Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big boy

My baby tucked in all his 'babies' 
 Mommy removed seven of them as ten babies in one bed does not make room for a Brady.
 We did out nightly routine. 'Blue baby', Ernie, Elmo and Brady all got kisses from momma.

Somehow my baby boy grew up, sleeping in his 'big boy' bed for the first time. Sniff Sniff.

I have to say (as I knock on a lot of wood) that the first night went really well. He did wake up REALLY early but stayed in bed chatting to his babies about mommy, daddy, poopy and everything else he knows how to say.

I've been going back and forth on switching him for some time but when I found a spring from his bed late last week, I knew it was going to have to be sooner than later. The kid truly bounced the crap out of his bed and luckily before he catapulted himself right out.

Saturday (or the day I will deem as the day from hell) when he decided not to nap and had a momentous evening full of tears and wine (the latter for me, duh!) The next day, a friend loaned us a toddler bed. I almost waited until the weekend to try it out but after seeing how excited he was...we dove right in.

The true test will be naptime but until then, I am going to go knock on some more wood. 


Carrie said...

Hold the phone - Brady's in a big boy bed??!? And he stayed in it all night??? Not possible.

Lisa said...

WOW, what a big milestone!! Honestly...I dread that day. I'm going to try and keep M in a crib as long possible. But good for Brady!!

kyna... said...

Oh I am so not brave enough to put Ellie in a big bed yet! But good for you guys! Way to go Brady!
♥ Kyna

Maria said...

So cute! Congrats Brady!!!