Bennett's VBAC

Bennett Scott was welcomed into our family on June 15th at 2:50 pm weighing 7 pounds even and 20.5 inches long. A peanut compared to his big brother.

This was one difficult and amazing journey. One that lasted 36 hours and 50 minutes.

Weds night (June 13) about 1:00 am, I woke up. I could not fall back to sleep. I tossed, I turned. I was hot, I was shivering. Within the next hour, the BH had gotten more intense. Within the next few hours, I had lost my mucus plug and was having real contractions! I was in denial because you know, that's how I roll. 

Fast forward to noon when they are anywhere from 5-10 minutes apart so we took a little trip to L&D. I sat there and was monitored for many, many hours. My contractions were 1-7 minutes a part but I was still stuck at barely one measly cm and the contractions were not as strong as they could be. I laugh at this now because those were nothing compared for what was to come but how would I know since I never felt a single one with Brady! 

After long consideration, we left. Between my doctor, the nurse and us, we felt like if we had stayed, I would be right back in the OR. It's good to feel supported. 

I was upset. I felt defeated especially when one of the nurses mentioned keeping my appointment for NEXT Friday with my doctor but I still a bit hopeful. 

We came home, ate, walked, did laundry, vacuumed, bounced on the ball and I finally decided that after being up for 30 hours, I needed sleep. Around 11:30, I was awaken by some pretty nasty contractions. They proceeded to get longer and way more intense. By 2:30, I could not take it anymore and we headed back to the hospital. The contractions were 1-3 apart and about 10 on the pain scale.

I was worried they were going to send me home and I was in pain that I could not manage. They were so intense I could barely breathe through them and nothing helped me during them.  I knew I had to of made progress, I mean I was in pure hell. Then, that feeling crept back.  I felt defeat. 1 cm. ONE?

 I looked at Blake and I said through tears, 'all of this, for nothing. I'm going to the OR, I just know it.'

 I couldn't go home and at that point, I think I considered a c-section. They finally admitted me and it was decided that between the lack of sleep and my constant contractions, my body needed to relax. The uterus is a muscle and it wears out so it made perfect sense which is probably why after my nap at home, I woke up to such intense contractions. At this point, I was probably so worn out the contractions were not doing much even though they were so intense. The nurse warned me that this could all set me up for another c-section since nothing else could be done to help me.

I got stuck 10 times. Yes, 10 to get an iv in place and blood was taken to check my platelets since they've been on the low side. We got to the hospital around 3 and I was getting my epi around 5:30-6. Once the epi took effect, I felt good.

Around 7, I was at 1.5. Progress!

7:30 they came to break my water but found not had it only already broke but I was FOUR cm. I asked the doctor to repeat herself probably 10 times because I could NOT believe it. FOUR. With Brady, I barely made it to 2! I was shocked. I was excited but worried to get my hopes up at this time.

The nurse put me on my side in an ackward position that basically cradled me around the baby. This was to help move the baby down and I have to say, it worked. I give a lot of credit to my nurse who was the most amazing woman and I don't think any of what was about to happen would have been possible without her help and encouragement, I wouldn't be where I am now. We went from side to side every 20-30 for the next 5 plus hours.

8:30: 7

Blake had been asleep and I woke him up to tell him the good news. He looked at me so confused. He later told me, I went to sleep and I wake up and all of a sudden everything is happening!

9:30 9

By 11:30, I was ready to push. In less than 5 hours, I had gone from 1 cm to fully complete. I guess the epidural was what I needed after all!

My doctor is out of town on vacation so the other doctor in the practice would be delivering. She was on her way to the hospital and had to deliver another baby first. I waited. Waited and waited.

My nerves set in. I was thinking this was a big dream and I'd wake up in the OR. I was nervous about all the risks involved with a VBAC or worse, that the baby would get stuck or something and I'd have to have another c-section.

1:30 I started pushing while the doctor finished up the other delivery. Pushing sucks and was way harder than I thought it would be. I laugh at that comment myself so feel free to do so. It sucked more than I imagined since my epi had worn off and I felt every.single.thing.

The entire time, I pushed I did it remembering the hell I went through after Brady's birth and after the hernia surgery. I did it for Brady. I did it for Bennett but most of all, I did it for me. I was so tired but I knew I couldn't give up now.

After about an hour and a half of pushing at 2:50, he came into this world with a tiny cry and was placed on my chest. Dr. K first said, "Amy, you did it!" and I immediately cried tears or joy. I held that squishy, slimy bundle of joy and cried.

That moment is one I will never forget. Never. It was the a defining moment of pure exhilaration, relief, love and accomplishment. It was a feeling I can never really explain.

I DID IT. I did it.!

I was probably in shock for most of the first hour afterwards. I mean I could never imagine this would actually happen. I got a local while she stitched me up (OUCH!)  and waited to hear how my baby was doing. He was perfect. Perfect. No NICU. I got to nurse him right away (um, he rocks at that too by the way!)

I think about 10 different nurses and staff had came in to tell me what a great job I did and that brought me to tears again. I felt so amazingly blessed. NOONE thought I would make it, really, no one!

I cannot explain to you the difference in how I feel. I'm really exhausted and worn out. I think I've got a handful of sleep in the past two days and my body feels like it was run over by a truck, especially my back but I can walk around. I can hold my baby without pain.

I have to say, I know he's not even 24 hours old yet but he's amazing. The kid slept 4 hours last night. FOUR. He nurses like a champ. He has the sweetest cry and these pouty lips that make you weak in the knees. He reminds me of Brady in a way but has his own look.

Thank you God. I am beyond blessed. I think I've said this over a 100 times but really, I am. I just keep thanking God for this new life he has given us and even though the journey to get him here was difficult, it was all worth it.

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