Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A day of Silence

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This and that.

Whew. Life has been insane. I keep wondering when it will slow down but I am not sure that is possible when you have two small kids and work full time. I hate that I'm so behind on here because it's the only way I'll ever remember things when my kids are older!

I have no pictures on this post because apparently I'm over my max on photo storage. How do I go around this? Grrr.

I have so many posts in the works. So many. One of which is 5 months overdue (nursery!), kitchen reno, 5 month post, the list goes on!

Brady has attempted potty training a few times. All times ended up in him crying for a diaper. Sigh. He won't be wearing diapers to Kindergarten, right?

Bennett started this week (1 week shy of 6 months!) on solids. I just about cried. I wasn't ready but he sure as heck was. The kid loved every single bite. It's so not time for him to be all growns up yet. He is all over the place, rolling and scooting a bit. I'm  SO not ready and paranoid about crawling.

That last thing could be because of this! A few nights ago, I ran from one room to the next to grab a diaper. In those 30 seconds, Brady had grabbed a peanut from somewhere and PUT IT IN BENNETT'S MOUTH! Holy, crap! The poor kid was looking at me like, "What, mom? That tasted good!" while I was scooping it out of his mouth. Lesson learned. Brady and Ben are NOT allowed by themselves. Ever.
Sigh. I scheduled Ben's surgery. If you recall, he has something called, hydrospasis and I'm sure he will love me speaking about his boy parts on the Internets but while I knew it was coming up to the time we needed to have it done, I didn't know it would hit me so hard after I actually made the appointment, especially when she reminded me it was an hour and a half procedure. It's a common procedure they do often and but I'm still struggling with it because after all,  it's still my baby.

Brady is SO into Christmas this year. Last night he was running around the house pretending he was Santa. He told Daddy he was getting a new TV and I was getting a new pizza cutter. A green one. I had to crack up at that one. I get the kitchen utensil? We don't even eat that much pizza! He also said yesterday to Blake, "I don't call him Bennett anymore, I call him Puddin'!" I'm not sure where he gets this stuff but he is cracking me up!

We went on a walk the past few nights to see Christmas decorations and lights in the neighborhood because it's been in the 70's here! Crazy, right? I'll take it over snow any day! Brady had to bring his 'phone' with him (aka a purple calculator) and tells me, "Excuse me, I have to take a call!" Then he proceeds to say, "Ok, I'll see you later. I'll see you on Christmas!''

Is it me or is this the longest week, like ever????