Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tetanus, Oh my!

Know i know why my mom laughed at me when I was little and wanted to be a ballarina. I'm not really the most graceful, i mean why do you think the title of this blog has the word MISHAPS in it? Um, yeah. So, this weekend, Blake and tackled a job that we are now learning is more work than we once thought. Our deck. Um, who the hell do we think we are? I love my hubby but he is no bob villa. He's not the handiest guy. I'm not saying I'm like anyone on TLC or HGTV but i think i've got some mad skillz! :)

I'll post pics when we finish, which is hopefully this weekend, but thanks to this project, I will be the lucky recipient of a brand spanking new tetanus shot. Yes, my dumb ass stepped on a nice pointy nail. I was scared to look, so i had blake yank it out of my foot. Luckily, it wasn't jammed in there too deep.

While I am running upstairs to cover my wound, and manage not freak to out that my foot is going to fall off, my dog runs out the back door. Normally this would be ok, but not when the stairs are covered in chemicals to strip the paint off the stairs. (Who paints thier deck stairs beige? seriously?) I immediately swoop her up in a panic, because this chemical left a few burn marks on my cheek, boob, and my other cheek. (yes, my ass, and no, i have no idea now the hell, i got chemicals on my ass. I do know that i am probably the only on who could do that.) I hobble to the bathroom (Blake has to stay outside because the chemicals have to stay wet so he was misting the deck) and give Lily a bath. (not an easy task to do one footed, and she hates bathes)

If my foot wasn't bleeding, it might have been more comical, but all in all, it was pretty damn interesting. Until i learned that I'm going to need a freaking shot. I called Urgent Care because there was no way in hell i was going to St. Anthony's ER (and sit there for hours.) Apparently, i learned that you have 72 hours after something like this to get a tetanus shot. So, on my way to work in the morning, will be getting a needle stuck in my arm. or my ass. Fun stuff.....

Apparently, my husband thinks that i suck as a worker (since i have had to run inside for my many injuries.) I obvioulsy am prone to accidents so maybe handy work isn't my calling. I think i'll stick to decorating, and shopping.

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Maria said...

Ouch, that sounds painful! I hope your shot went quickly and smoothly.