Friday, March 27, 2009


This whole pregnancy thing is just wierd. I still have not gotten use to the fact that i am growing a human!

Grocery shopping shouldn't be allowed when you are pregnant and have morning sickness. For one, I came out with not one, but TWO huge jars of pickles. Why? Oh because they sounded good. So did the 6 containers of Velveeta's version of Easy Mac.

Morning sickness is a stupid term. Try all day and night and try to kill me sickness?

I never thought that one moment i would be ironing my shirt, and the next searching for a decent spot to puke in. Unfortunately, a trash bag was hurt in that process. Speaking of puking, when you are hurdling the damn toilet, and you realize it really needs to be cleaned, well, that makes you even sicker. Stupid men and their inability to aim a penis.

I never thought that bedtime would be 9:00. Hell, I never thought I'd be able to take a 2-4 hour nap and STILL be able to be in bed before 9.

My darling husband made the mistake of saying how i just don't do anything anymore. Hmmmm, nothing? How about you try growing an human and let me know how you freggin feel. I think today i might have grown a damn arm. What did you do?

He swears that its a boy. I guess we'll see. He says he wants the kid to be a dork bc he doesn't know want to deal with him when he wants to go out. Well, what if it's a girl and she wants to go out with a boy. Well, she is going to be a dork and therefore she won't get dates. Nice hun, nice.

I am leaving now to pick up more medications to make me stop getting sick. Combine these two wtih B6, and unisom and that is supposed to make me feel better. If this doesn't work, I have to have a freaking Zolfran pump shoved in my veins. Fun stuff.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another thing i can add to my list

Of things I did in my twenties! Even though it is not something that is not going to be finished until I'm 30 and some change......
Let me introduce......................

Baby B!
(note, i am not 100% sure if this is the right way up, lol. I think it is and I'm too lazy to check!)

This was a huge surprise to us but we welcomed it! I contemplated on posting it and have gone back and forth many times. I finally decided I would go ahead and do it. Not only because i can't really hold it in anymore, I feel that if something were to happen, I would benefit from the support of the blog world!

I am about 8 weeks, and little baby B! is due November 4th! Obviously by the picture, I got to see the little nut a few weeks ago, and got to see but also HEAR the heartbeat. It really was the most amazing thing I have even witnessed. I still don't think I am 100% convinced, lol.

I have had the most awful morning sickness, and I am convinced a man came up with that term. it lasts all damn day! Luckily, my doc gave me a new medicine that is supposed to help but my damn insurance will only cover 12 at a time. So far it seems to work, but then again I only have taken it once. I just got it yesterday! I've tried all that they tell you to try and nothing seems to work. (Ok, I just found out that eating and drinking at the same time can make it onto that!) I have about 4 more weeks left till my next appointment, and ending of the first trimester. I think i might start counting down the days. ugh......

We told our families about two weeks ago and some of our friends because well, we went to dinner for my 30th and it seemed like the best time to do it! Everyone was shocked and excited! My dad is so cute, he goes "I'm going to be a grandpa, yay!" He sent us the funniest card that just said, Wohooo! so, cute! Blake's mom is way to excited too. She's ready to come decorate!

Oh, by the way, my mom finally moved out! YAHOOOOO!

So......Who's surprised?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Im still alive.....i swear!

The past few weeks have been something I have yet to ever experience. I'll explain more later on.....

For one......go MIZZOU! Sweet 16? Oh, yea!

Then there are those things that just PISS me off.
1. Value City is a piece of crapola that I will tell the world of my hatred if they do not fix my damn table.

We bought a table from there this fall, and a month or so after we got it the finish started peeling off. Yes. It looks like someone took their fingernails and scraped them into the finish. The guy came out to look at it because we have a protection plan. Protection plan my ass. The guy said he has and i quote "never seen something like this before." We wait for more than a month or calling and hounding them to see what is up because they couldn't bother to call us at all or even call us back. Finally, Blake gets a hold of the manager who proceeds to tell us it is water damage.

Um, backup here. What? WATER DAMAGE? My ass it is.

I am speechless. After both Blake and I talked to the manager, I finally left a message with corporate and have yet to hear back. I will not let this go. I am beyond furious and we paid for not only for this table but for the protection plan. The only thing it doesn't cover guessed it. Water damage. I don't really use water on it to wipe it down since the table started peeing because i was so paranoid of this, and here we are. I should be able to wipe down my own table with a wet cloth but apparently NOT! So, if you must shop for furniture. Don't go to Value City.

2. Onto another place I don't recommend. A certain chiropracter in the St. Louis County Area. Valley Park to be EXACT. I saw this so called doctor this summer. When he found out that my car insurance didn't cover the ridiculous amount that he charged, he told me i was healed. When i told him i was still in a lot of pain, he shrugged me off and became the biggest asshole to me ever. I won't go into what he said, but he is a jerk.

So, I figured that it is almost April (more than 7 months later) that the bill was taken care of. Oh, i guess i thought wrong because i just got a bill for over $4,000! Yes, you read that right. I have been trying and trying to get this figured out. I think my lawyer finally has but we both have agreed that this place is shady. Not only did they 'fix' me after finding out my coverage, they refused to put it through my health insurance. REFUSED.

Apparently, even though i went to him because my insurance covered him, and I have up to 26 visits a year that are covered. It isn't. They have a 'company' that they use for personal injury claims. WTF? Don't you think they should have told me this from the beginning?

I just feel like they are screwing me over and there is nothing i can do. Luckily, my lawyer is dealing with it now and they will have to wait. The whole thing is just shady from day one. The bill even came in a handwritten envelope from a PO Box.

Anyway, I will have more exciting and happier news later on this week. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's time to say good-bye!

It's time to say good-bye. Time to say good-bye a wonderful era---my 20's! Yes, I will turn the big 3-0 in a matter of 24 hours. I have to say I am sad but at the same time I know that my 30's will bring more happiness than I can ever imagine. (At least that is what I tell myself!)

March 6=A new era. :)

My 20's were great. There were so many firsts. So many good times, and some many good friends.

I went away to college, and got my first apartment.

Drank legally at a bar for the first time.

Graduated college; Got my first ''real'' crappy job

Met my husband and moved in with my man.....(we were living in sin, world!)

Got a puppy!

This pic cracks me up. it's so her 'leave me alone im sleeping look' she still gives us 4 years later!

Went out of the country to Mexico. Twice.

(Yes, i kissed a bird)

Little, did i know i would marry that man who seconds after this pic was taken fell off that and the little Mexican man had to run after it!

Got Engaged!

Went to Vegas!!!

Yes, that is the Delorian. I know your are jealous.
Yes, my husband is wearing a pink shirt. But, it's pink and green :)
Yes, this is how i used to roll in my 20's.
Drinks on the, i'm hungover by landing.
Bought a house! (and did tons of work to it)

Got a kitty!

And more........

Oh, my 20's were chuck full of good memories. I'm going to miss you 20's. 30's--you have a lot to live up to. Take note to kick ass.

(I know i have been MIA lately and I have A LOT to catch up on but i will update next week, promise. I have TONS to post!!!)