Monday, September 19, 2011

Ten Truths For Today

1. Toddlerbed 2011 has continued on without much of a fight or the world ending which I was sure  was about to happen when things started out so smoothly. I won't lie and say that it's been easy and that he's slept well but I think it's more related to him being a wound up, full of energy, molar sprouting toddler (seriously, this child is the slowest teether, ever!) than moving him to a new bed. He's been uh, more full of energy lately, if that is at all possible and hard to get to wind down. Period. Toddler bed or crib, he's just a bundle of energy. Does anyone know how to get some of that because I can't keep up!!

I'm so proud of him though as nothing has every been simple or easy for that kid and it makes me smile to see the person he has become.

2. Salted Caramel Mocha. Move over pumpkin spice latte...because this is the most fabulous creation ever to be invented. If you don't see any posts for a while, it's because I had to get a 2nd job to pay for my newest addiction.

3. My child took a bite of my deodorant last week.

4. I wish I could say that last thing was not true but it is. My kid has Fresh Scent breath and my deodorant has teeny little teeth marks that I see every morning. At least, it makes me smile.

5. He also continues to call everything puppy do-do. On Sunday, we took a trip to Barnes and Noble while I browsed the Nook covers (which I am a new owner of and LOVE) and he played with the trains (which of course, he loves.) A kid came over and started playing and passed gas really loudly. He, being 5 (at the oldest,) turns to Brady and says, 'It's okay, that was just my butt making noises.' I then realized, that the puppy do-do is the least of my worries and something I'll be living with the rest of my life.

6. I told Brady we were going to Babies R Us the other day and he looked confused because since we practically live at Target. I told him it was babies store. He seemed upset when we walked in and  I couldn't figure out why. It dawned on me that he calls all kids, babies, and I think he thought I was taking him to a place where there would be 'babies' to play with. Since then, we've been looking into daycare and preschools to send him and most likely will be sending him part-time starting in November. I think he'll still go to Nana's once a week and the current sitter will stay with him once a week too to keep her in his life for a bit.

7. I know understand why parents cry on the first day of school. I know that I'll be all tears dropping him off somewhere else for the first time but I know he's ready...I just have to get there too.

8. Then, I think of think of the 'testing the limits' kinda stuff he has done lately and I get less sad. Dumping half a container of Oregano on my just freshly mopped floor (what is with this kid and the darn baking supplies,) selective hearing, climbing on the window sills, climbing onto the kitchen table, ok, climbing on everything, coloring on anything other than paper, ripping up a newspaper...ok, you get the point.

9.  Then, I reailze that in 5 weeks,  my baby, the teeny tiny little creature who eats deodorant, will turn two. I can't believe it but each day, I look at him and amazed at who he has become. The kid has more personality that some grown adults and I think that is what I love about him most..well, besides the part about him being my child. I used to hate the thought of him growing up but as he gets older, I find that parenting gets more enjoyable (not easier, ha!) and that I of course, love him more. While this age has new challenges, I really enjoy this age and the excitement in his eyes. I think this will be the most exciting holiday season yet.

10. Reading this post makes me tired. No wonder I've developed an addiction to coffee.

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