Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A month before 2? {23 months}

Dear Brady, 
Can this really be the last month before you turn TWO? My heart looks at you and feels like you were just born but yet I feel like you have been in my life forever. I thought that you turning one was hard but oh, baby, two is harder. I look at you and I no longer see a baby but a boy, a boy who I'm ever so proud of. 
You started sleeping in your BIG boy bed. I have beens so proud of you and love how proud you are of yourself. You crawl into that bed like you accomplished something big and that you know what a big step this is. You have done well with it, better than mommy ever gave you credit for but you surprised me, son. Then, last night, mommy heard a big THUMP. I ran to your room, expecting to hear you cry and found you sound asleep on the floor. I scooped you up, put you back in your bed and giggled to myself as most times you wake up to the slightest noise.
We said good-bye to summer and welcomed fall. The weather has been amazing lately
We soaked up every last minute outside in the hot weather and are so loving the cool breezes.
We discovered a pear tree in the common ground behind our house. You call them apples and LOVE to help mommy pick some from the tree. You know to be careful and not touch the ones that dropped to the ground as they are full of bees!
 I laugh so hard at some of the things you do and say. One of your new words is MEATBALL. I chuckled when I heard you say it. You finally call Grandma Michele something and it sounds like you are saying, dumb, but we know you are trying to say, Grandma. You've also started calling every horse or animal resembling a horse, 'Annie,' since you know that Nana has a donkey named Annie.

I have to watch what I say around you. The other day, you had a rare treat of a few M&M's and you pointed to them and said, "Nana.'' I asked you if Nana gives those to you and I said, "oh, sneaky Nana'' and you repeated, 'sneaky Nana!' Oh boy.

You crack me up as you call all kids, even kids that look like they are almost teenagers, babies. You get so excited when you see another kid, mommy and daddy are looking into schools you can go to.
I feel like you have offically hit the curious and terrible twos. Mommy stayed home with you the other day from work and I had though you had FINALLY fell asleep (molars are not fun, you will not remember them but THIS momma will never forget!) and heard a giggle. I walked in to find the entire room covered in baby power that you had somehow found in a drawer tucked away. You offically love to throw yourself on the floor too! Mommy loves that trick!
Then, you can be so sweet. You love to help mommy out around the house. You put the kitchen towels away for me even without me asking. You pick them up and run to put them into the drawer. You love to sweep, swiffer and wash the windows. You're a big help with the laundry too.
Your favorite thing at the park has always been the swing but recently, the slide is in the running. You make sure you tell other kids on the playground if they are doing something 'wrong' by saying, "NO, baby!"

You're favorite toys are still things that go! Cars, trucks, trains...if they have wheels, you love them! You do the cutest noise when you 'fly' your airplanes. Grandpa gave you a trunk full of odd toys he's saved up over the years when you were in mommy's belly and we found them the other day. You picked out all the matchbox cars and always carry one in your hand. One night, you slept with one in each hand!
You are a very dramatic child. You get SO very excited over everything. I hear, 'oooh, wow, and woooah' all the time. I love that about you and I think that is one thing you get from me.

You're interested in the potty and love to wear your big boy undies but haven't quite made it farther than that but it's okay, mommy is in no rush. The other day, you decided you wanted to wear them outside. So, you picked pears in your underwear.

Speaking of pears, you love to eat. You love fruit, veggies, fruit pouches and still love that milk. I wonder if we need our own cow sometimes.
Your hair has finally grown back from mommy's hack job she did and I have to say, that while it's wild and crazy, I love it. You wake up in the morning with the biggest, curlies mohawk and while you despertly need a haircut, I'm keeping it for a bit. You're hair is stil speckled between blond and brown and you're eyes go back and forth between blue and green. I cant decide what way they will go!
Brady, one of the things I love about you most is your big personality. Last week, you decided you wanted to take 'baby puma' and 'baby' on a walk. I though you would get tired of caring them but you didn't. You crack me up on a daily basis and I sometimes do not know what to expect next. Sometimes you are so sweet and run up to everyone in the house to give them a BIG hug. A few weeks ago, you took a bite of deodorant. See what I mean, buddy?

I still can't believe that this time next month, you'll be two. I keep saying that each age is so much fun but it's because you make life that great. I love you, bubs. I can't wait to celebrate your birthday next month!

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Happy 23 months Brady!!!