Tuesday, October 4, 2011

As a mom

As a mom, I am practically a superhero and have magical powers. I just do it without wearing a cape.

 I can decipher Toddler gibberish.
I can change a diaper on a wiggly, squirmy, 30 pound toddler in less than 15 seconds flat.

I know that 'I do it' may not be the quickest way to do something but will save sanity.

I can do 10 things at one time with a toddler hanging onto my legs without skipping a beat.

I can stop boo-boo's before they happen and make even the ouchiest of boo-boo's go away through a magical kiss.

I can cry at the simplest of things.

Today, as I was leaving for work, I watched my son color with the sitter before I walked out the door. Something inside of me burst with happiness and I felt a love so strong, it was hard not to turn around and scoop him up into my arms. Then, never let go. He sat there and colored so confidently and with sheer accomplishment, I wondered where this child came from and how he grew up so fast. It might have something to do with the fact that my child will be turning two in less than three weeks but he looked so grown up. I suddenly felt like time was slipping away and that before I knew it, he would be shipping off to college. It was a fleeting moment because I had to remind myself that it's just a perfect example of why I must truly soak in every moment, even those full of whiny words and temper tantrums.

Two years into the trenches of motherhood and I have learned a lot-about myself and about the world. The world is so much scarier when you are a mom. There is so much bad that you want to protect your child from but there is so much warmth.


The world is full of beauty and a child's eye can illuminate it.

Being a mom, especially one to a very determined and spirited toddler with a unique personality is not easy but it's makes for a very interesting life. I find the humor in the days that end in tears and make sure (even on those days when life gets is so hectic and the house looks like a tornado hit) that I never take for granted the gift of motherhood I have been given.

It is that, a gift. I can never say thank you enough or write a 'thank you' note that would encumber the gratitude and joy that is worthy of this amazing gift. I can at least try by soaking in every tiny moment...even those that I wish to pass. I know it won't be easy all the time but it's the least I can do.


kyna... said...

Wow Amy...awesome post!! You took the words right out of my mouth!
♥ Kyna

Maria said...

So true Amy!