Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's offical, we are having sasquatch (28 weeks)

I am now in my third trimester!!! Wahooo!

For the good news, I DO NOT have gestational diabetes. I am so damn excited! You wouldn't believe.

Now, this could or could not be good news but he is measuring way ahead. I am supposed to be measuring 28-30 inches (they measure your uterus from top to bottom, and the inches usually correlate with how far along you are....) but I measured 32-33!!! OH MY! I have to schedule an u/s to see just how big he is since the u/s tech wasn't there but their computers were down so I have to call back! I am nervous and pray that he is okay but when she got his heartbeat today with the doppler his heart was strong, and he was moving around like a wiggle worm!!! BUT----yes, BUT he is STILL breech. I sure hope he turns!

It could be due to extra fluid which might not be a big deal but of course my stupid self googled it last time and found it could be a Down's syndrome marker. I hope I can get in this week to get the ultrasound for a peace of mind and to see my little squirm worm!

I swear, we are having ourselves an October baby.

We will see I guess!

I have a pic I will add tomorrow!

OH--and i have to add that I had a weird experience there while peeing, lol! I looked down on the table and saw a gun. YES, a freaking gun. I hurried up and got out of there and the nurse and another lady was standing there and I go. "there's a....." and they both go, yes, we know! Apparently, she was a cop. CRAZY!


Anonymous said...

I just thought of an amazing positive if you have to be induced early or have an early c-section and the baby comes in October...

You will absolutely be able to see New Moon on the day it opens!!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

A gun at your doctors office?? That is different! I bet he is just a big guy, no worries!

Julia said...

A gun? Totally random! And maybe he's just extra tall and has decided to say 'screw my due date, i'm coming out early.' Hang in there!

d.a.r. said...

A gun?!?! I was just going to say "I would have peed my pants" but then remembered you were peeing...ha! How crazy!

Amy said...

lol, i would have peed my pants...good thing i was in the bathroom! :)

Bethwyn said...

Have you been consistently measuring big, or just this one time? I remember with my second all of a sudden I was measuring 7 weeks ahead, and then about two weeks later was measuring back to only one or two weeks ahead. I had about 7 growth scans during my preg too (high risk) and he was always measuring ok and had a typical amount of fluid, etc. I think that one time that he measured so far ahead he was sitting funny or something and making it seem bigger than it actually was. He was born at 8lbs 14oz and 50cm long. Don't stress it though, it happens and usually means nothing.