Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm procrastinating so let's think about...

CAKE!!! I thought that i wanted something a little different for my cake but I'm starting to lean towards simplicity. Here are a few that i love right now...

This one is cute but I'd change it to a
white or pink cake with green polka dotted ribbon!

This is my favorite: so sweet and simple!

The case of the missing pillow....

There has been a horrible horrible crime. I am offering a reward. My beloved ring bearer pillow has come up missing. I am willing to offer you a trade. Who ever stole it, (that includes me, who might have misplaced it while cleaning. Note to self. Drinking large quantities of wine+cleaning=bad idea) please return it to its rightful owner. I am crying myself silly (that is probably because i am hungover, at work and thinking about the paper i have due tomorrow that i haven't even started on)

It is an adorable pillow, about 6 by 6? Green with pink bow, OH and it says,

Amy and Blake
may 3, 2008.

So, if you stole it. It has my name on it. It won't be very useful to you. So, give it back or I will hunt you down and do something really mean. (well, probably not, but I'd like to think i would)

Please don't hurt it. It's an innocent victim in this horrible crime.

Slumber Party....with my Grandma?

Yep, you guessed it. I had a slumber party last night. Um, no not the kind with sleeping bags and TPing but the kind involving adult novelties. Yes, that is a nice word for it. Adult novelties. I decided to have one because some girls at work were talking about wanting to have one. Well, i just bought a house and thought it would be a good way to show it off, and well, a party is always fun. So, I made some yummy food, and bought some wine (which i consumed way too much of) and had about 20 girls over. Out of the 20 people, one of them was my grandma. YES, i know. Embarrassing, and awkward all in itself, but she was hilarious. I mean the first half of the party was creams, lotions and fun stuff like that, but when the heavy artillery came out, wow, i could no longer sit by her. There is something about holding a vibrating penis-like object with bunny ears, and then looking over at your grandma that just was not only awkward, weird, and embarrassing but also something in a million years i never thought would occur in my lifetime! I think I peed my pants when she went to put the q-tip of anal ease on her lips! I do have to say thought that she was a good sport through the whole thing. Anyway, it was a blast. If anyone wants to have one.....i have the best consultant for ya! She was great...and lots of fun!
Oh, and I learned that my baby, my sweet pup, lily is terrified of vibrators. I guess when there is like 15 of them circulating a small room, then i guess I'd be scared to if i were a 18 pound scrawny dog. :)

Monday, November 26, 2007


I have to let the cat out of the bag. It's been driving me nuts. I hate side ponytails. There, i said it. They were cool when i was like 8 but its 2007 people. I mean, what's next? Mall bangs. Good god, please no! OK, that's all, just had to get that off my chest.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My wish list

  • We just bought a house and we've already done ALOT of work to it but it still needs a lot of TLC. (like installing a bathroom and remodeling the one we have)
  • IPOD: Seriously, everyone seems to have one but me. Kids that can barely walk have one, but not me. :(
  • A new dining room table
    I have had my eyes set on this for a loooong time, from World Market. Too bad they don't have a registry because I'd be ALL over that!
  • Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue or Armani Mania Perfume. I am almost out and i am going to cry.
  • Jeans. I am in love with jeans (esp AG, Citizens, chip n pepper and sevens!). I want like ten pair, i love them sooo much. Here is a few i love:

A Juicy Tote

:) I know, no BMW under my tree!

Ok, enough...not to sound greedy! :) Hehe. I love love christmas and giving presents but im so not into it this year. maybe because its just the beginning of the season or im paying for this thing...what was it again? Oh, yes, my wedding! HA. Maybe I will decorate the house this weekend to get me in the spirit.

Bare Escentuals

Ok, so when we got our e-pics taken last weekend, i went to bare escentuals in the west county to get my make-up done. I have tried thier eyeshadows, and while i love them, i was kinda skeptical. I just didn't think that it would hold up like mac does. Well, low and behold, i loved it. I ended up buying this emerald green shadow liner (but looks mostly black when put on) and i puffy heart it soooo much! I thought that the application would be hard because i am so used to the pencil but wasn't so hard. I also bought this:

I can't wait to go back because I still want this:

and this:
Well, actually, i want everything!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's that time of the year again...

I cannot fathom how quickly life is flying by...i remember when we got engaged people would tell me to enjoy it because it goes by so fast...and it is. It's already the holiday season. I know this because
a) Starbucks has their red cups out
b) the stupid commercials about Black Friday (and if i hear that girl's voice in the Toys R' US ad one more time....I may chuck something at my TV)
c) Oprah's Fav Things Show (and yes, i did want to chuck things through my TV while watching that too, i mean, who know, i could fall in love with a fridge?)

Anywho, it's Turkey day in a few days and I have had a really wonderful year (finally!!!) I truly am blessed and thought I'd make my own little list of what I am thankful for:

  1. My family and friends: Growing up and getting older teaches you what is important in life. You truly find out who is really your friend (and who isn't.) I took a lot for granted for a while, as many of my friends are spread out around the country! (Can't wait for them to be in one one time!!!) Plus, family is family. They may be crazy, or wierd but they are family.
  2. Blake: I complain more than anyone I know and for him to sit there and listen to it on a daily basis makes him almost a saint. ;) I love him to pieces!
  3. A roof over my head, clothes on my body and food to eat.
  4. My life. My job shows me the pain people experience, i mean working with kids with disabilities is the most rewarding job i could find myself doing, but seeing, and hearing their stories can be heartbreaking, but seeing the courage and determination in their eyes is truly amazing.
  5. My puppy...she is my baby, and even when we have human babies, she will always be my first baby!
  6. TV (i know, silly huh?) Our electric went out the other night for a few hours, and it sucked but it made me remember how simple life is and how it used to be, plus i am addicted to several shows (um, grey's, the office, and nip/tuck)
  7. The Internet--I am serious! I communicate with those i love, miss and reconnect with old friends and family. It's amazing to find all that in one place. seriously cool. why didn't i invent it?
  8. caffeine: i am dead serious here. my life is damn busy and i cannot live without a daily dose of my dear friend. i know its not healthy but crap, i need it!

    That's all i got for now, i am sure there is more but I just watched the follow-up to the Bachelor and I'm tired, and as confused as those poor girls. (don't get me started on that topic, baby!)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


We met with the priest that is marrying us tonight for the 2nd time. The first time, he had us do the FOCCUS test. (It's a Catholic thing..) I made it through the test but not without chuckling to myself (Are you afriad to see your spouse naked?) Well, tonight we went over the results, and i have to say, we are awesome! Just kidding, but we answered most of the questions the same, which was not too suprising. It was just wierd yet exciting that we were sitting in a room with this priest, talking about my expectiations about marriage, love, and parenting. It just kind of reminded me that this whole wedding thing is real!! We are getting married in less than 6 months! I love it when Blake says, "it's coming up pretty fast," but it really is!!!! Blake amazes me day-to-day...(I won't be too mushy, i promise!) I truly think we could not be more perfect for eachother. Ok, I will stop with the mushiness!

So onto something else: my new favorite thing wedding related is my ring bearer pillow! (Naw, me addicted to wedding stuff, no way. I can stop at any time!) It is obviously my favorite two colors (does it scream girly or what?) green and pink! I love it, I bought it from an Etsy seller: MondeDesign....I may be kinda biased but i think it came out absolutly perfect and gorgeous!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shhhh...don't tell Blake but I think I'm in LOVE!

OK, this is my last post today, I had to get this off of my chest! I recently have began battling a strong addiction to Starbucks. Well, anything related to good coffee. I don't know if it's the turn of the weather or what, but I cannot make it a day without my trip to Starbucks. Today I tried, (and this is a big step for me as I usually get a tall double-shot, non-fat latte with extra whip..and I'll add a dash of cinnamon when i am feeling nostalgic...) Jamocha Chip Frappachino! It's like heaven in a cup. Yes, it is not something that is included in my 'get skinny so that I can fit into my wedding dress diet," but I was feeling adventurous. Any who, it was awesome. Heavenly and delicious! Now, I don't usually get the whip cream but like I said, adventurous. What is up with the greasy residue it leaves in your mouth? Anyone else notice that? I am assuming its the fat seeping into my pores but who knows. If someone can figure it out, I'll buy you a coffee. It was good, but I'll go back to my non-fat latte tomorrow. My hips will thanks me!

My mamma

I took my mom shopping for her dress for the wedding. We LOVED this one by Belesoie by the Jasmine Line. She will be one smoking mamma! This color is gorgeous on her! Now, that is one more thing I can check of my list! Whaaahooo!

I got THE call.....

I got THE call. The call every bride waits to get.....MY DRESS IS IN! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. Seriously, makes me sad sometimes. I just want life to slow down a bit. Just a little. (Maybe enough for me to get a little nap?) I will go pick it up soon and if you are lucky, just if.....ill post some pics!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm getting on the bandwagon!

So it seems that everyone and their brother, mother and even great-grandma has a blog. I figured, hey, why don' t I start one too! I am a busy girl....I work full-time with kids with disabilities, am working on my certification and masters in Early Childhood Special Ed, and planning my May 2008 wedding! Life goes by faster than you know it. I don't think we appreciate the little things in life. Like good weather. Ever since I got engaged, I have become obsessed with the weather. When it rains on a Saturday, I think of all the brides who probably prayed for no rain. I did that this week. All week long, the forecast showed chances of rain on Sunday. Well, it didn't rain. We took our engagement pics, and in fact, it was absolutely gorgeous! I prayed to the lil baby jesus, way up in heaven for no rain....and it worked. We kissed, held hands and smiled for the camera under the blue skies. We even took our pup, Lily too! She was pretty damn good too! Anywho....I am a pretty happy person most of the time. I do have my share of crabbiness or bitchiness but for the most part I am happy! I have a lot to be thankful for you know. A job, a roof over my head, cute shoes! LOL! I just think life should be appreciated.....ya know!