Thursday, June 12, 2008

The story behind THE BLUE HAT

Oh, Blake--I love him, i really do, but sometimes I just don't know about him sometimes. It's not that I don't love him, honor him or cherish him and all that lovey dovey crap, it's just that he truly is --one of a kind. He is shy and pretty quiet when you first meet him (you won't believe me after this post), but once he gets to know you (or after too many alcoholic beverages) he starts to open up. Sometimes too much....There are things come out of his mouth that make you laugh until you cry--and you might wonder where hell did he pull that from? You will understand what I mean quite shortly.
  • I have been talking about cutting my hair lately, and i mentioned that i might cut it to my shoulders. When I told this to Blake, he goes, 'but amy, i like your hair long.' My reply was, um, my shoulders are here." oh yea.

  • 'is this diet rum?---this has to be one of my favorites. Diet rum?

  • 'i can't hear you over the hip hop'

  • three words that should never be put together or ever demonstrated. NEKED GUITAR HERO

  • "I'm at the underwear factory.' (During their annual boys night out, blake seemed to loose track of where he was and where the other boys were.)

  • Once talking about having kids, i mentioned that i wanted 3. He says, "well amy, let's have one and see how that goes.

  • During our first float trip together, (this was eons ago), some girl yell, Hi Blake. He goes, 'who are you?" She responds, "Blake, it's your COUSIN, Tracy!"

  • After watching this video (you will see shortly) a week or so later, I ask Blake where he learned that dance. He responds, 'On tv--(and then mumbled something about the gay pride parade)

There are plenty more where those came from. Maybe i'll do installments of Blake-ology, kind of like Julia does with her hubby!

Now, for the total showdown of all things Blake. I cannot BELIEVE i am even going to post this. I have brought up this blue hat several times before. This is the story of the blue hat that inspired, and birthed our best man's speech, and was taken with us to Jamaica for a photo op.

The blue hat was born last year during our annual float trip to Ozark Outdoors. Blake, and a few others went to get ice, and a few staples for our upcoming float down the river. Other people came back with ice, cigs, or even snacks. Not Blake. He came back sporting this lovely--and oh, so MANLY hat. This was taken before the float:

and this is the replica of the hat our best man used in his speech. He even drove down to Ozark Outdoors and bought it for this ginormous event. It was the last blue one they had.

and just a little background info--this came out of absolutely nowhere. We were packing up getting ready to head to the float. It was 9:37 AM, and the ENTIRE camp around us, cheered him on and clapped after this rare performance ended. Just so you all know--this is the same guy who said our wedding vows at a whisper because he was so nervous.

I swear this video should be a warning to kids. This is what alcohol can do to you. Just say no!

When you watch this, note the time. Nope, your not mistaken, it really is that early in the morning. I think he might still be intoxicated from the night before. and yes, i was there and knew all about this before i married him. now that's what i call unconditional love, huh? At least we NEVER have a dull moment.

Yes, that is my husband. He sure does know how to make a girl proud! and like my friend Erica says, 'and you wanna mate with this guy?'And you wonder why I told anyone that if they played this at the wedding, i'd seriously injure them to the point of no recogntion. Luckily, they listened.

Now, as we gear up for this years annual float trip (most likly this july, obviously we are loads o' fun, anyone wanna join us?)......can you guess what accessory we'll be bringing? oh and what is up with sam's hair? I don't remember that phase.......

For the two friends that know Blake that might actually read this...what's your favorite Blake-ology?


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Jamie said...

Oh Blake baby, you are SO hot!!! :)

Juan & Katie said...

Amy, he is SO special!!

Maria said...

Awwwwww, Blake got down with his bad self. LOL!!!

Julia said...

White guys dancing when intoxicated are the best. The blue hat rules, keep the Blake-ologies coming!

Aimee said...

That is hilarious! Can't wait to read more! :-)

Trisha said...

Thank you for the Friday morning entertainment. LOL

Brigid said...

OMG I love the part where he is rubbing the beer up and down on him! Laugh. That is just too damn funny!

Float trips...they can make people do some strange things!!!