Of course i am getting excited.
Yes, i have lots of things on my mind and to do. Stop reminding me!
No, i am not ready yet!
I'd like to think my dress is pretty damn cool. If you want to know what it looks like, well, mail back the response card and come to the damn wedding.
If you didn't get an invite, you probably are not invited to the wedding.

To the groomsmen who have no idea what is going on;
I have told you several million times when the rehearsal is. I will not tell you again
No, you cannot bring a random girl to my wedding.

To my mom,
No, your dress does not make you look fat. Wear it and like it!
No, you cannot invite all your friends to the wedding--unless you'd like to pay for them.
Your stressed? I'm going to pretend it didn't hear that.

To my dear fiancee,
i love you. of course i do, but no, my grandma doesn't like rap.
No, we need more music selections than rap and 80's hair bands.
No, our wedding party is not dancing to 50 cent,

Dear french fries, brownies, and everything yummy,
why must you taste so good. Don't you know that i have a dress to fit into soon? Seriously, just give me one month!

Thanks and leave me alone,

I wish i could be that blunt all the time, because damn that sure does feel pretty darn good! Anyone else want to sound off?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Since i can't sleep......

I had my first shower March 8th at Villa Antonia Winery in Hillsboro, Missouri. It was a blast! I love my MOH/Future-Sis-In-law for setting it up for me! The wine was amazing! Now, I have to warn you, there was a lot of wine involved (which i still felt the after effects days later....)

Here a closeup of my darling cake!
The monogram matches my invites!
Some of the girls:

Me likey Crate and Barrel:

And me being Vanna:

Then, last weekend I had my hair and makeup trial with Danielle Erb and my Bachelorette party! I definetly felt that the next day!

Before Sake Bomb......

Some of us at the Drunken Fish. Let me warn you fellow brides-to-be....their motto for us is that before you walk down the aisle, you must stumble out of there! I was definetly close......

Our pimp limo....ha!

My momma...i think she had fun! She is almost 50! Doesn't she look good?

All in all, it was a blast! I love my girls for planning this...especially my MOH! Thanks sis!
My last fitting is tomorrow! WOwZa!