Monday, June 2, 2008

My latest obsessions...

My latest project has sucked the energy out of my body--literally. The cabinets are ALL painted, now I just need to buy and add hardware! Woot--and I am working on talking my dear hubby into buying me this: and once I get this, I'll need the matching components. It's going to take a while to convince him that the money we spend it worth it when our properly working yet unmatching appliances are still in working order. Plus--it's honestly, driving me nuts that they do not match. I NEED MATCHY MATCHY!

So, in attempt to update our kitchen on a measly budget (and let me tell you, there has been A LOT of F-BOMBS involved in this project, and next time, i decide to do something this crazy, hit me in the freggin head please.) I have been scouring the blog-o-sphere and www for fun ideas. I found these two funky pieces on i am in love with this idea. i don't know what it is about the baskets, maybe it's because they are so orderly looking, and um, yes, lined up. Now, i wouldn't ever be so brave to go all out with these funky colors but I'm thinking of adding one of basket goodness!

Since the cabinets are now painted, my goal is to find some baskets. Two places come to mind: gardenridge and world market--two places i could seriously do some damage at. Now, prepare yourself for the next thing, i am so obsessed with this, if we were ANYWHERE near finishing our basement, and I'd sell my right arm to get this:

I found this on Dwell, but searched ASKO's site, and this is what they say about this magnificent creature.

The ASKO Laundry Care range is the world’s most co-ordinated range of
laundry appliances. It is totally modular for flexible configuration, comes
with a range of concealed door finishes and can even be integrated with your
own cabinetry. And with a range of hidden helpers and storage solutions you will
enjoy more freedom, options and space than ever before. Of course, like all ASKO
products, the range reflects our tradition of pure, minimalist, ergonomic design
and our commitment to the environment.

Sigh. I want.


Julia said...

I love that laundry set up! And the funky colored cabinets are the bomb, too.

Aren't kitchen renovations SO much fun? [sarcasm here]

Maria said...

I love that laundry set up too! I've never seen anything like that before. And anything with baskets pretty much rocks! :-)