Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blah de blah de blah.....

oh, dear lord, my body hurts from that stupid shot. I think stepping on the nail felt better.

if i get one more baby shower, wedding invitation or bridal shower invite i am going to have put a 2nd mortgage on my house or something. The past two weeks i have got 2 baby shower, 2 bridal shower, and 2 wedding invites. At least they come in pairs, huh. Pair that with all the people leaving at work, or having babies and i am about to sell my eggs to afford all of this.

Will it ever stop raining?

Before i was stabbed with my tetanus shot today, they weighted me and i almost died right there of a heart attack. I have gained at least 15 pounds since my car accident. That is so depressing. I guess I shouldn't of had that pizza for lunch today. I may have to use Jenn's idea and post about weight loss to give me an incentive to get my ass in gear. My back is feeling better, not 100% but i think i can get my ass off the couch, and start eating better. I miss working out, and feeling good all around. i am weird though and like to start on Monday's (i know...) so this Monday is d-day! wish me luck!

Last week i posted some wise words from Blake mentioning that Lily would sleep anywhere her bed was. Turns out that is true. Here she is on top of the fireplace. She was also put on top of the coffee table but i didn't get a pic of that one.

A little while ago, She had a doggy play date with this guy

her boyfriend vinny. She totally dug him.

Hope you all are having a great week! Thank heavens tomorrow is thursday! Friday couldn't come soon enough. Now, i'm off to take massive amounts of Advil.

no, he didn't!

I think my husband might have lost his mind. He wrote this email recently to the weatherman at channel 5. This is really what he wrote.

The new weather setup on your website sucks, it used to give the 5 day with written details and now it just shows pictures, and yesterday the 5 day wasn’t even updated. It worked fine before and now it sucks......

funny thing is he got a response from John Fuller. (for those non-st. louisians he's our local weatherman) HA. I almost died laughing when i saw this.


Sorry for the problems. We encountered some issues during the re-design. We have been working hard to eliminate as many problems as possible through our Web-master. Please visit, hit refresh, and let me know exactly when/where you saw the problem(s) since I cannot duplicate it at this end. Sometimes old data gets stuck in the cache. I hope this helps.

Apparently, my husband really likes to see his weather.....but john sure is a nice guy to answer an email to my crazy husband. lol.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tetanus, Oh my!

Know i know why my mom laughed at me when I was little and wanted to be a ballarina. I'm not really the most graceful, i mean why do you think the title of this blog has the word MISHAPS in it? Um, yeah. So, this weekend, Blake and tackled a job that we are now learning is more work than we once thought. Our deck. Um, who the hell do we think we are? I love my hubby but he is no bob villa. He's not the handiest guy. I'm not saying I'm like anyone on TLC or HGTV but i think i've got some mad skillz! :)

I'll post pics when we finish, which is hopefully this weekend, but thanks to this project, I will be the lucky recipient of a brand spanking new tetanus shot. Yes, my dumb ass stepped on a nice pointy nail. I was scared to look, so i had blake yank it out of my foot. Luckily, it wasn't jammed in there too deep.

While I am running upstairs to cover my wound, and manage not freak to out that my foot is going to fall off, my dog runs out the back door. Normally this would be ok, but not when the stairs are covered in chemicals to strip the paint off the stairs. (Who paints thier deck stairs beige? seriously?) I immediately swoop her up in a panic, because this chemical left a few burn marks on my cheek, boob, and my other cheek. (yes, my ass, and no, i have no idea now the hell, i got chemicals on my ass. I do know that i am probably the only on who could do that.) I hobble to the bathroom (Blake has to stay outside because the chemicals have to stay wet so he was misting the deck) and give Lily a bath. (not an easy task to do one footed, and she hates bathes)

If my foot wasn't bleeding, it might have been more comical, but all in all, it was pretty damn interesting. Until i learned that I'm going to need a freaking shot. I called Urgent Care because there was no way in hell i was going to St. Anthony's ER (and sit there for hours.) Apparently, i learned that you have 72 hours after something like this to get a tetanus shot. So, on my way to work in the morning, will be getting a needle stuck in my arm. or my ass. Fun stuff.....

Apparently, my husband thinks that i suck as a worker (since i have had to run inside for my many injuries.) I obvioulsy am prone to accidents so maybe handy work isn't my calling. I think i'll stick to decorating, and shopping.

Friday, July 25, 2008

More Blake-ologies

  • I don't get fevers. (The next day he goes to the dr for that virus we had, and guess what, A FEVER!!!! That's what you get buddy! )

  • "I used to be down with the Golden Girls so when I hear Sophia i think of the old lady from the Golden Girls" (HIs response on a text that just said, Sophia died. lol)

  • Wasn't Blanche a slut? (more on his golden girls revivial, ha!)

  • Rainbows don't show up on pictures. (WHAT?)

  • Yesterday, I requested he throw some meat in the crock pot to make pull pork samwhiches, and he called me because he couldn't find the meat. Here was our convo: Um, i just see this red meat stuff. Me: Yes, that is it. Him: But it's not all cut up. Me: um, that's what happens to it when its cooked. Him: ooooh. (I swear, he really is a smart guy!)
  • Lily lays where her bed is. I wonder if we put it on the table if she'd lay there........

Thursday, July 24, 2008


  • Ok, so the blog world is big. I stumble across new blogs all the time. But this time, i have to thank the woman at crummycupcake because she let me to this site. GoJane. I love shoes. I mean LOOOVE shoes. I love Manolo's and all, but sometimes i like good CHEAP shoes because trends die......

I need these.....

these...... and these.....

oooh, and these. i am obsessed with yellow but yet have bought anything yellow!
and I need these for 12.99

    and these
    in any color that they have. They have a TON of shoes for really cheap! BUT--be warned there is some stuff that is kinda not my style because I don't partake in selling my body for money.....
  • I don't know what this new thing i have been doing at the chiro really does, but it's made a HUGE difference in life. I sat for a large portion at my desk yesterday typing and no pain. Usually, id last about 20 minutes before the pain kicked in. I'm not out of the clear yet, but i did get the ok to start walking on the treadmill! WOWZA baby! Am i excited or what? I have been waiting for this for 3 months! I have been getting a weird yearning to run, i don't know why but i can't wait to get there! Smaller clothes here i come! (well, at least having my clothes fit!)
  • There are some HUGE changes at work right now. None of them have been good. I (along with my coworkers) could use some good thoughts right now. I could get into it but it's boring, and makes me angry so i won't. We are also loosing a ton of people (a few that i will sadly miss!)
  • Speaking of jobs. In my anger yesterday, I found a job that i'd LOOVE to have. I am thinking it's only part-time, so if it is i might do it in addition to this, that way when a FT posistion comes out, i'll have my foot in the door!
  • Um, all i have to say is WTF? No offense to the author or anything, but it's a sad world that we live in when there might actually be a need for a book like this:

How to explain your new boobies to yours kids. Click here to buy it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We were basically inseparable since then. Blake moved out into his big boy apt :) and after their lease was up, we talked about moving in together. shortly after our first, year together we did! December 18, 2004! We moved into an adorable little house we rented. I think people thought we were nuts but we were really happy.

It wasn't easy at first. I'll be the first to admit that. I have had friends move in with their bfs and new hubbys and they all seem to go through this period. It was not as easy and fun-filled as i thought. I wanted to beat him with any blunt object. We had our ups and downs, more ups than anything. Then in feb, 2005, we brought these home .....

I named one Lily (she has that look she still gives us, like--i'm sleeping, leave me the hell alone!)
and he named the other one Johnson......(i know, i know. never again will he name any animal, or child. Look at their faces. It doesn't get any cuter than that!)

oh, man. We were in for some trouble......

and the story goes on......

So, back to the story. I used my mom's car to drive around by Lafayette's. I remember being parked by church with a red door (i know, sad times in my early 20s!) Ah-ha! I found it! Called work, told them i had a flat tire (i wasn't completely lying!) and had to have it towed!

A few weeks went by and we were texting A LOT! I was starting to like him, and i hadn't liked a boy like this in a long time! The night before Thanksgiving, I went out with my cousin, his now wife, and our friend Chris. I can't even remember what bar we were at but it sucked. I was texting blake and he was trying to get us to go to Sybergs. (he dropped his phone in the toilet or something too) Finally, i caved. we got there and i was SO excited to see him!

We were having a great time when some idiot started a fight with Chris. Next thing i knew tables were being knocked over, drinks went flying and it was pure chaos. (Ok, you have to remember we were young. blake was 22, and i was 23, 24) The bouncer shoved all of our group outside so that we could leave, and get the others out after we were gone. Well, we all started looking around to find out that blake was missing.

A few mintues later, Blake was shoved out the front door, his eye all puffy, and missing one shoe. Yes, he lost a shoe. Apparently, they had taken everyone else out, and he comes out of the bathroom, wondering, 'wtf just happened'. needless to say, the other group basically kicked his ass before he finally got outside! I remember someone putting him in my car, saying to watch him because he had gotten hit in the head pretty good. We headed to my cousin's girlfriends house to drop them off. We sit in the car debating on whether or not to go inside because 'that girl' lived there, and she had apparently wasn't very nice to him when they were dating. We I know. We finally decided to go inside, and someone gave him a pack of peas to put on his head. We stayed there until we (at least i) sobered up to drive Blake to his parents housein the boonies.

We both fell asleep (or passed out) on his couch, and i woke up to a old grey man staring at us. Crap! It was thanksgiving! I bolted out of there.....not knowing that i had just left my future in-laws house!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh too funny!

If you are bored, or have ever looked at bakeries for your wedding, you'll find this site amusing.
You'll also find really wierd, funny, odd, cakes. This is one of them that is just disturbing. There is even a chuck norris cake! Yep.

Finally, our story!

I have to laugh because the story of how we met isn't all that exciting, but what happened as things progressed make me laugh to this day.(and now as i relive it makes us sound like total drunkards, but hey it was 5-6 years ago!) I remember the exact day we met. Well, it was easy because we both had started a new job, the day after labor day. September 2nd. We were both filing out paperwork and i was talking to the girl across from me who i just happened to go to high school with.

he asks me, oh, you went to pius?


did you know so and so?

nope. he was probably younger.

end of convo. later on i learn that he thought i was totally a big old snob. Huh? me? Anyway, a few weeks went by and we would run into each other here and there, at our meetings, and on job sites. (We worked with ppl with disabilities on job sites, training etc)

At some point, my cousin who i was living with ran into him. They had known each other from grade school, and had been friends. I guess Blake was talking about his job, and mike put two and two together,and realized that we actually worked together. Ok, that was weird. So, then they talk more to find out that my cousins girlfriend (who he just married, and we both were engaged on the same day!) was living with one of Blake's ex-girlfriends. Ok, awkward. I never liked the girl, and now i know why! :)

Fast forward to Halloween. I was supposed to train him on this job site i was working on. We talked a bit here and there but it was awkward. (HE was so quiet!)

So, one night a week or so late, we ended up going to the same bar after work. We decided to go to Lafayette's (before it burned down.) Somehow it was only us at the bar (don't know what happened to the rest of the ppl we were with). and somehow i popped two tires in my brand new car (see, this car is cursed from day one!) We were both drunk, and shouldn't have been driving anyway, so we called his friend to pick us up. First of all, we had no idea what street we were on. and apparently, Blake hadn't yet learned his colors. He told Dave we were in a gold car (the car i had before was gold). My car is blue. Somehow, Dave found us and dropped me off at home.

The next day i wake up with the worst possible hangover ever, and the events start trickling into my head. Oh crap! My car! I dialed Blake's number, and he wasn't answering. No, of course not, he was sleeping! I was supposed to be at work in two hours and i had no idea where my car be continued!

ahhh the virus took over!

I have been a bit mia lately. I can thank blake for that. :) Well, it turned out he didn't have the flu but a nasty virus that apparently has been going around! He went to the doc on Thursday (after i yelled at him to...) So, it was a crappy weekend to be sick. We missed a lot--annual float trip, some one's bday party and Cruefest.

I am kinda ticked at my hubby for the last one. He spent a crapload of money on these tickets, (and was the one to rally up ppl to go, and collect the money) So, we ended up with an extra ticket. I just found out today that he GAVE IT AWAY. i could have killed him. With him complaining about money lately, i dont know why he would have done that. We sold the other two, for about half of what we paid for too. GRRRRR.

he apologized later. luckily, bc i might of had his hide if he hadn't!

Anyway, enough crabbiness for today. It was a rather funny weekend if you think about it. Both of us sleeping all day, laying in bed our stomachs rumbled and gurgled almost in sync! funny stuff!

Last week, I did manage to accomplish something! I redecorated our bathroom. I am not 100% done yet but i'm happy with the results so far! I know, i know, no post allowed without pics, but i'll have to get that up and running soon! So, i will try to not suck at posting anymore!

Monday, July 14, 2008

BBB made me do it!

  • I have been at Bed Bath and Beyond a lot lately. I've got a few gift cards I haven't used, and tons of 20% off coupons. The last two times I have been in there, I swear to God, I wanted to injure someone with a frying pan, or jab at them with a curtain rod. EVERYONE in the freaking store at least one time (yes, that means some of them asked me 2, 3, or FOUR times) if i was doing ok, or if I was finding everything ok. I mean seriously, did i look lost? Well, I wasn't. I was contemplating my decisions. I not a very decisive person sometimes, ok. Leave me alone. Great customer service is wondeful and all, but when it explodes in your face over and over, you start wanting to hurl objects and get the hell out of there. I am not a mean person, but by the time the poor girl rang my stuff (oh, baby, talk about bargain. I got this set of stone bakers i wanted for $8!), I found myself snapping at her. I apologized but man, they made me do it!
  • My hubby was home sick today, and with the amount of Lysol i have been spraying i am bound and determined to stay healthy. Who gets the stomach flu in the dead heat of summer? I guess my hubby. I will have to say, that i may have gone a little crazy with the Lysol you wouldn't think i have any sympathy but i do! I tended to him like a good little wife. kinda. :)
  • My house is slowly becoming organized. I cleaned out our computer room last night. I mean it took me 3-4 hours at least. I am not finished with this room by all means but my neurotic self can sleep better at night knowing everything has a place! So, the spare bedroom is next!
  • Speaking of weekend, we had a relaxing one! I went to the chiro on sat morning. We tried out a new thing-decompression, i think is the same thing as traction. Anyway, i felt awesome when i got home and cleaned house. Blake and I were both sitting in the lr later on, and we both got a wild hair up our arses, and decided to go gambling. blake would gamble 24/7 he could. (He has a thing for the wheel of fortune slots!) I sucked, and lost my $20. He ended up winning with his $20, and on nickel slots. I was miserable there (which is my fault for cleaning), so we went home! Winning is awesome but apparently i suck at that.
  • Jen led me to this blog, Punk Rock Mommy, and when i saw a new post in my google reader, i immediately read it, knowing it had to be her husband who was posting, and prepared myself for tears as it was his eulogy at her memorial. Her story is amazing, and i admire her for her strength. I don't know if i could be that strong with all that she faced. Take a trip there. You'll need some tissues. Actually, after today's post, grab the whole damn box.

I apoligize for the lack of pics right now, apparently there is techinical difficuties. Gah, stupid picture posting. Dear Blogger, it's me, yes, again. please make posting pictures less sucky. Thanks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

if i she wasn't so cute.....

Last week, I bought her a new bag, and refilled her bowl, and left it there because we were running late to a 4th of July Par-tay. I walked to where her bowls are to find a heaping mound of food covering the entire floor. Somehow lily managed to rip open a whole bag of dog food. An ENTIRE BAG. I know she wasn't hungry because it takes her a few days to eat a whole bowl (She is very OCD when it comes to food, she picks out the bone shaped pieces and only eats those when nothing else is left or barks at us to refill it. ) and hers was freshly filled yesterday. She is damn lucky she is cute, and lovable. She is also the laziest dog in the world. when i get up in the morning, she sighs, like i am bothering HER! But she is cute.
She is gagging here because of the constant kissing during our E-Pics!
Here she is goofing around with the blankets.
She's funny because she MUST sleep underneath the blankets with us.


I saw this on Goodyblog, and all i can say about this is--cool!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mr. Chuck N.

i don't know where i got this but ever since Carrie posted a political ad he was in for Huckabee, and an email (that i shared pieces of below), i have found myself laughing at anything chuck related. But in all reality, i find that anyone who wears a spandex singlet and a mini-mullet deserves it all.

  • Chuck Norris can divide by zero.
  • Chuck Norris once won a game of Connect Four in 3 moves
  • Contrary to popular belief, there is indeed enough Chuck Norris to go around.
  • Chuck Norris always knows the EXACT location of Carmen San Diego.
  • When taking the SAT, write "Chuck Norris" for every answer. You will score over 8000.
  • Chuck Norris CAN believe it's not butter.
  • Chuck Norris can touch MC Hammer.
  • Chuck Norris can hold Puff Daddy down.
  • Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names of his left and right legs.
  • When the bogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.
  • Chuck Norris Counted to infinity--twice!
  • Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.
  • Chuck Norris invented the bolt-action rifle, liquor, sexual intercourse, and football-- in that order.
  • Chuck Norris recently had the idea to sell his urine as a canned beverage. We know this beverage as Red Bull
  • Chuck Norris once visited the virgin islands. They are now The Islands.
  • Leading hand sanitizers claim they can kill 99.9 % of germs. Chuck Norris can kill 100% pf whatever the fuck he wants!
  • Chuck Norris' calendar goes straight from march 31st to April 2nd; no one fools Chuck Norris.

Now remember.......

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Somewhere over the rainbow..............

I posted a while back about (or did i?) about our backyard. The lady who lived here had totally different tastes than us. (putting it in a nice way...) Our backyard is huge but in the left corner we had this GIANT pit of rocks. Apparently, she liked to burn things back there. what? i don't know but i have my suspictions...just kidding but Um, hello, fire code? So, we (and i mean Blake and Matt, not I) moved all the rocks and took them to new homes.
we had to burn all the crap to possibly make moving all the big crap INSIDE the pit easier. There were broken bottles, toys, and other undistinguishable things inside. I live in St. Louis County, not the boonies.
So, next came the poo. Yes, i said POO. Blake's fam has horsies, so we were graced with enough manure to spread far and wide! We covered (again, i mean Blake) the area (which i want to say covers more than a 1/4 of our lawn) in grass seed. Thanks to the rain, and Blake (and Matt's) daily watering's, this is now the beginning of something beautiful (well, just really a bigger area to mow, and for lily to poop on.) As you can see, it's baby grass and needs some nurturing to grow into big strong grass. Within a few weeks, I think it will be ready to its first cut! awwww.....
In all reality, this little project made a hell of a difference in our backyard. Neighbors (all of them surrounding us) have commented on how great our yard is looking. So, who knows what she did back there because this is really the only thing we've done to it beside mow it. I'm guessing she didn't do that often if at all.
Lastly, i saw this today and i want to say this is a sign of good luck to come. Hell, with the luck I've had in the past 3 months, it better be. I haven't seen a rainbow in a loong time. I decided to take this pic after Blake told me that rainbows don't show up in pictures. I think he lives in a made-up world sometimes. :) He sure is funny though...and i loves him for it! I'll leave you with this beeeautiful pic of my roof.

and no, there was no pot of gold at the end of it. I checked.


Stupid cars. I swear this one is telling me that it wants a new owner. About two weeks ago,( I know i am a little late on this but hey, what the hell!) I attended a fab party at Rhonda's! I was SO excited i had made this fabulous sangria. Well, as i turned the corner to her house, the container i had it in exploded into my backseat. and i don't mean spilled, i mean kurplunk....exploded! and it totally made that sound when it spilled too! This is what it looked like the next day. yes, that is a red stain there. BUT thanks to the power of club soda, it is gone! What you can't see if the fruit all over the place, and the rancid smell of booze. Thank little baby jesus for not getting pulled over. It reminded me of those don't drink and drive commercials where the alcohol spills out.....

Then last week, the beast decided to blow some kind of stupid sensor--that hurt the piggy bank almost $500! like i said, it's a sign. BUT the beast is paid we'll keep her a while longer. BOO! (I wonder if she is the cause of all my bad luck? hmmmm)

Anyway, back to the fab shindig. I didn't take very many pics but thought i'd share a few that i did take. Nicole brought a sweet ass pinata! She filled it with goodies like alcohol (like we needed anymore of that!), and fun little treats. As you see here, Mary was very excited about her goodies. and she said something to the effect of

Those are all mine bitches!!!!


Ame looks confused as she hits the pinata. It wouldn't break for nothin'!

I got to see Carrie a lot. or should i say a lot OF carrie. lol.

The two mary's! oh, mary #1 (aka monty's mom) thanks for the tip (moving the pics!)

We laughed A LOT!

So, all in all, it was a blast. i am going to try to go this month to yara's! wahooo!

Monday, July 7, 2008

i'm a bad blogger....

I have been such a slacker lately! i am in this stupid slumpy dump so my motivation is in the can. I apologize in advance if this post sounds whiny, and depressing. I'll try to have some cheese later with 'whine' har har. I have been in this slumpy-dump (and it's really all i can say to describe it) since we got back from the honeymoon. It went away for a while but when the pain (from accident) didn't go away like we had thought it would, it returned with a vengeance.

The car accident was almost 3 months ago ( next week) and i am in worst shape now than I was then. I guess i can look at it on a positive note, at least i wasn't feeling anywhere near this on my weddng day. Right now, I am just so frustrated, and since I can't do anything else (really, this all i can do) i am going to bitch and moan. My dear hubby has even noticed that i am not 100% my self. I think that the onset of summer has spread the slumpy dump. It's my favorite time of year, time for float trips, lounging at the pool and fun with friends, and family, and just being outside--and i am just sitting here moping. Yep, Debbie Downer, I am.

I refuse to get in a swimsuit because i have put on at least 15 pounds since the wedding, and am now at my highest weight EVER. What's worse is that I can't do anything about it. i worked out in the yard this weekend, and this morning i woke up not able to get out of bed, so bad that i didn't go into work. When i first met with my chiro, I was excited at first when he told me 4-6 weeks but now it seems forever away. Especially during this season of swimsuits and shorts. Sometimes, i feel like it's never going to happen. it's hard ya know, when you are used to being so busy, and so active. i feel like an 90 year old woman in this 29 year old body. lol

Well, i was doing pretty well since i was given my 4-6 week hallelujah plan (time till i'll be healed) until the past couple of weeks. Last week. I went to the gym to sit in the sauna, to alleviate some of the pain. It felt so good to be in there sweating, really good, but i left there more upset then i already was. There I was, at the gym surrounded by people who are in shape, or trying to get there and i was near tears. I used to love working out, and love how i felt when i did it. This weekend we lounged at the pool, and that night i was sore yet again YES just from laying out at the pool. Here i am, it's my favorite time of year, and I can't do anything.

I could get angry but what use does that do? Accidents happen. Life happens. Shit happens--and we all come out fine in the end....righto? Sorry for being such a debbie downer but man, i just want to enjoy life again. I'm thinking good thoughts though, next week will be better. I think i over extended my self this weekend. In the meantime, lets have some good laughs.

Some E Eards are one of my favorite things to send to random ppl and always cheers everyone up....

Still in the 4th of July spirit....
This one is for Blake.

and lastly.....heeeheee

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Bachelorette!

I admit it loud and clear! I am totally addicted to this show. I have watched a few bachelors here and there, and even the one with Mr. brad womack that led Deanna to be the next bachelorette but this one i am truly addicted to. Maybe it's because it's summer and im stuck in the house or maybe it's just that good of telelvision....hmmm. I don't know.

First things first--what the hell is wrong with Jeremy? He's sweet, he's kinda cute in that creepy, 'i love you' after the first date kinda guy. Sometime struck a creeptastic nerve with me from the beginning but the scene after he gets dejected from the show, just was wierd. Like i said, creeptastic.

I really like the final two. They both seem genuine, and there for the right reasons. (Unlike smokin' hot Graham) Even though i wasn't a fan of Deanna during the bachelor (she kinda grew on me towards to end--and i mean kinda), I am rooting for her to find happiness. :) Every girl deserves that right?

The men tells all epsisode was all too much for me. Graham was a smug asshole, and Jeremy was still the creepy 'why didn't you pick' me whiny ass. The outakes were awesome as SOMEONE FINALLY made a comment about that guys freaking mullet!

I mean we all loved some party in the back at some time, but not in the past decade or two! See Brat Pitt even had one at one time!

ok,ok, enough with the mullet talk. Let's pray that this is one look that doesn't make it back into style! You hear me--no more mullets, at least not on national tv. We don't need that one kid who thinks that it looks cool to start a trend.

Back to Deanna---There have been some rumors that Jesse has had a girlfriend this whole time, and rumors that Graham and Deanna end up together after a failed attempt at love. So, what's your prediction? (about Deanna, not the mullet comeback!)