Thursday, June 26, 2008

lack of motivation=stalking etsy

Etsy is like crack. From seller OnOccasion.I've been a bit unmotivated this week--I blame it on my busy weekend (post to come someday soon). I've posted about etsy before, as do many bloggers. I was looking for a baby gift, and i came across some things that i might have to order for myself. I need a second job to pay for my etsy needs.
It this not awesome?


i am in love with this: So damn cute. From daphnenen
The Race for The Cure was last week,
and this is awesome: from SoutherCharm

. Obviously, I am obsessed with yellow lately! From BurstofHappiness: and this baby blanket is freaking awesome! From harrietmolly:

and this is just funny....

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Julia said...

Love them all, especially the breast cancer necklace. There are so many fun websites for 'cancer sucks' items, it's awesome.