Thursday, June 5, 2008

This and that....

  • I caught an episode of Friends the other day. Man, i miss that show.

  • I am SO excited for this weekend! We have NO plans! First time in like, a looong time. I'm pumped.
  • My dog is the laziest dog--ever! I was off on Monday, and she hardly got up all day. Is that all she does all day while we are at work? I mean, when i got up, she went from our bed, to HER bed. Even still, she is too damn cute. Look at her as a baby!

  • She finds the wall really interesting!

    She's on the right, that's her brother we gave him to Blake's bro (who gave him away without tell us! GRRRR)

    • Little did i know, that getting married and changing my last name would cause so many problems. Well, at work it's causing my computer to do crazy things, since we changed my username, i've lost log notes. not cool. who knew changing my name would cause so much chaos?

    • I am so frustrated right now. The car accident was almost 2 months ago, and the freggin pain hasn't gone away. PT is helping, but I'm miserable. I've gained like a million pounds bc i can't do anything. I am so tired of going to appointments and yep, gotta go again tomorrow, I called my doc to see if i could get an MRI to see if there is more to it, and she wants to see me. GAH. Stupid car accident. I just want to be back to normal again!

    • I heart Popsicles. Its weird tho--as a child i used to love the purple and cherry--and now i find myself liking the colors i hated as a kid. I'm also finding that i hate bugs. I used to be SUCH A TOMBOY as a kid. I remember when i was younger, my cousin and i used to squish worms in my dolls baby bed my dad made (i know, weird. what were we thinking?) Now, they repulse me. Blake and i (well, mostly blake) got rid of ALL the stupid rocks in our backyard, and every time i picked one up, i found a worm or 1,000's of rolly polly's. and i want to hurl. when did i grow up?
    • I am going to attempt to get my haircut this weekend. I am SO sick of it right now. Wish me luck. I haven't had a real hair cut other than a trim in like two years. Scary!

    Going for something like this:

    Please, I hope i dont end up like this--somehow i just don't think that could happen!

    Ah, tomorrow is friday! Friday's kick ass!


    Julia said...

    your pup is adorable. I'm sorry your neck still hurts! How exciting, a real's gonna be cute. And yay for a free weekend. Those are the best.

    Amanda, Mandy, Manda, Tomato said...

    YAY for haircuts! I'm getting mine done tomorrow night. I can't wait! Long distance high five!

    Nikki said...

    I miss Friends, too, and now SATC...
    Your dog is precious!
    I'm sorry to hear your pain hasn't gone away; wrecks suck.
    And, don't kill rolly polly's! They're my favorite!
    Can't wait to see the new hair cut!!
    Enjoy the weekend.

    Aimee said...

    I LOVE Friends. FI got me the boxed set for a holiday (can't remember which). I love having it on in my classroom when we have work days, since we don't get actual TV stations. It makes the time go by so much faster.

    Your puppy is absolutely adorable! My cat stares at odd things, too.

    Sorry to hear you're still in pain! Hope that gets figured out and the pain goes away very soon.

    Lastly, can't wait to see pictures of your new hair cut! :-)

    Jamie said...

    OH how I miss Friends....booo. Okay so I thought I had the cutest puppy, but you. YOU have the cutest puppy! Tell me how good she is because I really want a beagle (and omg a mini one?!) but e says they're not good dogs. So go on. Tell me how sweet and smart she is. Although the whole staring at the wall thing isn't helping... :) I expect to see pics of the hot new do!!

    Maria said...

    Your puppy is so stinkin' cute! And I love the hairstyle you posted. Can't wait to see it!