Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm on a posting rampage lately!!!

I can seem to stop posting with all this time i've got on my hands...ha! I am going to flood this post with wedding pics my dear friend nikki took! She was one of my readers and wow, she sure can read!
I can say this is the first installment of what the hell is Amy doing?
It is a good shot of my bouquet tho! I sho' do love me some peonies!!! Becca, jen, and nikki on my sweet ass trolly!!!
Um, them again? Nikki likes to take pics.....
If i had to guess, I think I would say that this may be after a few bottles of champagne?? Whatcha think T???
Awww....maybe if Jenny would stop running away from bouquets she might just be the next one to walk down the aisle! Ha, just kidding--you know i wuv you!
Noone is looking at this camera but hey, i'll take what i can get right now.....

Dave looks like he is concentrating REALLY hard at reading those programs....

There's tony hamming it up like he does bestThe boys, but i do have to wonder why the heck Joel is pointing to his crotch????

I think matt thinks it's time for him to get married.....and i'm glad to see Blake was smiling before he saw me!!!! Oh, and if your super anal like me all you can notice is that the stupid coordinator forgot to give the boys their bouts. Stupid lady. First you show up to the rehearsal 45 mins late, and then you forget the flowers. GAH!

Damn, those boys are looooking goood!
I MADE IT!!! (and without falling down the aisle, or losing an eyelash!)
We are married! What a sweet moment, huh? (Note my awesome photog capturing it all!)
Hopefully, we'll have some REAL pics soon!!


Anonymous said...

You are so freaking funny!! Oh, and what - my pictures don't count? :) just kidding. You looked gorgeous and I'm so happy for you both and wish you all the fights, passion, making up and cuddling that the world has to offer. Have a ball sister!

Love, Nik

Amy said...

nikki you are too freaking funny!!!

Anonymous said...

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