Friday, July 25, 2008

More Blake-ologies

  • I don't get fevers. (The next day he goes to the dr for that virus we had, and guess what, A FEVER!!!! That's what you get buddy! )

  • "I used to be down with the Golden Girls so when I hear Sophia i think of the old lady from the Golden Girls" (HIs response on a text that just said, Sophia died. lol)

  • Wasn't Blanche a slut? (more on his golden girls revivial, ha!)

  • Rainbows don't show up on pictures. (WHAT?)

  • Yesterday, I requested he throw some meat in the crock pot to make pull pork samwhiches, and he called me because he couldn't find the meat. Here was our convo: Um, i just see this red meat stuff. Me: Yes, that is it. Him: But it's not all cut up. Me: um, that's what happens to it when its cooked. Him: ooooh. (I swear, he really is a smart guy!)
  • Lily lays where her bed is. I wonder if we put it on the table if she'd lay there........

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Cecilia said...

LMAO. These are too funny! How cute.