Monday, August 17, 2009

He is still a boy and a stubborn one at that.

I left kind of disappointed. I really don't know much more than when I went. I am also bummed that I didn't get any cute pics (drs office has 4D.) He had both hands, and a foot in front of his face. We tried moving positions, and she waved the wand to get him moving but he didn't want to budge. He is stubborn already in his young years :) The only good picture I got is of his goods and I think he would hate me later on down the road if i posted that--bc man is it visible, lol!

I have a foot in my ribs (i could have told ya that)...and he is now HEAD down finally. I know he will probably move 3,492 times before birth but I am a bit more relieved. Funny is that today I have had to RUN to the bathroom because I could hardly hold it (i know, tmi) and turns out his HEAD is right dab on my bladder.

He weighs about 3.2 pounds! Average at 29 weeks is about 2.5 pounds so he is about average I guess?

She said it looked like his stomach and liver were functioning and showed me both kidney's. She said doc would call if she found anything with the pics, and of course I will still worry. I got back in a few weeks for another appointment. I am the worlds most impatient person right now. I just want to know that my little monkey is doing ok!


Anonymous said...

Head down is great news, Amy!!

And sounds like he's right on track - that's good to hear.

Julia said...

Awesome update. And I'm already peeing up a storm so I cannot imagine a giant baby head on top of my bladder. Crazy. :)

Sarah said...

not to mention, don't you have to drink a ton of water for the ultra sound? sounds not so fun.
well, will you get the chance to do another 4D ultra sound in the future? or was this the only opportunity? and that's great news about heads down. :)

Meredith said...

I didn't get any good pics the last time I had an ultrasound's a bummer!

Heck yes for being head-down!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Head down is great news! He is growing so fast...I am scared to know wha this little one weighs when I go tomorrow. I feel HUGE

Katie said...

Glad things are still good. Wait until you go every week. It will drive you nuts.