Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Magical moment

This has been a rough week. Lots of meetings, two late nights, lots of missing my baby.

Tonight, I get home and he literally tries his hardest to RUN to me. Falls, realizes he can crawl faster.

I pick him up and he got he usual 'so excited to see momma' smile!

I was talking to Blake about something and he put his hand on my cheek basically to move it and gave me a big fat real kiss on the lips.

I'm still weak in the knees and man, did it make this week worth it.

That was one moment I will never forget.

Man. I love that kid.

Today couldn't get any better. I put in a request to work 80% of my time. That means I will get a day off each week, complete with pay cut of course but it is much needed around this house and will help with our ever growing child care issues.

It is looking hopeful that it will happen but I still do not have it confirmed/approved officially so any good vibes you can send my way would be so much appreciated.

Sometimes kids can do the smallest thing that can turn my day, my mood right side up!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

11 months: One more month!

Dear Brady;

Oh buddy, I can't believe it but in a month you will have your FIRST birthday It's bittersweet for me. You're growing up so fast but you are doing so many new and amazing things! You've had an exciting 10th month, little man.
 You really took off this month--as in walking! You've taken steps here and there then a few weeks ago, you just kept going and going and going! Now, you basically walk everywhere. There is a lot of crashing but you just get up and try, try again! The look of accomplishment and determination in your eyes is priceless!

You said your first words. Cat and dog! Of course those were YOUR first words as any type of animal makes you grin from ear to ear!

You will try and repeat a lot of what we say to you. You say 'Dad' with an emphasis on the 'D' and you that 'T' in Cat!

You are so smart and learn things so quickly. You try to put mommy's shoes on her feet, brush you hair and give the sweetest kisses-real kisses complete with smacking! Those of course are my favorite!

You put that tongue out when you are trying hard to do something or to just be silly!
Your favorite thing to do is to play in the kitchen while mommy is cleaning or cooking dinner. You have your own special drawer full of fun spoons, containers. You love to open and close the cabinet doors and put stuff in the oven drawer.
I find some interesting stuff in silly places! A ball in your snack cup, blocks in my sock drawer and even shoes in the oven drawer!

 You play so hard and really are getting creative with it. You have learned that cars go back and forth and love to drive them all over the floor! You love the gumball machine and will put lots of fun stuff in there! You still love books and have really started enjoying listening to the stories. We still read Goodnight Moon every night and give kisses to the kitties!

A few of your favorite things right now are bubbles, mommy and daddy, eating (spaghetti, broccoli, pita bread, hummus and anything in the form of cheese are favorites,) dropping stuff out of your crib, gumball machine, your animal puzzle and bubble baths! You also LOVE to carry around BIG stuff (pillows, stuff animals and blankets) You walk around with them and just laugh!!

You raise you arm up in the air when we say, 'arms UP' or to show us how big you are! My favorite though is when you raise them up for me to pick you up.

You have turned into such a cuddle monster.  You lay with us in the mornings while you drink a bottle. You still rub my arm, your clothes or mine, or blankets when you are sleepy or drinking your bottle. You just started playing with your hair and you look so peaceful. You recently started just laying in my arms while you wake up after naps and it's part of my day I look forward to!
You are such a little ham. The expressions you make and the sounds that come out of you are truly priceless. You now have a confused look and lots of other silly faces. This just cracks me up.

You still growl and you 'bark' when you hear a dog or the cat meows. Your whole entire face lights up at the sight of any animal.

You like to get messy! You had your first smoothie--you loved it but how mommy made it? Now, that you did NOT care for! When mommy uses the blender or the food processor, i have to hold you and you lay your head on my shoulder. You know your safe and I love comforting you!

Now, the vacuum? You are not a big fan either!

Your curiosity is truly a blessed thing to watch. You find humor in the simple things and look so intently at the smallest details.

We love to watch you discover new things and you pick up on things so quickly!

You are always full of big dimply smiles. It is one of the thousands of things I love about you, your ability to always brighten someones day or to liven a room. Even the older people at the grocery store get a kick out of you and it is always what others say about you first (besides how handsome you are!) We love your sweet smile and love how it brightens OUR lives!

Sometimes I look at you and find you no longer look like a baby but a big boy and I can see who you'll be at 5 or 10. It used to make me sad to see you grow so fast and in a way it still does but I look forward to the future and all milestones and firsts that are to come!

Brady, you truly radiate sunshine into our lives! 
You have NO idea how the past year has changed us and how happy you have made us!
You are the LIGHT of our lives

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The first year: Not your typical advice, part one.

Motherhood: Mom, a parent, a caregiver, a boo-boo kisser, a butt wiper, disciplinarian, a multi-tasker, a chef, part-time maid, full-time toilet washer, a mechanical bouncer, poo target, a teacher, a leader, a role model, a source of nourishment, a source of life.

I can almost say that I've made it through the first year (insert big fat tears) as a new parent. Sure, we had some rough times and we had some times where I wondered if I would ever contemplate doing this again but in the end, I look back and I actually can not wait to do it again (not soon, ok, so don't let your thoughts think that!)

I look back and of course think, 'oh, i could have done that differently,' but really parenting is a learn as you go kinda of thing. Books, other moms, doctors...they are all there to give you a little help but your own instincts? Those are what will always lead us in the right direction.

I knew that being a mom would change me and I knew that I'd love my child but you never understand how much till you have that child in your arms or you see them reach out for you. It's a feeling that words cannot express. There is not a word in the English dictionary that can come close to encompassing that feeling. Trust me, I've looked!

The rough parts are rough. I've been upfront and honest about that. We cried our way through those first four months, lived in puke for months 4-6, and those sleepless months 6-8 when he decided he needed to grow 6 teeth and wake up hourly.

As a wise momma friend tells me when things get tough, 'this too shall pass.' She's right, it did. Let that be your mantra. It's just a phase this too shall pass.

When people ask me for advice about being a new mom, I really don't know what to say. Like I said before, a word to describe motherhood doesn't exist. You can tell them that you'll miss sleep, or you won't be able to remember what you did 5 minutes ago or even that teething is comparable to hell on earth but I don't. Did I even listen those horror stories myself?  I was too busy freaking out about birthing a giant hairy child. I nodded and smiled like the polite uncomfortable pregnant woman but the truth is you have to learn as you go.

Then, there is the whole 'no two babies are the same' mindset I've come to terms with. Yes, come to terms with!! When Brady was 4 months old and still waking up numerous times at night and I heard of other moms with babies his same age that have been sleeping through the night since they were in the womb, it like rubbing salt in the wound. I had to come to terms with the fact that he wasn't Jane Smith's baby. He was MY child. He'll sleep when HE is ready. That is a hard thing to accept at 3 am when you have to be up in a few hours to drive an hour to work and then put in 8 hours at the office.

Guess what? He slept when HE was ready! (Even though it did take him 10 1/2 months to do so!)

We all have our own fingerprints. We come from different wombs. Different  families and backgrounds.

So, then why do we compare our children to other's? My child rolled from back to stomach first. The books said he'd roll from tummy to back first. Those books written by expertss and the world wide web of information that only exists to freak mommies out are just a loose guide. They also don't tell you what to do when your newborn sleeps for a whopping 30 minutes a day or when there is projectile poo flying in the air.

So, mommies out there, remember your child writes their own book. Babies will interpret is the way they want to. We all go at our own pace in life. Crawling at 10 months or running at 9 months is perfect for that child. Perfect. Don't ever doubt that and remember those instincts I mentioned? Trust them. They know.

Mine told me that something wasn't right. A baby shouldn't arch his back in sheer discomfort or scream for hours at end and when I was told that it was just 'colic', my mommy instincts kicked in hard!

Gosh darn. Guess what?

<-----this mommy was right!

Parenthood is funny in the way there is no right way to do it and no wrong way to be a parent.  Do not get caught up in the whole war on mommy thing. It can eat you alive if you let it. Run fast from any negativity.

I think that might be the biggest downfall to motherhood. We do what we feel is best for our child. Believe in your choices and trust them. Trust yourself as a mom. I know that is one of the hardest things to do when sometimes you feel at the opposite end of right and you can't get your child to stop crying.

The best thing I found during hard times other than wine is mommies who have been there. At least they can remind you when times are tough that you are doing the right thing because it's hard to loose track sometimes. To teach you a few things or you cry with you. Find a mommy or two, or 8 that you trust. If you need one, come find me, I'm pretty nice :) and thanks to the world wide webs, mommies are very accessible these days.

So, after all of this, just trust yourself. You are more valuable than anything else out there. Parenting is the most difficult, lowest-paying and at times, disgusting job but also the most amazing one out there full of indescribable emotions, perfect moments, heart-bursting scenes and tiniest creature that can make you want to move mountains.

Enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Never say NEVER!

Lesson 1 of Parenthood: Never say never.

You will eat your words faster than your child can fill a diaper.

Watch how I learned:

She said she doesn't have time to shower? I will not be one of those moms, how hard can it be?
Reality: Inserting foot into mouth.
End result: Finding time to take a peace pee or drink some peace coffee is deemed a vacation.

I'll get SO much done on maternity leave!
Reality: Ha ha ha. Insert fussy refluxy baby who doesn't sleep. EVER!
End result: A shower and brushed teeth =very accomplished day!

No solids till at least 6 months!
Reality: Brady had reflux and a good spoonful of solids was supposed to help a bit. I would have tried anything at that point to make food stay down and his belly comforted.
End result: Orange puke.

I would exclusively breastfeed my child until at least 6 months
Reality: My boobs=uncooperative.
End Result: He is still being fed and growing like a weed!

My kid will not watch TV!
Reality: I caved because watching him watch the little man dance on TV makes his eyes bright and the corners of his mouth turn up.
End result: A bit of dancing to the music!

Babies in my bed? Right...
Reality: The only possible way for this child to sleep the first 4 months.
End result: Happy momma, happy baby!

My child will NEVER throw fits like that!
Reality: My child throws fits in the grocery store after lacerating a package of goat cheese with his vampire teeth.
End Result: I wasn't embarrassed and only half the store stared at us.

My house will NEVER turn into a daycare
Reality: Toys= distraction for a separation anxiety ridden, leg clinging baby and a mom with a full bladder.
End result: Mom might not have to add more kegals into her almost non-existing workout routine.

I will have an amazing birth and that first moment will be amazing.
Reality: Baby did not come out of there, it came out of there. Things got crazy, things got scary.
End Result: First moment was a day late yet still amazing and a beautiful memory.

Parenting can't be that hard.
Reality: Lack of sleep+ fussy baby+lots of puke+working full-time=half crazed, meeting forgetting, milk stained, full-time wearer of ponytails, and bags under eyes sporting mom.
End Result: Wouldn't trade any sleepless night, puked on shirt or those bags under my eyes for anything!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Save my cookie!

In case you are not one of the 600 people I've already shown, here's my baby boy walking! As you can see, he makes sure he never drops his darn cookie! Oh, and please disregard my annoying mommy voice! I have been trying to capture steps for a week and dead batteries and uncooperative children got in my way so I was super excited! :)

(and excuse those stupid black bars. I have no clue why they are there. Maybe because I had to rotate it?)

Monday, September 20, 2010


I entered Paper Momma's photo challenge this week. The challenge 'fingerprints'. I chose this picture of his chubby little digits not only because they are cute but because that was our perfect day. He had a blast in this water. He's still be there if I would have let him stay! Every night at bath time he grabs the water like he just did it for the first time!

The Paper Mama

Friday, September 17, 2010

Little bitty bits of awesomeness

Brady is officially talking! On Saturday, he said loud and clear to me, "CAT'' after she walked past us! His tiny little voice melts my heart. It's so fascinating and amazing to me that my once tiny little baby is associating words with things!! He tries to repeat everything you say now. He also says 'duck, dog, dad' and I know there are a few other words he is trying to say. He almost has picked up on 'all done' when I sign it. I know I say this often but really cannot believe how fast he has grown! It's amazing how fast these little ones pick up on things!

Guess, I need to REALLY watch my mouth now, huh. No more sailor talk.

We had only a few nights where he woke up once or so but I think I can safely say that we are definitely on the road to officially sleeping through the NIGHT! It's been almost of month of nights where he has mostly STTN! Some might say, it's about damn time. Me? I call it a mere miracle!

I have said before that Brady has taken a few steps but this kid WALKED across the room last night! Of course, every form of media that could document  this momentous occasion had a dead battery! AHH! Alas, he walked. I didn't miss it and it's awesome!

 I had a moment though. A BIG teary moment. My baby is not quite such a baby anymore. {{sigh}}

How much they grow in just a few weeks.....

(running to make sure I charged the camera, video camera AND cell phone!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birthday inspiration!

Even though I am emotionally NOT ready for Brady to turn ONE, I am more than thrilled about having a party for him. To celebrate his birth, celebrate his life and to celebrate that 'oh, hell yes! WE made it through the first year!!!

Every day we read, One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss. He laughs EVERYTIME I say, One fish, two THAT is our theme!

First things, first. Tell me these shoes are not freaking ADORABLE?
 Too bad I can't find anyone that had his size.

I wanted to have something as a keepsake because in our families, first birthdays are a big deal. So, each guest will write a message or something to him in, 'Happy Birthday To You!"

found on etsy, seller wburley74

Adorable cupcakes. Kara's Party Ideas (great website for any kind of party!)

Esty seller-Sissy Britches

Love that little outfit! Too bad he has a fall birthday :)

(etsy seller: laurawheatley)

Lots of Blue and Red!

I'm pretty excited! I need to get busy! I'm going to try to DIY what I can and though I have NO time, I'm hoping I get to! First Birthday's are pretty big in our families and I just cannot wait to share this special occasion with everyone!

 Then, I'm going to cry. Lots and lots of tears.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I read this article today and it made me laugh. I STILL hear the imaginary crying.

And about a month into the colic — a point when I was hearing imaginary crying babies fairly regularly — I said to her, “I’m not sure how we’re going to get through this. We should think about getting some pot.” Thankfully, I reconsidered that after imagining dropping my crying baby after a few too many bong hits.
Now, I never considered anything harder (too tired to think that creatively) than a economy sized bottle of wine but found myself self passed out after opening the bottle and simply pouring the glass.
But a hangover with colic — that’s like giving yourself colic.

Even though Brady's fussiness was attributed to reflux we were told told at one point that Brady had 'some colic.' He's right, medical professionals (and we love ours) do not know much about it and people shrug off a fussy baby as just that--just a fussy baby.
A fussy matter the cause is stressful and he's right, babies don't remember it but mom and dad? Oh hell yes, they do. Well, after they come out of the haze of sleepless nights and PTFBD (Post-Traumatic Fussy Baby Disorder.)

Thinking to the future, of course we will worry that we imaginary baby 2.0 will be born screaming and cursing  at us till he/she is 2 but we know we'll be just fine. Been there. Done that.

As long as imaginary baby 2.0 doesn't spit fire or crab walk on the ceiling, we can handle it. We're old pros, lol.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's moments like this

There are some days when you find yourself on repeat.

There are days when you feel like all you have accomplished in the span of the day was preventing your child from eating more than 5 pieces of dog food.

Days that the laundry or the dishes seem to tower over you.

Times when you want to yell at someone or trip over a toy.

Night that the dog's baby waking bark sounds at midnight.

Then, there are moments you find yourself in.

Those are the moments that you never want to let go.

Cuddles at the end of a long day.

Smiles when you walk in the door after a long hard day at work.

The first time he looks at you and says, 'ma-ma' and knows he is talking to you.

Then, there are days when things just feel so right.

You look down at him and say, 'I love you' and he looks up at you with those big blue eyes of his.

He gives you this look that says 'I know.'

You ask for a kiss.

Then, he gives you a big, open mouthed one.

He looks up at you so intently, so full of expression and emotion like he wants to tell you, 'i love you too, momma'

He wraps his chubby little fingers around you and lays his sweet face on your shoulder.

It's moments like this.

It is all for moments like this.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yopliat Winner!

I wanted to use Brady again but that wasn't working out this time. :)

So.....anyway. The winner (I used to pick a winner!)


katherinemary said...
Cari's favorite is Chockit Moose. ;)
We love the Whips. YUM.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good things. Good things.

  • I am afraid I'm going to jinx this but I have to shout it out from the damn rooftops, I am so excited over this you have no idea. If you read this blog, you know my kid is not the greatest sleeper. Let me say that out of the past 9 days, he has STTN for SEVEN of them!!! This is nothing short of miraculous as just a month or two ago we were going through the newborn stuff all over again. I hope that this means he is on his way to doing this for good but I cannot tell you how good it feels to actually sleep. I woke up this am feeling great! He might be ten months old and just now getting the whole sleep thing but it is a fabulous feeling. I just hope no more teeth decide to come out and ruin this awesome streak we have had.

  • I have something brewing and I could really use some good thoughts to make it work! I'll post soon hopefully with a tiny bit of good news!

  • Brady has been taking more and more steps each day. The past week, he has really taken off in this area. I think we'll see some walking soon!!!!

  • I will post the winner of the giveaway later today, if you want, you can still enter today before 5 pm!

  • I came the realization yesterday that his birthday is NEXT MONTH. I cannot believe it. I have a post coming soon for that. I am beyond excited of it and you have idea. I am though not excited that my baby boy is growing up so fast.

  • I haven't posted much about our new bike riding adventures. We have been pretty good about going at least 3x a week. Brady loves it. He sits in the trailer and sings. We try to get at least 8-10 miles in and sometimes he falls asleep. He especially loves when we pass dog walkers! Plus, we got a pretty good deal on one at Target on clearance.

  • I'm also getting excited about Halloween! Last year, we had JUST come home from the hospital. This year, we are going to get to dress up and I'm excited! Plus, I'm ready for cooler weather too :) and anything pumpkin.

  • I'm also already thinking about Christmas. I'm so excited for any holiday now and I'm pretty excited for this holiday season!!!

  • Brady is at the most perfect age. Except one thing. I mentioned in his 10 month post, he has started, well, throwing fits. Mostly, I find them funny and I ignore them but I am lucky to have a child that will hold his breath. He did it when he was a newborn and it was scary! Now, I just blow in his face and we move on. Let me tell you one shopping after 7 pm is not a good idea. He was so mad I took away the goat cheese that he did the breath holding and then let out the loudest scream ever. Now, I know what parents feel like when their kid does something like. I know it was because he was tired and getting close to bedtime but I can't help but laugh that he got so upset over a package of goat cheese. :) Only my kid.

  • Like I said, I am loving this age. He started to cuddle which he never would do. He constantly wants to go, go, go, but sometimes he'll take a second when I'm holding him to put his little head on my shoulder....and I love it. Besides that....he can follow one-step directions. I told him to give the kitties a kiss (in the book we were reading) and he did! Now, he does it when we read the book...and I just LOVE it. Ah. Love him.