Thursday, August 27, 2009

Q and A

I have been asked a lot of questions by you lovely peoples, but also the general population of the world. Some questions make me smile, and some make me want to kick someone in the privates. You'll know soon which are which.

Have you picked out a name?
ha ha, don't I wish? Well, we would if this man I am married to wouldn't be so stubborn. know who you are. His latest thing is that he wants him to be Jr. and when I told him I was against it, he said and I fregging quote, 'well, lets just wait and see what he looks like' Well, I am not a wait and see kinda girl. I have to have a plan and that plan has to have a plan.
He does have a middle name. Robert, after my dad, his dad and my brother! :)

Where did you find that Curel lotion?

The every so amazing stuff I talked about here was finally found at Walmart but also saw it at our local grocery store Dierbergs. Target didn't have it which surprised me, and neither did Walgreen's. I still love it and still think you need it NOW!
Are you going to breastfeed?
I hate being asked this question sometimes because some people believe different things and believe that you should believe what they do too. I think that this is a very personal decision and no way is right, but yes I plan on it. I will be honest. The whole milk coming out of my boobies thing is still foreign to me and I still cannot believe it will really happen but I am sure that I will adjust, lol. Am I nervous about it? Oh yes.

What was the worst part about pregnancy?
The morning sickenss. Hands down! I can handle all the aches and pains I am thrown at but throwing up day and night, and walking around with popped blood vessels around my eyes is where I cave. I hope that with the next pregnancy, it stays far far away!

What are those wrist guards you talk about?
I have developed pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. My hands go numb at night (partly my fault because I like to snuggle up with my pillow and my hands usually go under it) and are so numb I could literally bite my finger off and not feel a thing. I get pain in my wrist as well, and while those wrist guards are not so much sexy, they do help a little. Except lately, they have been going moer and more numb! Oh boy!

What does your doctor say about your feet (as in the swelling)
That I am pregnant in the middle of St. Louis summer and to leave me the hell alone. Do you think I like walking around with sausages as toes and drumstick kankles? Well I sure as hell would like it much better if you would stop reminding me that I am walking around with meat-like appendages.

Do you have any wierd cravings?

  • Well, I may not think this is wierd but most people do. Grilled cheese with bacon dipped into the tomatoe-y goodness of ketchup. Bacon in general is awesome but due to the swelling I try to stay away. I have developed an odd craving over the past few weeks.
  • Coke in a can. Not Pepsi, and not a bottle of soda but Coke in a can. I could drink gallons of it if I could but due to the fact that I would not like to gain 400 pounds, and need to limit my caffiene intake, I might have one a day.
  • Chocolate is another which is odd for me because I normally am not a big fan of chocolate (i know call me wierd) but raisenettes and anything with carmel are my fav's!
  • Thanks to the upcomiong season, fall, Happy Apples (carmel apples)!

  • I also have what I call see-food cravings. If I see someone or someone tells me about something, I start to crave it. Like the other day at work a coworker was eating mashed taters, and I needed them! I had them for lunch yesterday in fact.
  • Peanut butter sandwhich or bagel with milk. Another wierd thing. I don't like milk.
Are you sure there are not two in there?
If you ask me this question, you might want to step away from me because I might retaliate and just because I can't kick very high right now, doesn't mean I can't kick you hard.

Are you getting excited?
Of course I am! Not only will I be able to sleep on my stomach again, wear normal shoes and eat lots of raw fish, but I will also get to meet the little guy who has been calling my womb home for the past 9 months. We can ooh and ahh over him and decide whose nose he has and weather or not he has my eyes or his daddy's.....and give him lots of love! Let's just hope we have a name for him by then!


Jennelle said...

Coke in a can IS different from Pepsi, or Coke in a bottle, or Coke from a fountain. I'm particular about these things. If I'm having a fountain drink, I get Sierra Mist or Sprite. If it's a bottle, I like Cherry Coke. And if it's a can, I like regular Coke. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, I get the same questions. Why is it that other people feel like pregnancy is an open invitation to ask the most personal of quesions??? The breastfeeding question irritates me, seriously strange person asking me, when did my boobies become your business? Okay, I'll settle down.

So its not just me that the wrist guards are starting to lose their magic touch? They worked at first but I am now waking with such pain. Ugh.

We're almost there!!! :)

Sarah said...

i laughed so hard at this post. you are going to have such a fun family, and your son is blessed to have such an awesome mother. :) you'll do great with everything, amy. (the naming, milk coming out of your boobies, etc.)

Angie said...

Awesome post Amy! I laughed at it too. Pregnancy is so weird and crazy that you just have to laugh at all the weird things that go on!

Julia said...

pregnancy questions are flabbergasting sometimes, aren't they? The 'are you excited' question gets me the most. No...I'm not excited at all. DUH!

Mary said...

It's funny, you're the second pregnant lady I've read about lately who has developed carpal tunnel. That's so weird-I wonder why that happens?