Tuesday, June 10, 2008

blast from the past...pic explosion!

That's Blake and I July 2005, our first trip together in Cancun! After that trip, we both new we were going to spend the rest of our lives together....aw, i know.
But then, i found this birdy......love? not quite but he was a nice kisser! :)

This is the first installment of a blast from my past. Call me nastolgic, or call me bored, but some of these pics i just like, some have wonderful memories, and some are just plain funny. I love pictures, as you can probably tell, and some of these are older than old, which is why the quality sucks! Ah, this first one is from our first annual girls night out. Apparently, we like to steal things on these outings, or act like idiots but it makes for good pics and good fun! This is 3 years ago--I think--girls correct me if i'm wrong, but it is right out front of Bugaloo!
This was the following years annual GNO. And yes, that is a man, and yes, that is my "omg, get this man away from me face." and shortly after this photo op he was escorted out of Harry's for being a wierdo. Hmmmmm...i dont understand why! and that was the year of blake's disappearance to the underwear factory.

This is just a good memory...While we no longer have Johnson (no, I did NOT name him) but i was out cold, and lily, loooves to snuggle. I mean how freggin cute are they?
Note to self: go on diet.

Ah, last years float trip--and the birth of the BLUE COWBOY hat. Maybe one day, and this is a huge MAYBE, i will post the video that birthed our BEST MAN'S SPEECH. If you know Blake, you will understand, but oh, man, I will tell you that i have NEVER laughed so hard in my life. NEVER. So, in honor of this trip---DO WORK, SON!
This is my favorite installment of Before.......
and after......yes, that is her cake. what a waste!
Don't ask. Too much alcohol can really put you in the doghouse!
um, all i can say is Matt's got nasty ass weave! I look weird in this pic and so does Tim but it was the first time I saw him after we moved from CoMo. Large consumptions of liquor+old college roomie=several buckets of tears
I don't know why I love this pic, but it just makes me laugh.......this is from our old crib...
And this has always been a fav too.....
and talking about going waaaay back? This is from my first lake trip with blake and the boys. First of all, don't you love the Jesus clown. yes, that is what his shirt says. Anyway, this weekend, really well, i'll let this explain itself.

One condo, One bathroom, 6 boys and one little ole me. This is going on my fridge, so that i can remind myself what it was like to be a size freggin 0. Diet? Yes, please! Now, this is a reaaaaly old one. Blake and I went camping together for the first time. This involved someone getting knocked in the head by a tree (ahem, BECCA!), our tent becoming a pool, bologna, the introduction of sandal, a chair roasting party, and an No-Ad sunscreen fight that resulted in horrible rashes. Ahhh, the memories. Jen and Sandi--look our men. Tell me they don't look like beeeebies??? I guess this was a cool photo to take back then?
I don't know, but i love this one too. While it may look like they are staring lovingly into each others eyes (remember, the boy on the right married me!) they were dancing to some rad tunes, or something like that.

Apparently Sam didn't know this statue was ALIVE. HA!And the last one for today comes from New Year's Eve, 2005?
I think we like each other!
Ok, I lied. This is the last one of today. From new years, 2007.

Sheesh, I'm exhausted! Next time won't be so long, i will at least try!


Jamie said...

I LOVE old pics!!! Yours are so funny....I'm scared to bring some of mine out!

Lisa said...

I LOVE blast from the plast pics!! You guys have had some fun times :).

Maria said...

Those pictures were so fun to look through. Thanks for sharing them!