Thursday, August 27, 2009

Q and A

I have been asked a lot of questions by you lovely peoples, but also the general population of the world. Some questions make me smile, and some make me want to kick someone in the privates. You'll know soon which are which.

Have you picked out a name?
ha ha, don't I wish? Well, we would if this man I am married to wouldn't be so stubborn. know who you are. His latest thing is that he wants him to be Jr. and when I told him I was against it, he said and I fregging quote, 'well, lets just wait and see what he looks like' Well, I am not a wait and see kinda girl. I have to have a plan and that plan has to have a plan.
He does have a middle name. Robert, after my dad, his dad and my brother! :)

Where did you find that Curel lotion?

The every so amazing stuff I talked about here was finally found at Walmart but also saw it at our local grocery store Dierbergs. Target didn't have it which surprised me, and neither did Walgreen's. I still love it and still think you need it NOW!
Are you going to breastfeed?
I hate being asked this question sometimes because some people believe different things and believe that you should believe what they do too. I think that this is a very personal decision and no way is right, but yes I plan on it. I will be honest. The whole milk coming out of my boobies thing is still foreign to me and I still cannot believe it will really happen but I am sure that I will adjust, lol. Am I nervous about it? Oh yes.

What was the worst part about pregnancy?
The morning sickenss. Hands down! I can handle all the aches and pains I am thrown at but throwing up day and night, and walking around with popped blood vessels around my eyes is where I cave. I hope that with the next pregnancy, it stays far far away!

What are those wrist guards you talk about?
I have developed pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. My hands go numb at night (partly my fault because I like to snuggle up with my pillow and my hands usually go under it) and are so numb I could literally bite my finger off and not feel a thing. I get pain in my wrist as well, and while those wrist guards are not so much sexy, they do help a little. Except lately, they have been going moer and more numb! Oh boy!

What does your doctor say about your feet (as in the swelling)
That I am pregnant in the middle of St. Louis summer and to leave me the hell alone. Do you think I like walking around with sausages as toes and drumstick kankles? Well I sure as hell would like it much better if you would stop reminding me that I am walking around with meat-like appendages.

Do you have any wierd cravings?

  • Well, I may not think this is wierd but most people do. Grilled cheese with bacon dipped into the tomatoe-y goodness of ketchup. Bacon in general is awesome but due to the swelling I try to stay away. I have developed an odd craving over the past few weeks.
  • Coke in a can. Not Pepsi, and not a bottle of soda but Coke in a can. I could drink gallons of it if I could but due to the fact that I would not like to gain 400 pounds, and need to limit my caffiene intake, I might have one a day.
  • Chocolate is another which is odd for me because I normally am not a big fan of chocolate (i know call me wierd) but raisenettes and anything with carmel are my fav's!
  • Thanks to the upcomiong season, fall, Happy Apples (carmel apples)!

  • I also have what I call see-food cravings. If I see someone or someone tells me about something, I start to crave it. Like the other day at work a coworker was eating mashed taters, and I needed them! I had them for lunch yesterday in fact.
  • Peanut butter sandwhich or bagel with milk. Another wierd thing. I don't like milk.
Are you sure there are not two in there?
If you ask me this question, you might want to step away from me because I might retaliate and just because I can't kick very high right now, doesn't mean I can't kick you hard.

Are you getting excited?
Of course I am! Not only will I be able to sleep on my stomach again, wear normal shoes and eat lots of raw fish, but I will also get to meet the little guy who has been calling my womb home for the past 9 months. We can ooh and ahh over him and decide whose nose he has and weather or not he has my eyes or his daddy's.....and give him lots of love! Let's just hope we have a name for him by then!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

30 weeks!

I can officially say that I have less than 10 weeks to go! 9 weeks and 6 days....but again, who is counting and who knows when this stubborn little man will come!

This week has been a busy one (with lots of extra hours at work...boooo!) but we did get a lot accomplished! We picked up his furniture on Sunday and by the end of the day I had the rocker, and the changing table ready to go. Then last night someone came over and helped us put together the crib! I'm waiting on the slipcover to be delivered for the rocker! (thank you ebay!)

Blake painted the ceiling, and the grey paint is in my garage waiting for a coat on the walls! After last night though, my fears about how all his stuff fitting in his room started to get real. I had it in my mind how I wanted it to go, but it is not going to work out that way. I guess in a few days I can move everything in there and figure it out.

I MIGHT have found the perfect fabric but still looking to make sure :)
I am still feeling like I need 40 hours of sleep a night, and my carpel tunnel is getting worse. I am getting asked almost daily about the due date or something baby related so I must look prego and not like I ate too much. Speaking of food...yeah about that. There is NO room in this belly for food. I ate half a bagel with peanut butter this morning and that is all I can fit. So, I feel like I am eating all the time, but just less food at one time.

I guess all of this is getting more real to me and my dreams have been so whacky. Last night I dreamt I delivered TWO babies, both over 9 pounds. I looked at them and they were HUGE. Oh, the mind can do mean things to you.
What's happening at 30 weeks.....
  • Apparently at 30 weeks, my little man is probably close to 16” long from head to toe. In fact, he or she is almost done growing…at least length-wise! On average, your baby will grow between three and five more inches.
  • The eyelids can fully open and close around week 30 of pregnancy. Your baby’s eyes will remain open for longer stretches throughout the day, too. While they don’t really have a lot to look at in there, they will still begin to work on their vision
  • Your baby can produce tears during week 30 of pregnancy and because they can even cry while in the uterus---aw I hope my baby is not crying yet!
  • YAY--The head has probably turned by week 30 of pregnancy! This is very exciting – it means your baby is getting ready for delivery. The baby, who has up to now normally been seated with his or her head upright, has now turned down. When they have turned and the head is down, it is preparing to enter the birth canal. And by this point – we can guess what that means! Delivery is getting closer every day! (HOLY CRAP--I am really having a baby! this is really getting close!) Even though there are 10 weeks left at 30 weeks of pregnancy, give or take a few days, you are in the final quarter of your pregnancy.

I feel like there is more I should be doing but after his room is done, I guess I will just organize and reorganize the house 4,300 more times!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

29 weeks! The countdown begins!

11 weeks left? Really? Actually it's 10 weeks 6 days but who is counting? :)

The third trimester slump has kicked it. That is what I am calling it. I am so damn tired, I can barely get out of bed. It might have to do with the fact that I wake up 32 times to pee in the middle of the night or that I am carrying around more weight....I don't know. I get 8+ hours of sleep at night and I get home from work and all I want to do is go back to bed!

Shaving my legs and painting my own toenails are getting more and more difficult. Shaving is well, kind of scary. Today, I wore a dress and realized that um, I missed half of my right leg. Awesome.

I am trying to figure out this whole eating smaller amounts thing. I am eating the same amount of food but getting really full. I guess my organs are getting more and more squished and that equals less room for food and hello indigestion! I have figured that smaller meals=happy mom and baby!

My belly button is getting closer and closer to popping! I never thought mine would but it's looking like it's getting close!

I saw my friends baby the other day and it reminded me of how close I am getting and it left me all excited and gooey inside! I was hoping that I could get a glimpse of his little face at my ultrasound but I think he just wants us to be surprised.

I am pretty excited, I have some great family and friends and I have several showers scheduled for next month! I can't wait!

I have a post coming soon to answer some of your questions, so if you have any more feel free to ask!

With all the bat drama, I didn't get a pic but I am planning on taking one this weekend for week 30! For some reason, I feel like week 30 leaves me to the real countdown! I feel like it's so far away, but like it will be here before we know it! I am excited for fall too! I love the cooler weather and this year it couldn't come fast enough!

So, speaking of that damn bat. We had pest control come out to remove it and said the bat was gone (Blake keeps asking me why I call it a him) so he helped Blake shut the chimney thingy. He tells Blake to put plywood in front of our fireplace. Um, noooo. Our friend came our to put some chicken wire on the top of cap and what did he find? Oh, our little bat friend. He was able to get him out and they covered the outside of the fireplace pretty well. So, let's hope that was the end of our bat issue. That man was no bat-man!

A post NOT about babies but RABIES :)

I didn't get my weekly update posted because as I was a freaking BAT flew above my head.

Yes, you read that right. A freaking bat. Not just a bat but a FREAKING bat. I didn't notice it until my husband started screaming like a little girl.

The cat was in the fireplace about 20 minutes before this happened so I guess she knew it was there. Damn her not telling me. It flew around the house for about 10 minutes until it finally flew out the door.

We we so freaked out, and finally settled down, and the cat tried to go into the fireplace again. Then, we heard the tap tap noise we had heard before. I scooped up the cat and ran with the dog to the bedroom and hid like a 5 year old.

One of our friend came over and they blocked off the fireplace until we can get Animal Control out there today! I seriously had nightmares last night thanks to this little creature.

I can thank my fear of bats on Weekly Reader from 1st grade. It was all about bats and I was scared to walk outside in the dark for weeks. I know....weird kid. Now, I am a weird adult freaked the hell out by a flying germy bat.

Now if this bat was a vampire and looked like Edward Cullen, I might be telling a different story! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

He is still a boy and a stubborn one at that.

I left kind of disappointed. I really don't know much more than when I went. I am also bummed that I didn't get any cute pics (drs office has 4D.) He had both hands, and a foot in front of his face. We tried moving positions, and she waved the wand to get him moving but he didn't want to budge. He is stubborn already in his young years :) The only good picture I got is of his goods and I think he would hate me later on down the road if i posted that--bc man is it visible, lol!

I have a foot in my ribs (i could have told ya that)...and he is now HEAD down finally. I know he will probably move 3,492 times before birth but I am a bit more relieved. Funny is that today I have had to RUN to the bathroom because I could hardly hold it (i know, tmi) and turns out his HEAD is right dab on my bladder.

He weighs about 3.2 pounds! Average at 29 weeks is about 2.5 pounds so he is about average I guess?

She said it looked like his stomach and liver were functioning and showed me both kidney's. She said doc would call if she found anything with the pics, and of course I will still worry. I got back in a few weeks for another appointment. I am the worlds most impatient person right now. I just want to know that my little monkey is doing ok!

Because I am killing time.....

My ultrasound is in less than 2 hours and I of course am nervous. I still find myself a bit nervous and excited for all my doctor appointments, I think it's the worrier in me. Once I hear that swoosh of the heartbeat, I am content and happy once again! Hopefully, he is all okay and comfy in there and my worries can subside!

This weekend I had so many plans but I woke up Saturday with a big pain in the neck. Literally, lol. I thought I slept on it wrong or something so I gave it some time but by later that afternoon, I couldn't do much. So, I am in process of getting into a chiropractor and hopefully, make me all better!

So, since the room obviously didn't get painted, we ordered his crib, the rocker, changing table and we picked up a bookcase from Target. I am getting pretty excited about his room, but forgot how small it is. The goodies should all be here in the next week or so and then the daunting task of putting it all together!
Hopefully, I will be back later today with some awesome pics of my little (big) man. My OB office has 3D so hopefully I get to see him all ! I hope I can get something done today!
I think i might need a grilled cheese to get through this day :) (with bacon and ketchup of COURSE!!!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Staying positive! has grown. Here I am at 18 with my first bump
and now 10 weeks later at 28!

My ultrasound is scheduled for Monday afternoon! I know I will be counting down until it's time...but hopefully we will see a healthy (and not incredibly huge) baby .

So, after thinking about it all day, I decided so what....he comes early. Big deal. So what if he is 12 pounds (ok, I won't lie I have not come to terms with a big ol baby!) I momentarily freaked out because we are nowhere near ready. We don't have furniture, his room isn't ready, and we have yet to go to childbirth classes!
I decided to think of all the positive things that could come out of him coming early.....
  • October baby would mean that we would have more time to prep for the holidays (baby's first!)
  • I wouldn't have to wear those stupid wrist guards to bed anymore (cause they sure are sexy)
  • No more swelling
  • No more swelling means, I get to wear CUTE SHOES AGAIN!
  • No more digestion issues
  • Hopefully, no more headaches
  • I would not have to pee every 5 minutes
  • I wouldn't have to shudder every time I step on the scale (well, lets hope after he is born the weight progressively goes down)
  • As Kristal pointed out, I could see New Moon when it is released!
  • Brushing my teeth would go back to being an uneventful routine (without the daily gag)
  • Ice-T would be reintroduced back into my diet (though still in moderation :)
  • I would get to pig out on sushi and wash it down with a GINORMOUS glass of vino!
  • Both my boys would share the same birth month, thus easier to remember, lol!!!
  • I would be able to shave my legs and paint my toenails with ease sooner.
  • I would get to enjoy some of the fall weather home with my little man
  • We would have a name for him! (at least i hope we will, lol!)
  • Last, and most importantly, I would have my little squishy man in my arms. I would know he is healthy, and safe. I would get to fall madly in love.....

I think that is the whole thing that gets to me is that I have no control in this what-so-ever!! I am a big planner, and not knowing can be exhausting. I have to keep an open mind, and know that whatever happens is going to happen. After this and the other stuff we went through, I don't care what it takes for him to get here, as long as he is a happy and healthy baby (who might be full of cute little rolls!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's offical, we are having sasquatch (28 weeks)

I am now in my third trimester!!! Wahooo!

For the good news, I DO NOT have gestational diabetes. I am so damn excited! You wouldn't believe.

Now, this could or could not be good news but he is measuring way ahead. I am supposed to be measuring 28-30 inches (they measure your uterus from top to bottom, and the inches usually correlate with how far along you are....) but I measured 32-33!!! OH MY! I have to schedule an u/s to see just how big he is since the u/s tech wasn't there but their computers were down so I have to call back! I am nervous and pray that he is okay but when she got his heartbeat today with the doppler his heart was strong, and he was moving around like a wiggle worm!!! BUT----yes, BUT he is STILL breech. I sure hope he turns!

It could be due to extra fluid which might not be a big deal but of course my stupid self googled it last time and found it could be a Down's syndrome marker. I hope I can get in this week to get the ultrasound for a peace of mind and to see my little squirm worm!

I swear, we are having ourselves an October baby.

We will see I guess!

I have a pic I will add tomorrow!

OH--and i have to add that I had a weird experience there while peeing, lol! I looked down on the table and saw a gun. YES, a freaking gun. I hurried up and got out of there and the nurse and another lady was standing there and I go. "there's a....." and they both go, yes, we know! Apparently, she was a cop. CRAZY!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My body continues to amaze me.....

I got out of the shower the other day to find a very, very faint Linea nigra. It's very faint but it's there.

and now i have discovered the weirdest pregnancy related thing ever....a skin tag. It's very minuscule as in most normal people wouldn't notice it but I'm weird like that. It is sitting pretty on my neck and literally drives me nuts.

Today is my last day in the 2nd Trimester! I cannot believe how fast time has flown....

Tomorrow is my Ob appt and I am quite nervous....I haven't heard anything regarding the glucose test but then again, I am preparing myself for the news at the appt. AND we get to see how big baby B is....maybe he was just going through a growth spurt or something but I hope I get to see him tomorrow and that he is doing just fine!

I was eating yesterday with coworkers and someone had maybe a month or two old baby...and it really hit me that my little man will be here in a few months! So many emotions come over me when I think about that but I am excited over anything else!!!

The Lovely Bones Trailer

I read this book a while ago, and while it's kind of dark, it's one of my favorite books. I am curious to see how it will end up on the big screen.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No more BLAH!

So, I realized that my last post was kinda blah. I went to my doc to talk about my stomach problems and she put me on Nexium...which is like $5,000. Not really but it's expensive. The pepcid and tums I was taking just wasn't cutting it. As much as I hate taking meds, I have to take this. My appetite has gone down and now it not the time to starve baby b! So, here is to feeling better!

While I was there I talked to my Dr who is in a family practice and last time she mentioned that she could take baby b if I wanted to. I thought about it and had some questions and I asked her them yesterday. One of my biggest concerns is the immunizations. I want him to get his shots but just not 6 at one time. Too much for a little guy...and she said she would work with me on that! The only drawback is that she can't come see him at the I have a decision to make soon!

Blake asks a lot of questions because he is a man and has no idea about labor and the whole birthing process except for the fact that it comes out of a place that he might be a little familiar with. He asked me last night what would happen if my water broke on our new hardwood floors. He and I am hoping he was joking asked if I would clean it up........

I told him that would be his job because if I am in FREAKING LABOR my last thought is going to be about whether or not I am going to damage our new hardwood floors. He is a funny man that Blake.....

We also have really started talking more seriously about daycare and we both kind of started to freak out. It's expensive, and I'm giving my tiny little man to strangers. We really cannot afford for me to quit so I have to work, plus I am 2 years away from being vested (which equals pension!) I think if a family member or someone we knew could watch him, I would feel better about it all but it's just not feasible. I feel like there is an answer somewhere we just haven't reached it I'll stay positive!

St. Louis weather man is my current enemy. Well, I guess I shouldn't blame him, it's really mother natures fault but 99 as a high NOT including the heat index? I know we have been really lucky lately but come on, mother nature, don't you know heat=cankles for me? know where you will find me this weekend? INSIDE!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So close...yet so far away....(27 weeks)

Well, I am almost to the 3rd trimester and boy do I feel like it. This might be a crappy post but you wanted the down and dirty of pregnancy, lol.

The past few weeks I have completely lost motivation and energy. I just want to sleep for two days straight! I don't know what has come over me because I just can't get enough sleep! I haven't been feeling good either so maybe that is it. I have had an upset stomach on and off for 2-3 weeks. FUN!

I really cannot wait when to brush my teeth and not gag. did my gag reflex get so bad? I have come to the genius conclusion that it's worse when i am congested which is almost all the time (stupid allergies!!)

I have officially entered pregnancy mode because I wake up in the middle of the night with achy hips. Using a pillow between my legs helps but sometimes I wake up and the darn dog is sleeping on it (and it's not like she cooperates to give it back either!) I highly recommend any pregnant women invest in a pregnancy pillow or a body pillow.....makes sleep so much long as your dog won't steal it!

I have had a lot of ppl ask me about my back. The accident was almost 18 months ago and I don't think it will ever be the same. I feel like I have a constant nagging in my back except for it's actual pain. I just deal with it until we can get some answers after the baby is born! After a day of cleaning or running around, I can barely move. Blake laughs at me (I would too if i didn't hurt) because I walk around like a humpback lady. Add in a big belly and I am sure it's an entertaining sight....

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get my glucose screening done and while the drink wasn't awfully bad, I'd rather not have to do it again. Giving blood since I have been pregnant is not fun...and usually it doesn't bother me but now it freaking hurts....and looking at the blood made me want to drop to the ground and lay there for a while. I should have my results by the end of the week-- if I don't pass. My mom had gestational diabetes with both me and my brother so I am at increased risk for it. I just hope I don't have to take the 3 hour test. One hour was long enough!!!

On a positive b is an active little fellow! There are a few days when he sleeps a lot (from what i have read it is when they go through a growth spurt) and I get worried, and then the next day he is bouncing all over the place--i get all warm and gooey inside! The other day I was at a meeting and I had to pee so damn bad but I was in the middle of the table and it wasn't going to be easy to slip out. I sat there trying not to pee myself and then I felt little taps on my bladder! While it it didn't help having him dancing on my bladder, I couldnt' help but smile!!!!