Monday, June 30, 2008

Busy as a bee....

I'm a bad blogger lately but it's not entirely my fault. I tried to post this last week but blogger was experiencing technical difficulties. Screw technical difficulties.

The weekend before last, i went to my cousin Mike's wedding. As kids, we were always getting into trouble, or doing stupid things. I remember this like it was yesterday. We lived in Kentucky for a short period of time, and we had a little farm (why, i have no idea bc my mom isn't an animal person)--including pigs. My mom and his mom, (my aunt ) were both REALLY pregnant. We were playing on the seesaw when the pigs got loose. I ran inside to get my mom and aunt, and we came outside and he was bawling like a baby (ok, he was like two, but i love to tease him about it) surrounded by these giant pigs. Then, we grew up and had long, fun nights out. There was the time(s) i lost my shoes....ok, that was on more than one occasion but you get the point.

Now, it was his turn to get married. I will apologize in advance for the craptastic pics. The next item on my list is a new camera. (ahem...blake) The day was beautiful for most part--until midway through the ceremony when thunder boomed so loud i almost jumped out of the pew.

Here is my Aunt Robyn and Uncle Mike! Nervous.I need to retouch up their eyes, but i am too tired. Will do later! The new Mr and Mrs!!!

I still have no idea how to move the pics around. Dear blogger, make it easier to add pics. Thanks.

Anyway--Congrats Mike and Shana! We love you guys!
I had more pics but like i said, technical difficulties suck ass. Sunday, i woke up feeling too tired and a bit dehydrated, and headed to my friend Jaime's baby shower. The shower was my kinda shower--sangria and Qudoba!

After the shower, I met blake at his parents house to celebrate father's dad (he volunteered for OT last Sunday) and his niece's 16th! Watch out, Amanda's gonna be hitting the road soon! Stay tuned for this weekends recap! I think i am still recovering!


Mary said...

I don't know how to rotate pictures on blogger. But, if you rotate them on your computer before you upload them, that seems to work;)

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