Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to Beauty with Eversave: A giveaway

The new SJP movie,"I Don't Know How She Does It opens September 16th and there are many scenes in the trailer  that very closely mirror my life. There is a scene where she is lying in bed compiling her ever growing to-do list. As a mom, a busy working mom who is away from my house 50 plus hours a week, I have found myself doing this all while trying to check off half that list and attempting to fall asleep.
I used to wonder how some moms just seem to have it together all the time.  After two years knee deep in the trenches, I have learned that the 'doing it all' thing doesn't exist. Just because I know it's not humanly possible to 'do it all,'' I can't help but wonder how the mom behind me at Target seems to have it together while my child is attempting to hurl himself from the shopping cart and I'm busy wiping snot off my shirt with my cell phone in one ear trying to put out yet another fire at work all while attempting to re-avert my child back into said cart without injuries or tears shed. 

When I convinced myself that we all struggle to 'do it all' (even when some appear that they have yet to change an explosive diaper or pulled a booger the size of a basketball out of a 28 pound toddler,) I found myself putting less on my plate. Sometimes, I literally find myself saying, 'screw the dishes,' to run outside or  to just be okay living with a little clutter so that I can sneak a cat nap in while the toddler has finally stopped moving for ten seconds. 

At the end of the day, I'm exhausted and am craving some much needed 'me-time.' At the end of the day, this 'me-time' could come in almost any form, a glass of wine, a run around the block or getting lost in a good book but as long as I get some time in, I can get through everything and could almost do it all. I can be my own version of Super Mom! It refreshes me for the next long day ahead of me. I won't lie and say that I get much of that time (fifteen minutes is almost heaven) or that I don't end up sound asleep without reading a single word but devoting some time to myself saves my sanity. Last month, I snuck away and got a much needed haircut and I felt like a new momma woman! Heck, it was like a mini vacation for me!
Today, Eversave is co-hosting a Blog Carnival with Audrey McClelland, author of "The Digital Mom Handbook' and throughout the day she will be posting tips from mom bloggers on how they 'do it all!" So, head over to MomGenerations to see how other mom's 'do it all!' 
'Eversave surveyed over 700 moms and 35% percent said they find time for themselves once a month and their preferred way to spend that time is pampering themselves with manicures, facials and other spa treatments. That is my kind of me time!'
Once a month, ladies! Once a month? I know we are all busy but we can do better than that even if it is a few minutes here and there and I can help. 

For all the mom's who 'do it a'll', Eversave is offering spa-centered deals today! Check out what today's save is in your area so you can get "Back To Beauty!'' 

For my St Louis, mommas, today's save is fabulous. Get a spa mani-pedi for $29 at Color Fx in Kirkwood (a $60 value!) If you are new to Eversave, you can get it for a bit cheaper with $3 off your first purchase! 

Eversave is giving away a mani-pedi for one St. Louis momma and two friends at Color Fx! 

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Sara said...

I find time for myself by leaving my little munchkin with my husband for a few hours and hanging out with friends! Sometimes I squeeze a little me time into the evenings and watch a favorite show or search for new recipes on pinterest!

Joline said...

I find time for myself sporadically, but when I do, I like to have wine with friends.

Joline said...

I followed Eversave on facebook