Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend recap and random bits of goodness....

This weekend was kinda weird as it was basically a girls weekend for me, not a bad thing by far but haven't done one like that in a LONG LONG time!

Friday we had our annual spring picnic, and then caroused over to a few coworkers homes for cocktails. Ahhhh, cocktails.

Speaking of cocktails, I had more on Saturday night with some lovely ladies for an awesome GNO (girls night out!.) It's been a while since i attended any of the get-togethers, and i was finally able to go! woot! I am a sucky blogger bc i brought my camera and didn't take any pics. Luckily, Jen did. Thanks, Meghan for being an awesome hostess. i love how her hubby came home and she told him to go away and watch some manly movies!!!!!

I decided that i needed to add a pic in this loong blog of unpictured i stole one from Nikki who i had the pleasure to meet last night. I stole this one bc it had the doggy in it!

This is only a portion of the girls, so check out Nikki and Jen's blogs to see more! Plus, next time I plan on actually taking pics! All in all, I had a crazy week so it was great to relax this weekend, with good food, good friends, and freaking sweet ass drinks!

Now, regarding the random bits of goodness.
  • I have gotten over my wedding hangover....(thank god. ) I think that it's a combination of just being so relaxed, loving life, and realizing that while some bad shit happened over the past year, it's cool...why cry over spilt milk, there are worse things in life. While most of you know, i work with kids with disabilities, and i met with one of my parents and kiddos last week (after not seeing them for about a year) and suddenly, my whole world didn't matter. Some of the kids I work with are terminal, and to see a frail little body, all skin and bones, you start to feel like shit bc you worried so much about a freaking tiny detail that really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of life. So, i am back to being my normal sappy, and happy self. I love my job for this reason, it keeps me grounded and teaches me that the important things in life are worth waiting for, and worth everything. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends, and a supportive, loving family, and the BEST HUSBAND in the world, who loves me no matter what. Life is too short to cry about spilt milk, so we must move on! Moving on---
  • I am 90% done with my cabinets. Can we say, WOOT!

  • I freaking love summer. There is nothing like waking around in flip flops, and relaxing in the sun.

I can tell it's summer for two reasons besides the effing humidity--junebugs, and the laughter of kids enjoying summer vacation (oh, how i miss those days....) Speaking of summer, i've made a few goals!!!

  1. Get to the gym and stop eating like a lard ass. Well, i am going to start being more healthy. with the wedding, school and everything going on, I stopped being so good. I have gained SOOOOO much weight, and am so tired of feeling like crap ALL THE TIME. I am planning on going to spinning at the butt crack of dawn so wish me luck! I am a bit nervous i am going to hurl all over the place.

  2. Once I am finished with the cabinets, my goal is to replace the appliances and the kitchen table that i detest. This ones going to take some time bc the hubby doesn't understand the need for things that don't relate to TV's or Video games....stupid boys. :)

  3. With my whole going the gym thing, I want to loose 30 pounds before my dear friends Steph's October wedding. I am ready freddy!

  4. Learn something new---whatever that may be, I am going to learn it. I'm loving entertaining and cooking so maybe something of that sorts!

I am going to go back to work now, booooo! those cabinets aren't gonna paint themselves!

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Maria said...

It was so nice to meet you Friday night!