Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life lately: June edition.

Whew. I thought once the birthday madness blew over that life would slow down but man, I need some extra time! Anyone have some I could borrow?

Benny turned one. Yep. One. Hard to believe but man, my heart can tell he is growing up. This picture. Oh, this kid. You have no idea how the words fail to come when I see his sweet little face sometimes. He is my little peanut and I think at times, I forget he's not so tiny anymore.

On his birthday, we took a trip to Grant's Farm and he had a blast. The kid loves animals so it was perfect for him plus, it was the last place we went before he was born. It was fun to return a year later as a family of four! We had a birthday party the next day, which I failed to know at the time I scheduled it, was also Father's Day so we kept it small with family and a few close friends. It was hot but it was good. He wasn't so much into the cake smashing but he sure did have a blast!

I loved that we saw so many baby animals. Kinda fitting, huh? 

At this 12 month visit, he was almost in the 10th percentile. He's never been that high, which is great but he's still small. He had his endocrinologist appointment last week and things are still good. He hasn't had to change his dosage and he's still on the lowest dosage possible. We have another visit in September and I think he'll be able to move to twice a year!  There is some bad news and I'll go into more of it later but he is going ot have to have another surgery in the fall. My head and my heart is not quite ready to go there yet but I have a post I've been working on about it. It will be more simple procedure this time but he is still my baby and I just don't want to have to do it again. Sigh. 

Anyway, back to the good stuff. I kept wondering when the heck this kid would get teeth and his first one popped around 11 months. I think my response was, 'about time!" He has two more on top that just came through too and I'm pretty sure more are on the way. 
He is such a ham. Squeals in delight over just about anything, is so incredibly silly and loves to chat on his 'phone!' but the biggest thing is that the kid sleeps. I asked Blake the other day, "Do you think he sleeps too much?" After he has been sleeping through the night for 11 and sometimes 12 hours STRAIGHT. This is epic people. Brady has NEVER, nope, never slept that long in his life. Blake's response? Nope, we are just used to a kid that doesn't sleep."

Let me tell you. Sleep is SO good. Oddly enough, there are nights when it is the big kid that wakes up. 
Speaking of my big kid, he is just so funny right but going through a defiant stage. We have tried a 'good behavior' jar I saw on pinterest but it's not working so well. He's so smart, so sweet and so much still my baby but the kid will always be my spirited one.

We took our first trip to the pool this weekend. Really, it was a test to see how the kids would do when we hit the BEACH in oh, 18 days! I'm really excited but REALLY nervous about flying and traveling with them. Plus, we are staying with my in laws in a place there and it's just, yikes. I can't wait though to see Brady's face when he gets to run into the water for the first time. Can't.wait.

I'm working on Benny's one year post and a little bit about his party but man, I find myself lost for words. I just wish I could have slowed the year down for a while but I can't imagine being full of so much joy in such a long time. Being a mom of two is hard, it's exhausting and overwhelming when there is only one of you but I can't really imagine life any other way.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Eleven. {bennett}

Oh, kiddo. It's been a BIG month. Eleven must be your lucky number, huh? A lot of firsts. A lot.   

Likes: His family, Georgia (his dog,) animals, playing with Brady, being with the big kids, berries, playing outside, wagon rides, chasing Brady, wrestling with Brady, stealing Brady's sippies, nursing, making your 'mean' face, crawling/climbing on things you're not supposed to, being tickled, kisses, giving kisses. You just love everything! You and Brady have this little game that you do that you find to be just downright hilarious. You both crawl and you chase each other.

Dislikes: Sitting still, diaper changes, being left alone, being splashed (in tub or water table)

Yummies/Food: Oh, boy. This kid can eat. Favorites are still any kind of berry, blackberries are on the top of the list. Grilled cheese, bread, peas, macaroni and cheese (plain noodles, not so much,) and hard boiled eggs are top on your list. There isn't much you don't like but some days you can be kind of finicky. You're still nursing like it's the best thing in the world but you have really cut down on your sessions and it's nice but sad at the same time. A whole entire post will be coming on this because it's really been amazing to almost (one more month, buddy!) make it an entire year. Going into it, I had no idea how long we'd make it and here we are. You tend to want to snuggle/nurse first thing in the am, you'll have two bottles at the sitter and then you might nurse when you get home but sometimes you just wait till bedtime.

Sleep: Well, this is huge kid. Huge. Mommy moved you to YOUR bed, finally. No more excuses and mommy was just ready and tired. Plus, I think you were getting woken up from your brother in the mornings and you were to restless. The first night in there you STTN, there were a few nights you've gotten up once or twice but for the most part, you sleep and sleep well. I hope I don't jinx it but it's been awesome. All of this good stuff even when you got your FIRST TOOTH! I can't believe it but FINALLY. Looks as you'll be getting  more pretty soon too.

Personality: Your personality keeps on growing and you are just a ham. You still love to do anything your brother is doing but you have this recent obsession with the fireplace hearth and it makes mommy nervous/crazy. You crack up when you get up there, it's hard not to laugh. You make this 'mean' face and I die everytime I see it. It's hard not to chuckle at it and along with it you make a snorting nose. Hilarious. You are just so silly and I love watching your personality grow.

You do this crab walk thing when you get outside and you only do it outside. Don't wanna get dirty, eh?

SLEEPING in your crib and through the night.


Blow kisses

First word. Doggie and Georgia. Georgia comes out only in a screaming, high pitched sound and it's cute as can be. I didn't believe Daddy when he said you were saying it but sometimes it's clear as can be.

First ice cream cone. I believe it was MY ice cream cone till I let you have a lick and you claimed it as your own or had a death grip on it and I wasn't able to get it back. Loved it.

Oh, sweet boy. I can't believe you are almost one. 

Nine months {bennett}

Likes: Mommy, nursing, eating, anything in puff form, playing with doors, opening drawers and pulling things out, the dishwasher, the dog,

Dislikes: Sleeping alone, being away from mommy,

Yummies: Benny boy is still nursing up a storm. While he loves to nurse, kiddo loves his bottles. He gets this giddy laugh when he see's me packing them up and it's adorable. You are starting to really love table foods. Cheese is one of your favorites and will shovel it in like there is no tomorrow. I gave you some strawberries this month and lets just say they were an obvious hit.

Sleep: I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this but Benny, you are the biggest cuddle bug that you even love to cuddle with your blankies. You love to hold onto one while you sleep, the softer the better. It's precious. Not officially attached to one but it's cute and sweet. Your sleep has gone a bit downhill this month but it was to be expected after surgery. I've been really lax about it and your still in our bed which isn't boding well for your love/hate with your crib. You really spent a good solid 5-6 days straight with mommy and I'm not sure that helped your separation anxiety but we'll get back there. Mommy sure is a sucker for you!

Growth:  At your nine month visit, you were 17.8 pounds and 28 inches (I need to double check this is right) but a week later when you got weighed for your surgery, you had gained more than 1/2 a pound! I've noticed lately we had to move into a lot of bigger clothes and are in more clothes coordinating to your age now. Six month clothes no longer fit. Rachel (sitter) said she thought you grew two inches while you were gone (you didn't go for a week after your surgery!) You do seem much longer but I think you're still just a little peanut!

Surgery: I hope this is your one and only my dear but you were such a big boy through it all. It was rough to see you like that and it hurt my heart but seeing you feel better fixed that.
You got a doggie! You love her too.

You are so much more interactive with your brother I've noticed more so this month that you guys are really playing together. I mean you would play with Brady before but now you're interacting back and forth and it's just the best thing ever. You light up around him and I know how much you look up to him already.

First trip to the park!

First Easter !
Oh, bubs, love you lots. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ten months {bennett}

Oh. my. oh. my we are getting closer and closer to one. I just can't believe how fast time is going and I know I start each post like this but it's really like someone is pushing this fast-forward button. I'd love to be able to press 'pause' for one night. I have to say though, I'm loving you at this age. Not that I didn't love you at all the other ages and stages but you are just so full of life, it's a big blessing to be surrounded by your joy.

Likes: nursing/bottles at daycare, Still momma's boy all the way, food, berries, playing with the big kids, being tickled, playing with your big bro, everything about your big brother, going on walks, riding in the wagon, putting things inside of containers, the dishwasher, the dog, being outside, cruising around the furniture. One of the things you have done for a while now, still cracks me up. You'll crawl around with something in one of your hands so each 'step' you take, there is a loud 'clank!' You think it's just as funny as I do.

Dislikes: Diaper changes, being left alone, getting dressed, sitting still

Yummies/Food: Man, some days this kid takes down more food than his big bro. You have really started chowing down on the food here son. One night, I gave you some blackberries and you literally screamed at me until I gave you more. Needless to say, they are your favorite thing, ever. I think I watched you eat 10 in one sitting and still wanted more afterwards. Cheese is next on your list along with peas and bread. I've had a hard time finding things you won't eat lately but some days you're more finicky than others. One day you ate broccoli for me but refused it at the sitters. Some days you'll chow down on a banana but others you throw it to the dog. Yep, you've learned that trick fast, right? You love to eat yogurt and squeeze pouches of purees. Foods in puff form, yogurt melts and goldfish are your favorite snacks. Still no toofers but that doesn't stop you from chowing down. You eat pretty much what we do too. Beans, quesadillas, chicken, ham, peas, rice, barley,eggs, quinoa, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.

The only thing I've found your not a fan of at all is green beans. Won't touch them!

Sleep: Naps are great. He takes 2-3 naps that last 1.5-2 hours. Sometimes, you'll take a 3rd quick nap in the early evening. We've had some really good nights and some really bad nights but you got sick (ack, again!) with a crappy virus and so that meant you were back in bed with us. It's been harder to get you back in yours and to be honest, I haven't tried that hard lately. Sleep is much needed around the house (especially since your bro is on a 4-5 am wake up kick lately!) so at this point, we are a big desperate. I'm by your first birthday you'll be sleeping peacefully in there full-time. Naps are still going well at home but not a great napper on the go. You'll fall asleep in the carrier or car seat but wake up easily. Transitioning you to your bed during one of those naps is a funny joke, right?

Personality: You are really turning into a big ham, You find things funny that should be and you laugh at things your brother does. You are so into watching others and take it all in. You are so laid back sometimes that when you do get an attitude, I have to laugh. You have started to get frustrated when you can't get something one or a lid on a container. I noticed it the other day when you were putting the lego lid back on and each time you'd miss it, you would clench your fists and scream! Hilarious!

You are a 'let's put anything and everything in your mouth' kinda kid. Brady never went through this as much or I have bad momnesia but you put EVERYTHING in that mouth. I'm pretty sure you gag on something or a piece of food at least once a day, if not more.

You are really interacting more with your brother and I"m seeing him trying to play with you more as well. I just love it.

Standing unassisted for longer periods of time.

Standing up by yourself!
Using the sign for 'more'
Waving to others while out and about
More vocalizations/babbling

(finally, right? Though, 8 and 9 are behind because somehow I saved 9 over month 8 and it's gone, super sad face!)