Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The day that Paper Coterie made me cry!

I got my package from Paper Coterie.

It led me down memory lane. Oh, boy! I got out all the tiny little items I wanted to put in his memory keeper...oh boy.

 I put in invites from baby showers, the card from the ultrasound tech (she had what he weighed at 17 and 21 weeks since we had to have an extensive ultrasound), many ultrasounds, cards of wishes from my shower, 'First' cards from holidays, his Happy Birthday to You book (we used as his guest book at his 1st Birthday party) and card from the nurses in the NICU. I also added a newborn diaper, binky, first birthday invite, first Christmas card, birth announcement and his take home outfit. I'm surprised it all fit and that will openly admit that I might be a candidate for the hoarders show.
 It's perfect. Then, I cried.
 How did my tiny baby get so big? These were around his legs! Oh, sniff, sniff.
After I was able to contain myself, I remembered I ordered something else! I also ordered him a ABC book, "About me A to Z!'' He is really into letters and loves books so I know he will love this. It came in a cute little package.
 You can add pictures of things you want and add pictures of your child. Most of the pictures match up to the letter on the page (except this one just because I love it!)
Just a reminder that today is the last day for the $40 credit. Use code BeginAnywhere AND don't forget to enter my giveaway for $40 credit and FREE SHIPPING!

I warned you. It might make you cry.

Honestly, I loved both but the memory keeper shocked me at how much I loved it. I could not bear to throw those things away and having kept them aside somewhere, a few things got wrinkled.  I'm beyond thrilled that we now have a special place to keep them and know exactly where to find them if I decide I want to make myself cry again. 

I love that we can keep it on a shelf in his room and I might get one for each year since as you can see, I save everything. 

disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post but I received product in exchange for this review. The opinions, thoughts and even the tears are my own.  


Joline said...

I tried to use that code to order a memory box, but they are sold out until October! Lame :(

Trisha said...

So cute! I love it!

Good choice of things! I'm going to have to go buy something for our God-Son!