Thursday, September 22, 2011

Worldwide Day of Play

As a child, I remember running around outside catching lightning bugs and coming inside when the sun went down. I feel like my parents who you know, 'walked ten miles to school barefoot,' when I say things like that but in reality, it's true. Sadly, many kids would rather sit inside and watch TV or play video games.

I remember the fun we had and the memories we made. The simple smell of summer brings back those memories of those carefree summers. I always said I wanted my children to have those memories. Luckily, my own child would prefer to live outdoors so we spend a lot of time running around. My mom said to me the other day, "I can't believe you're letting him play in the dirt!' but why not? It's just dirt and he was having the time of his life. Dirt can be washed off but memories last forever even after the bubble bath has washed away the grime and his clothes have been washed.

As you can see, he likes to get dirty. His favorite thing to do is to just run around in the backyard or go on walks. Nothing makes him happier than that. It's the first thing he asks for in the morning and we practically have to drag him inside at the end of the night. It does nothing but make me happy though to see him enjoy the outdoors like that.

Growing up, we did spend a lot of time outside playing as my parents would take us floating and to places in 'nature' all the time. Actually, my grandfather started an organization that helps clean Missouri's streams and rivers. We grew up around the water and spent a lot of time playing in it, catching frogs and chasing fish. Those are nice memories to carry with you. Luckily, we have a tradition we can carry on with our grandchildren just as my grandpa did with us.

It has always been important to my family to spend time outside and as adults, we still do. With today's obesity rates continuing to rise in children, I can instill this into our lives and hope that my children will do the same with theirs, even in the fast paced world full of technology at our fingertips. I hope Brady's love of the outdoors will never fade and I will do what I can for it to remain that way. Last summer, we started biking and it is something we still do as much as we can. We take nightly walks, trips to parks and zoo's and alway are on the lookout for something new!

The importance of play is so important to the development of a child but did you know how important physical activity is when it comes to academics? Studies have shown that active kids do better in school!

On September 24th, Clorox2 and Nickelodeon are teaming up for Worldwide Day of Play to turn off the TV and play outside! Clorox 2® is a proud sponsor of Nickelodeon's 8th Annual Worldwide Day of Play and encouraging kids to get off the couch and get dirty!

Want to take part in the Worldwide Day of Play? Join the fun and sign the pledge here:

By entering the pledge, you have a chance to win a family vacation but also find activities for your family to do! There are some great tips and you can learn how important playing outside really is!

Follow along with Clorox on facebook and twitter to learn more!

We signed up and will be spending the day outside. I hope you'll join us!

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Mrs. Dirnberger said...

We spent our childhoods the same way and I want nothing more than to pass that on as well. In fact, my husband said the other night I hope we NEVER have to buy a gaming system :)