Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Milestones, medications and more

My last post was kind of a downer but I wanted to give a few updates. So far, we are all doing okay! The first few days on his meds were awful. He cried a lot more. He didn't sleep well. I was exhausted in every way. Then, he woke up happier each day and most days, he is happy as a clam, well unless you put him in the car. Looking back, I think he was a pretty fussy baby but much more subtle than Brady if that even makes sense. Also, looking back, I'm wondering if his crying was due to the thyroid being out of whack. Either way, he's much happier and I'm glad we have him feeling better.

We also started him on probiotics. I am amazed. His reflux symptoms have drastically improved and I've mostly weaned him off the reflux meds, which is great considering a few days before I had called the doctor and asked to switch to Prevacid. I went to pick it up and was told it was going to be $200!! (Which shows you how much they have changed our insurance since Brady because it was less than $30 with him!)

I have my moments but I think I'm handling it all okay, better than I thought I would. It seems when the calm moments happen, I find myself thinking too much and I'm sad by the fact that my tiny baby has to deal with this. I sometimes find myself feeling silly for being upset about this. I mean, of all   things to come back on the newborn screening, this is a pretty 'minor' one but regardless when you find out something is wrong with your child, it hurts, especially when you have to put them through being poked on a regular basis. Because not treating hypothyroidism can cause a lot of issues with growth, development and even cognitive development, I find myself worrying way too much about him which and then he then decided to tell me, "Hey, mom! Quit it!"' and then proceeds to roll over.

On September 12th, three days before he turned 3 months,  I looked over and watched him roll over! I was shocked. Just as I was putting dishes away and praying he meets his milestones. That stinker showed me. I took it as a gentle sign that everything will be okay and we'll get through these hurdles of life. 

I'm working on 3 month post but since I finally got around to doing this, here is what I plan on using to make a book for his first year. I love them and can't wait to see what new things I can add!

I go back to work on Monday, so this week is busy of preparations and lots of cuddles. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

And then this completes a crappy week

If you read my last post, you know it's been a crazy week. It's been a hard one and it was supposed to be my last week before I go back to work but it looks like I might be getting another week or two. I would gladly go back to work and not have to have my sweet baby deal with this but we don't have a choice in the matter.

If you remember, his newborn screening came back borderline for hypothyroidism. We have done a few tests since then and we were hoping to see gradual declines.

We had our next blood work scheduled for Tuesday. Let me say that this was by far the hardest thing I've had to endure as a Mommy. Watching him be held down and poked was not easy for me. The two other blood tests were taken from his heel but this one, well, this was taken from his tiny little arms and his tiny little veins. I think if I had been prepared for that it would have been a bit easier but then when she poked him not once, but THREE times, it was hard for me to not lose it. I kept it together because I had Brady with me and I could tell he was getting upset. So, afterwards, we had ice cream and slushies from Sonic and Bennett has some milk :)

I had a feeling it was going to still be up but and while it has gone down significantly since birth it's still a little high. With him being so small (in the 5th percentile at 2 months) and the risks associated with untreated hypothyroidism, it was time to medicate. I thought I was going to be okay with it but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I of course worry that we didn't medicate soon enough or that something else will come up but I need to take it one day at a time.

We'll be meeting with an endocrinologist soon and we have to repeat the labwork in two weeks. I know that we are going to do the blood work at Children's Hospital since they are used to working on tiny babies and can numb him before they stick him.

On top of it all, it dawned on me he had a lot of symptoms (other than spitting up) that Brady had and we started reflux meds yesterday. He has silent reflux as he generally doesn't spit up (he did today when Daddy gave him a bottle when I got my hair cut, which was a success, yay!) I think it went unnoticed because he's such a laid back little guy who doesn't really puke.

So, what a week, huh.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh, boy, oh boy.

Dear Brady,

Let's have a chat. I"m going to be honest, the past few days have been rough. It started Monday when Mommy let Daddy sleep-in. I went to put the baby down for a nap and literally walked out of the room for ten minutes when you decided it was a good idea to pour all the spices, sprinkles and even the vanilla out onto the floor.

Well, guess what? It wasn't a good idea after all.

See that? 17 bottles, empty. I must give it to you though. 17 bottles in 10 minutes is quite the feat. 

Then, last night. Oh my. Mommy was already having a rough night. I swear, the moment the container of spaghetti slipped out of my hands, you came up to me and said, "I took the baby's diaper off.'' Taking a baby's diaper off is never a good idea. You're actually quite lucky he didn't pee in your eye because that happens a lot so be warned next time you feel inclined to do so. Mommy cleaned up the sketti and put a new diaper on the baby. I came back to find this. 

Baked fruit, anyone? I have to give you credit on your creativity. Thanks to last night, I'm not sure Daddy will ever be allowed to leave the house again and my wine collection has grown. 

One more thing, my dear. Those naps you used to take, can you go back to taking those everyday? I mean I know that being almost 3 there is so much to fill your day with but not napping isn't cool because you spend the next two hours whining and then ask to go to bed while whining into dinner. Then, you wake up in the middle of the night in what we call, 'Exorcist mode' as you basically go from sweet innocent Brady to possessed toddler. Thrashing, kicking and crying because you are sooooo tired. So, let's make a deal. You nap and I stay sane? Ok?

You are such a sweet boy and I love you to pieces but let's squash this beef we have with naps, and less messes would be nice.

Love your very tired and partly sane mommy

p.s. I know you love your brother but when his eyes are closed that does mean he is sleeping and let's keep him that way. Also, if you note his eyes are closed that does mean he is sleeping so asking me 100 times in a row will not change my answer. Ok, love?

Bennett {2 months}

Oh my sweet baby. There is so much this month to say! I can't believe (there I go again!) you are already two months old. You are such a sweet boy whose eyes light up when you smile. This month things have started to get fun! 

Likes: Mommy, milk, being held upright so he can look at the world, ceiling fans, lights, mobile on the swing, milk, being swaddled, busting his arms out of the swaddle, milk, movement, his big brother (as long as he's not squishing him or laying on him!), being the Boba.

Can you tell he likes him some milk?
 Dislikes: Car rides. No access to milk. Being squished by big brother. The car stopping. Not being attached to mommy.
 Sleep? Ahhaaahahahaaaaa. Think again, mommy!

Sleep: Sleep was pretty decent until the 6 week mark and then we had some tummy issues/growth spurt hit. He was sleeping from about 8-12/1. Then, up every 3 hours. Now, we can sometimes get that first stretch but sometimes, he'll sleep from about 8-1130 and then up every 2-3 hours. It's usually about 4 he gets up the 2nd time and then once he eats, we both fall asleep. Then, once we are both finally sound asleep, Brady is up and wakes us both up. Hmph. So, on our normal good nights, we are up once or twice, not too bad. I"m hoping to get that last wake-up to around 5 so that when I'm back at work, I won't have to start my day at 4!

I do think we are slowly getting back to longer stretches though. Whew. Naps are generally decent if big brother is gone, ha or we are out and about. For some reason, the big boy in our house likes his little brother so much he wants him awake all the time. Mornings, he is generally his happy self for about 30 minutes to an hour and then he loses it. He's generally a lot of fun in the evenings if his brother lets hims sleep.

Yummies:  He is still a nursing champ. He eats about every 2-3 hours, sometimes more. He's generally a fly by the seat of the moment kinda guy :) I feel like we had more of a schedule at this time with Brady than we do now but oh well. 

Growth: At his two month appointment, my peanut was 9 pounds 11 oz and 23 inches long.  I'm having a hard time with this as Brady was 10 pounds at a month!  He has the longest arms, fingers and toes! He's out of newborn diapers and wearing size 1. His newborn clothes are getting snug and fits well in most 0-3 or 3 month clothes (depending on the brand.) 

Smiles. Oh, swoon. Smiles. Acting less like a newborn and more like a infant, sniff, sniff. Time is flying by.When he smiles, his whole face lights up and so does mine.

Coo's. Oh, I love our little conversations, sometimes which happen while he is eating and I just crack up.  He also found his hands this month and loves to suck on them. Who needs a paci when you have hands?
The boys enjoying tummy time together. 

                   1 month                                                                    2 months

I know the next month will be full of more excitement, smiles and new things. Bennett, you are such a sweet boy, you have this gentle disposition about you and waking up to your smiles make each day so much brighter. We love you!