Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two months.It's been two months.

Holy moly. I can't believe it's been two months since I've posted. That makes me super sad that I've missed out on documenting so much. I'm hoping to get back into things now that life feels like it's slowing down a bit. I say that but before I know it, life will be crazy once again but it's different now with a almost 4 year old and a baby that's not so much a baby anymore.

I can't post any pictures because my computer crashed right almost when we got back from vacation so I've been without my computer for almost two months. Blake was almost able to retrieve oh,just EVERYTHING from the past year (so basically, Benny's first year of LIFE!) but something went wrong and it wiped the hard drive clean. Spic and Span. Even our vacation pictures which broke my heart as much as everything else did. It was not a pretty moment during those realizations.

 Oh, AND the freaking external hard drive failed too. We had just talked about saving it elsewhere and backing up on discs but then this happened and don't you worry, as soon as I have it in my hands, I will be doing this very soon. My laptop was sent to a lovely friend way on the other side of the world (really from Missouri to Cali!!) and he was able to get everything. Hopefully, I'll have it back soon because posting or doing much without it is well, impossible!

Just a little recap. In the past two months:
Benny went from baby to toddler. I mean, what?!?
We went on our first family vacation and it was amazing.
I took Brady to his first big kid movie
Benny has decided that weaning is not cool and drinking anything else is a big joke. Though,  he has recently decided that the cheapie cup I found in a bin at Target is the only one he'll drink out of. Unless it's someone elses!
Listened to Benny learn new words and it's amazing to me how he has grown.
Brady started Preschool. Oh, my word. Bring on the tissues because man, that was something else. I have pictures for all of this that hopefully, I'm going to be catching up on soon.

I've realized how fast life is going and I need to document these rough, amazing, beautiful moments. I swear I blinked and the summer is over. I usually and anticipating and ready for jeans, hoodies and all things pumpkin by now but for some reason, I'm holding onto summer this year.

Fall means my baby will be FOUR.
My littlest will be closer to 2 than 1.

I just want to hang onto now for a while. It was during vacation that I looked back and soaked the entire week of sun, sand and time with my babies as the distractions from the everyday craziness of work, life and social media were gone. It was how I wish everyday could be. Just my family, embracing life. It wasn't all pretty or joyous but I surely took home a little lesson.

Also-how is next week September?