Monday, July 14, 2008

BBB made me do it!

  • I have been at Bed Bath and Beyond a lot lately. I've got a few gift cards I haven't used, and tons of 20% off coupons. The last two times I have been in there, I swear to God, I wanted to injure someone with a frying pan, or jab at them with a curtain rod. EVERYONE in the freaking store at least one time (yes, that means some of them asked me 2, 3, or FOUR times) if i was doing ok, or if I was finding everything ok. I mean seriously, did i look lost? Well, I wasn't. I was contemplating my decisions. I not a very decisive person sometimes, ok. Leave me alone. Great customer service is wondeful and all, but when it explodes in your face over and over, you start wanting to hurl objects and get the hell out of there. I am not a mean person, but by the time the poor girl rang my stuff (oh, baby, talk about bargain. I got this set of stone bakers i wanted for $8!), I found myself snapping at her. I apologized but man, they made me do it!
  • My hubby was home sick today, and with the amount of Lysol i have been spraying i am bound and determined to stay healthy. Who gets the stomach flu in the dead heat of summer? I guess my hubby. I will have to say, that i may have gone a little crazy with the Lysol you wouldn't think i have any sympathy but i do! I tended to him like a good little wife. kinda. :)
  • My house is slowly becoming organized. I cleaned out our computer room last night. I mean it took me 3-4 hours at least. I am not finished with this room by all means but my neurotic self can sleep better at night knowing everything has a place! So, the spare bedroom is next!
  • Speaking of weekend, we had a relaxing one! I went to the chiro on sat morning. We tried out a new thing-decompression, i think is the same thing as traction. Anyway, i felt awesome when i got home and cleaned house. Blake and I were both sitting in the lr later on, and we both got a wild hair up our arses, and decided to go gambling. blake would gamble 24/7 he could. (He has a thing for the wheel of fortune slots!) I sucked, and lost my $20. He ended up winning with his $20, and on nickel slots. I was miserable there (which is my fault for cleaning), so we went home! Winning is awesome but apparently i suck at that.
  • Jen led me to this blog, Punk Rock Mommy, and when i saw a new post in my google reader, i immediately read it, knowing it had to be her husband who was posting, and prepared myself for tears as it was his eulogy at her memorial. Her story is amazing, and i admire her for her strength. I don't know if i could be that strong with all that she faced. Take a trip there. You'll need some tissues. Actually, after today's post, grab the whole damn box.

I apoligize for the lack of pics right now, apparently there is techinical difficuties. Gah, stupid picture posting. Dear Blogger, it's me, yes, again. please make posting pictures less sucky. Thanks.


Jennelle said...

I too have a love of the Wheel of Fortune slots. Did you use the kind that has the big wheel spin? :)

Jenn said...

Ugh...Punk Rock Mommy always makes me cry and Kelly's post was no different. I'm excited to know that he plans to keep the blog going to share the family journey.

Maria said...

I'm soo sad for Kelly the kids. From reading the blog, Amanda was an amazing person! Cancer sucks!