Monday, August 17, 2009

Because I am killing time.....

My ultrasound is in less than 2 hours and I of course am nervous. I still find myself a bit nervous and excited for all my doctor appointments, I think it's the worrier in me. Once I hear that swoosh of the heartbeat, I am content and happy once again! Hopefully, he is all okay and comfy in there and my worries can subside!

This weekend I had so many plans but I woke up Saturday with a big pain in the neck. Literally, lol. I thought I slept on it wrong or something so I gave it some time but by later that afternoon, I couldn't do much. So, I am in process of getting into a chiropractor and hopefully, make me all better!

So, since the room obviously didn't get painted, we ordered his crib, the rocker, changing table and we picked up a bookcase from Target. I am getting pretty excited about his room, but forgot how small it is. The goodies should all be here in the next week or so and then the daunting task of putting it all together!
Hopefully, I will be back later today with some awesome pics of my little (big) man. My OB office has 3D so hopefully I get to see him all ! I hope I can get something done today!
I think i might need a grilled cheese to get through this day :) (with bacon and ketchup of COURSE!!!)


Katie said...

Grilled cheese sounds great! (minus the bacon and ketchup)

Good luck today. Can't wait to see the pics.

Sarah said...

i am really excited to see your put-together nursery.

and you seriously crack me up with your grilled cheese :)

Anonymous said...

Is that the crib you ordered? So nice!! Can't wait to see the nursery, we still need to start on ours :o

Angie said...

That crib is really cute, does it convert to a toddler bed? Those are awesome!
And I'm not gonna tell you to not be nervous, cause I'm nervous too. I'm so afraid somethings gonna be wrong with my little bits, cause i don't have morning sickness and I'm over 35. I just need to chill out but it's hard not to worry! And I'm SO jeal that your office has 3d, mine doesn't! I bet that's gonna be an awesome picture..