Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Down to the SINGLE DIGITS!

(sorry for craptastic pic, i have a new phone and can't figure it out yet!)

26 weeks! I am now down to less than 100 days! Yikes! How did this happen??

I have a busy August and September with family things, wedding showers, weddings, and my own baby showers. It has sent me into panic mode....like panicking because the closet isn't organized enough.

We will say that nesting has kicked in. We cleaned out baby's room this weekend, and I went into crazy prego mode where i cleaned the whole house and baked a years worth of baked goods. After cleaning out his room, we discovered glow in the dark stars--EVERYWHERE! I cursed the kid who lived in the room for a little while and then felt a little bad. Then, I found the whole sticker sheet stuck to the ceiling, and I cursed him again. Not cool, and neither is the glow in the dark volleyball with wings the kid drew on the wall.

After we take off all those damn stars, we need to paint but I am having trouble deciding on a paint color. I had originally planned on a doing a green and orange scheme but after browsing through a home magazine I found a shade of blue (similar to turquoise) and orange and I was in love! It's reminds me of a vintage blue and I have so many ideas now....but wall color is not one I can think of! White furniture...including this rocker I found at.....Walmart. Yep, i was surprised too. The great thing is that it is un-upholstered so I can either make a (well, have someone make i should say) a cover, or buy a slipcover!

I am starting to think that this little guy thinks that my ribs are a play gym which is not fun, nor is it comfortable.

Sleep and I have become BFF's. I love sleep more than I love most things in life right now.

It's always great when people tell me their horror stories, like 'oh i was in labor for two days, or 'i heard on the news pregnant women really are susceptible for swine flu. you need to blah blah' thanks....

Next week is my last week in the 2nd trimester!!!

He is about 2 pounds right now about the size of a eggplant! Eyelashes are starting to grow, and his eyes can blink but his eye color has not developed yet! I am curious to see what his eye color ends up being because I have brown eyes, dark brown. Blake has one green eye and a blue eye! So, he could end up with anything!! I can't wait to find out!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I am loving right now.....

The weather here lately has been nothing short of blissful. Saturday, it was actually chillly! In JULY!!! I hear the heat wave is coming back so I will enjoy it while I can.......

Sleep. I cannot seem to get enough lately.

Grilled cheese+bacon+ketchup= one happy lady

Actually, any cereal is good in my book! The chocolate ones are my favorite.....

Salads. Mmmmmm. Add some tomatoes, and cucumbers, and vinagrette and I'm a happy girl.

THE BEST LOTION IN THE WORLD! I got a sample from the maternity store, and then Katie, posted about her love for the lotion, I had to get it. It makes your skin feel so soft. Love it!

The feeling of this little guy playing and kicking around!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I feel like I ate a horse (25 weeks!)

The past few days have given me a lot to think about. Friday, I had an appt with my OB. I got to hear his lovely heartbeat, which at the time he had the hiccups. It was the sweetest, and most adorable sound!!! Then, she said what every pregnant lady does not want to hear.

You are measuring big.....

I was so shocked I didn't ask how far ahead I measuring. If at my next appt (Aug 12) I am still measuring ginormous, she'll do an ultrasound to check growth. I am hoping he isn't a horse of a baby.....or that it means I have gestational diabetes (which is a concern to me since my mom had it with me and my brother!) I have the lab work for the test, and while I am so excited to do it (note: that is total and utter sarcasm), I have to find time when I can sit there for an hour to wait. All of this could mean lots of things--his position, level of amniotic fluid or he is just a ginormous baby. Also, I have a short torso so there really isn't really much room for him in the first place. I am starting to get uncomfortable at times--like I feel like a stuffed turkey. There is no room in this belly (yet he has 3 more months to cook, yikes!!)

Let me tell you this. I call Blake to tell him about the appt, and I of course, am worried (thank you internets for that) and his response? 'ha ha, 12 pound baby.' Flashes of birthing a toddler come to my already freaked out mind....

I swear. This kid is coming early. Either because he is big or he wants to get the hell out. I just know it! So, all of this has put me into--HOLY CRAP! I NEED TO GET SO MUCH DONE--mode.

I have searched a few local stores for fabric and I've come up empty handed. Any ideas on online fabric stores or etsy vendors you recommend??? I have the furniture picked out, I just need to get it! My goal for August is to have this room done or at least close to!

Now for the more exciting stuff....last night, I was on the couch and I felt a stabbing pain in my ribs like I have felt much to often lately. I told Blake to come over here and he felt him kicking! Amazing!!!

Today, I got an unexpected phone call. A job interview. It's within the same 'company' but a different agency which means that all my sick/vacation time I'm saving for maternity leave would transfer. Plus, it's more money, and less than 5 minutes from my house! I am utterly nervous because I haven't interviewed in almost 3 years, and I am content at my current job. It's just the drive that i hate! I have been living in flip flops so these fat sausages need to be squeezed into something a bit more professional....yikes!

Like I said, a lot of ponder.

Also, the whole...'omg, I really am having a baby' thing keeps coming to mind. I know, i know, I've been pregnant for 25 weeks, I should know this by now. The growing belly and constant movement have made it all that more real. It's not like I forget I'm pregnant (well, that is hard to do, lol) but I don't think it will be all that real until I am pushing him out!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

6 months!!!

(This dress makes me look way bigger....really. :)

I have made it to the six month mark, already? Seriously?

I am starting to feel and look it (pic to come soon, I promise!!) Things that I have done before are becoming a tad bit more difficult. Like the whole bending over thing. Let's not even talk about shaving. My grooming habits have seriously gone downhill and unfortunately, I can't walk around wearing skirts and dresses with Sasquatch on my legs. We won't even mention the nether-regions......if only i didn't fear the wax.

I have developed the dreaded S-word. STRETCH MARKS! Just two on my belly and I'm lubing it up daily with cocoa butter and vitamin E. Guess my genes are destined for those damn things!

Sleeping was going well until the past few days when I came down with a sinus thingy/cold. Normally, I do not self-medicate but when I can't breathe, I'm all about the NyQuil. I have gone back and forth, and researched this and that but have a hard time bringing myself to take anything other than saline spray and lots of Popsicles (and Tylenol for my raging headache.) Lesson learned with all the coughing: Do more kegals. Enough said.

We registered this weekend and I had so much more fun with it than with wedding stuff. Baby things are just more fun in general, especially going with my clueless husband. As we walked into Babies R' Us, his eyes seemed to glaze over with a confused look. "It's like home depot for babies." He had no idea, and thus no idea what half the things were and what purpose they served. If it were him, he said he'd register just for diapers, and a crib. I am curious to see how he would manage to feed the child? I know times are changing but I know a man cannot breastfeed.

Baby is gearing up for a big change this week! According to wombtobloom, During week 24 of pregnancy, your baby will begin the phase of rapid weight gain. Up to this point, the growth has been in structure and not bulk. Since all of the structures are in place, they will begin to fill out and strengthen. This week alone, your baby will gain 6 ounces of muscle and bone mass. That’s almost 25% of their total body weight! Your baby’s lungs are experiencing rapid growth during week 24 of pregnancy!

That is insane! Hello bigger pants?

The past week has really made me start to think about pediatricians, vaccines, and all that fun stuff. I really cannot believe he'll be here in less than 4 months! Time flies!

Now, if I hear one more person tell me that my feet are swollen, or that I'm blossoming....i might punch someone! :) I guess it just means baby is growing, and I'll have to think about it that way. So far, I seem to be told I am all belly so I guess that is a good thing?

I have 4 more weeks left in the 2nd trimester! holy moly!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nursery inspiration

I have so many ideas about what to do in the nursery, I can't decide what I really want to do. I have been collecting pictures here and there---so here are ones I love!

I love that rug....and the flags! I'm a sucker for a pretty rug!

I love the tree on the wall and the bookcase. You'll this see this bookcase again!

Love the monkey!

Isn't the ceiling the coolest thing ever?

I love the bright colors, and fun pattern on the wall!

I LOVE this idea to no end. It might be my favorite.....

Love the bright colors and the color scheme. I really want to do orange and green but am having a hard time finding any kind of bedding those colors! That chair needs to be at my house....

isn't this mobile too cute for words? Adorable! I have a love of pretty birds..

I love the bright, clean look. I want a bookcase similar to that filled with baskets and goodies!

So far, I have nothing decided, lol. I know I want a fun bookcase of some sorts for fun stuff and goodies. I want a nice comfy rocker, and I'd love if I could get it upholstered in a fun pattern. Bedding has been a deterrent for this room so far. I can't find anything I like, so my next attempt is to find fabric I love and have someone make me a blanket, crib skirt, and curtains. I might set out on this adventure this weekend but we'll see!

Other than that I do have a giant dilemma. The carpet in his room is blue. I mean blue blue. It is going to throw off the whole color scheme I want to go with. I thought to get a giant area rug until we can put new carpet or flooring in.....any other ideas????

I can't wait to start this! Since our floors are now done, baby b's room is next!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

23 weeks down, 17 to go?

I had to lol at the title because thoughts of when this baby will actually come keep coming to our minds. I have a huge fear (and part of it is because of the nature of my job) that he will be born early. I keep thinking he'll be a Halloween baby but who knows, he might end up being a turkey baby! (Let's hope not because no one likes overcooked turkey!)

His kicks are coming more and more often and he seems to be more active. I love feeling him kick!(and he is kicking me as I write this!) It's a cross between the bestest ice cream you ever tasted and magic. :) I hope that Blake will get to feel him soon (if at all because i have an anterior placenta sometimes you can't feel them on the outside....) so he can experience this too! It might be the best part of this whole pregnancy thing! (well, besides the sweet baby at the end!)

I think that it has all become more and more real lately, and Blake is getting more excited about his baby boy. I know at first he was terrified and I know part of him still is but I think he will be the greatest dad ever!

The past week has brought on weird things, and so many emotions. I have found myself more and more sappy/weepy about everything (and don't forget the crabbiness, lol!) We took Lily to get her nails cut and her (ahem...glands expressed) yesterday and I about lost it. They put her on the table and hooked her up , and then put a muzzle on her! AH! The look in her eyes...I almost lost it right there in the middle of the Clip Joint! Then today, I got upset because my computer froze. Tears? Um, maybe!

I keep getting these odd pains in my ribs. If I turn the wrong way, it seriously feels like I just broke all of my ribs. I suddenly love tomatoes by themselves with VINEGAR! I was a tomato in a salads kind of girl before...... My favorite thing lately has been tomatoes and cucumbers with vinegar! YUM! I eat a lot of cereal, and salads (with tomatoes and cucumbers of course!!!!) and last night I had my first--I HAD to have this---craving for ice cream. I got it and it was damn good.

My feet continue to get swollen if I am having a busy day (and apparently the comments about them haven't stopped!) but the numbness in my hands is getting better wearing the wrist splints!

Every week surprises me because I experience something new and he is growing so fast!!
Week 23 updates:
Fact: By week 23 of pregnancy your baby can now distinguish between light and dark, and in only a few weeks they will be able to see and grasp the umbilical cord!
During week 23, the fat will begin to form and build under the skin and continue all the way up until delivery day!
During week 23 of pregnancy, the eyes have now formed many layers inside of your baby’s head. They cannot see very well and they aren’t in focus yet, but those senses will be developing soon. All of the parts are in place in the eye – the lens, the cornea, the retina, the iris. The only thing lacking is color pigment in the iris.
The hair on your baby’s head finally is growing at week 23 of pregnancy and your baby may very well be on his or her way to having a full head of hair at birth

Next week I have a post coming with nursery inspiration!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Babies and Animals?

Lily is 4 years old now. She is our first baby and honestly, acts like it. She is scared of storms, and fireworks. She loves nothing more than cuddling under the covers, or being loved on by ANYONE! She loves to meet new people and to lick your face! My life changed the day we brought her home, and my heart has never been the same.
Then, our life changed again. We brought home Piper, and my life changed forever. Coming from someone who really was never a 'cat person,' I fell head over heels with my little munchkin. She is sweet, loves to cuddle, and has this girl wrapped around her little paws. She did have a rough patch after she was spayed but she returned back to her normal non-attacking self. Our lives are about to change again--big time! We are bringing a miniature human into our home and every animal parent wonders what affect it will have on them. I worry that Lily will feel deserted and crave more attention than she already does. I worry that the cat will 'play' with the baby and bite his tiny fingers.

I remember not too long ago someone made a comment that many parents give away their dogs when they have kids because of some reason, and that is something I could never do, and many times could be prevented.

People ask me all the time, how do you think lily will be when the baby comes? Honestly, I think she will continue to be her lazy silly self and will grow to love this little creature herself. She loves kids and attention period. Of course, there will be a transition period for all of us but once we all get into the swing of things, we will settle into a happy little family......

I know most of you readers have pets, and are pet lovers like myself. How do you feel your pets lives will be impacted with a human addition to the family?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

22 weeks!

First of all, thank you so much for the comments and kind words regarding my grandma. I have a post coming updating more and I feel better knowing what I do now!

Today marks 22 weeks! I have 4 more weeks left in the 2nd trimester! WOW!

As you can see baby B is getting big!! (note the new floors, lol!! AND it's the same shirt as last time)

This week was when I REALLY started to feel pregnant. My feet are starting to swell but the past few days it's gotten better since it's not so hot here (aka=hell-like temperatures) I have also developed something called pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. Fun. If there is a pregnancy induced thing seems like I'm lucky enough to get it. Morning sickness? Check! Swelling? Check! I found this out because my hands (only when I am sleeping) go completely numb. I mean so numb I could probably bite off my finger and not feel it! My right wrist is painful too. So, asked the doctor and she told me to wear wrist guard things when I sleep. I need to get them tonight so I can sleep a whole night without getting up 30,000 times to shake my hands awake! I have been a walking zombie for the past few days and I'm sure that is it!

Baby B is moving around like a mad man in there! This past week, his flutters have gone to full fledged kicks and punches. Though, they are not strong they definitely can be felt! I didn't think I'd feel him this much since I have an anterior placenta but it doesn't seem to be stopping him!

We MIGHT have a name picked out. I will tell you that we decided that his middle name will most likely be Robert--after both our dads! (convenient that we both have dads with the same name so no one feels left out!)

(You can clearly see his spine and if you look closesly you can see his femur!)

Baby B weighs a pound now! Apparently, according to Wombtobloom--Your baby’s skin will begin to turn from transparent to opaque during week 22 of pregnancy. No longer could one see all of the blood vessels and interior contents of your baby. The skin isn’t quite how it will look at birth, but it is getting closer. It is changing to a pinkish, whitish color and soon will have wrinkles and creases. It is also getting thicker, with more fat deposits going in place under the skin.

Also, his brain is undergoing rapid growth stage (He is smart, I just know it, lol!), his liver is beginning to break down billrubin which will later be evident by all the dirty diapers!