Tuesday, September 6, 2011

22 Months: These boots were made for walkin'

(I'm so late on this but before I forget, I have to write it all down!  Also, winners for the giveaways coming soon!)

Dear Brady,
This month has been amazing. I swear you grew up before my eyes this month because you are doing so many new things and jabbering up a storm.  I also swear you have lived in your rain boots, which oddly enough, we have not had much rain. Boots to Target, boots to the park, boots around the house. You love those things, well, you love shoes but those boots are a big hit. 
 You've always been a big help around the house but you've started really getting into helping mommy cook. You still love to help clean things like wiping down anything (even mommy) and sweeping.
 Somehow you literally got so big you can play on the playground by yourself. You shocked me because you normally would rather just run around and would rather stay for hours on end in the swing but you decided you wanted to go down the slide, by yourself. Of course, the day you decide to do this, we are at a park where the slide is very high and almost gave mommy a heart attack.

 We went to the zoo for the first time in a while and the excitement just grows each time we go. You ran around there with a big smile on your face. You sat and watched some of the animals like you were studying their every move. The snake is still a favorite but....
 the guinea pigs at the kid's zoo won your heart. You kept calling them puppies. You patted them so gently and when you noticed there was one just one on the other side but two...you were ecstatic. Sorry buddy, we are not getting one!
 It's been so hot we spent a lot of time outside in the water, which if you are outside, you are happy.
 We went to Grant's Farm and you picked up a few new words (DEECOCK!)

Speaking of your new words, you have so many I can't keep up. Yesterday, you said, 'school bus' which is another favorite thing of yours. You've also started calling me 'Mommy' instead of "momma' and while it comes out so stinking cute, it makes me sad. Sometimes you call me momma, mommy, amy, or even Momma Amy. That personality of yours sure is something!

You have started using more and more phrases too. You told Nana after she asked if you had pooped, 'No poopy, Nana!' Actually, a lot of your phrases have poopy, do-do or pee pee in them, which I'm sure will not get any better as you get older.

New words/phrases: Abby, Ernie, School bus, Puma, Peecock (deecock!), daddy's blue baby, blue owl (actually, blue anything), ice cream, 'uh oh, puppy pee', blue baby, puppy's baby, puppy's ball, elbow, puppy do-do, big ___ (big dog, big ball, big boo boo, etc), stinky, pew-wee poopy, mommy's all done, Bobby.

There are so many more that mommy is drawing a blank but it never ceases to amaze me what actually comes out of your mouth. You repeat the words that I would never expect.

You've also started saying, "I want ___." The past few nights, as we are watching Elmo, you jump up and run to the kitchen screaming, "I want Ba'  (banana) You are pretty much a bottomless pit and really started loving 'blue fruit' (fruit pouches) and love your 'blue milk' (the lid is blue!)
 You got into things you were not supposed to. Mommy's makeup, diaper creme, garlic salt (and mommy has the evidence for 2/3 of those!) You are a busy, busy bee and you never stop moving.

You've started this laugh where you crinkle your nose and laugh with your whole body. You think a lot of what Grandma's puppy does is just downright hysterical.
I always talk about how you love being outside, which of course you still do, but you gather and touch every single thing possible. Pine cones, acorns, pine tree branches. You of course see anything not green and call it "Puppy do-do,' which is not my favorite new phrase you've picked up. I've deemed you the neighborhood maid. You take any newspaper, sticks, acorns on the side walk and throw them into the street or grass. 

 You are a nature boy at heart. You found the one patch of dirt in our yard and sat and played for a while which doesn't happen often as you tend to move from one thing to the next pretty quickly.
 We've always looked for the 'kitties' on our walks but you've decided that all cats are now called, pumas. You decided to look for the "Puma's'' under those blocks.
 You had your first trip to Build-a-Bear and guess what animal you picked out? A puma! You wanted to carry the box but the thing weighed more than you! Puma, along with Elmo and Ernie sleep with you every night.

Let's talk about your little friends, Elmo, Ernie and Abby are the most used words in this house and the most loved. You decided this month you are completely head over heels for Elmo. When Mommy brought home a little stuffed Ernie, you're eyes lit up so bright. You immediately ran over, picked up Elmo and said, "Ernie, Elmo' over and over, like you were introducing them.

You get blissfully excited over anything with wheels. Cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, even the mailman. Each time you see one, it's like you see one for the first time. You play with your cars, trains and arts/crafts most often. You love to color and play with play dough. You probably spend half of your day coloring. You know the color blue and it's used in half of your phrases. In fact, you've called a few kids at Target, "blue baby.'

That is what cracks me up about you, your attention to the details. We were at Target and you saw a Gatorade, which the sitter always brings with her and you pointed to it and said her name. You know how to unlock mommy's phone and turn the computer on. You don't miss a thing, my dear. 
Whew. See buddy? You have grown so much this month and as we move into a new month, I can't believe you'll be two in two short months. I say all the time how much you light up our lives but at this age, I feel like there is nothing greater then watching you experience all the joys in life.  Nothing is better than that.

Love you, bubs.


Julia said...

We are really into eating actual bananas while watching Elmo talk about banana's too! Hilarious. For us it's a 'nana' though, so combine Brady's 'ba' and Truman's 'nana' and you have the whole word!

Love this big boy!

Carrie said...

They're almost 2!! Can't believe it. Brady's such a cutie. I always enjoy reading what he's been up to.