Thursday, June 19, 2008

Note to self

As i posted early this week, I had an MRI last week. I patiently waited for the freaking results. I finally broke down and called them yesterday (geez, i mean what if i was waiting to hear about a freaking tumor or something!) and what did they tell me? NOTHING--something about muscle spasms. I was pissed by then. I had to wait almost a week for them to tell me nothing at all. I sat at my desk stewing in that for a minute, and finally called them back.

'Well, doesn't the dr. have any recommendations.?'
There are not any written down, do you want me to ask her?
Um, yea.
Ok, we'll call you back.

Almost 5 hours later, she calls me back to tell me to go back to PT, continue the muscle relaxers, and maybe see a chiropractor because it will help the muscle relaxers work better? WTF?

I hang up more pissed because i am in pain, STILL 2 months later, and i have no idea why. I wanted to cry because i felt like noone understood how this is all affecting my life. After talking to my wonderful hubby, I decided to do something and take the plunge to see a chiropractor. If they couldn't do anything, fine at least i tried. Maybe he could at least read my MRI results.

So, i scramble to call my health insurance to see if they cover a chiropractor! WOOT, they do. I finally call and make an appointment. I was rather nervous bc i had never been and have always been kind of leery of them. I think it's because i hate when ppl crack their knuckles, and i associated that sound with them. Oh, and Blake got referred to one by my holistic mom. This lady was a wacky quack. she had blake bring his vitamins and hold them in his hands, and that the hand he held his vitamins in was being pushed down. Basically, she was trying to pedal her stupid vitamins.

Today, i go to my first appt. I'm sitting in the consult room filling out paperwork when i read one of the pieces that needed my lovely signature. What I was signing was that i agree not to sue for pain suffered during the eval process, and this is what kinda started to freak me out. It said something about emotional repercussions. Um, WTF were they going to do to me that could cause emotional repercussions??? I almost walked right out of there right then and there but i can't really run so i wouldn't be able to get out of there fast enough. So I stayed :)

I sit and wait to talk with the doc.

He read me the results from the MRI in normal person words and i felt a little better knowing what exactly was wrong. There was some bulging in the some areas and the tendons in my back are swollen. This makes total sense why the muscle relaxers are not working--DUH! AND why PT really wasn't working either. He hooked me up the this machine--which is totally my favorite thing right now! They put electrode patches on me, hook it up to the machine and it sends a current to my back. I used it at PT but NEVER felt the relief i have right now. so I am guessing that is a good thing! He explained to me that one I used at PT works (and I guess mrs. julia can correct him if he's wrong) on the muscles, where as this one went deeper to hit those tendons. I don't care what it hit but it did helped, so that is all that matters!! I guess chiro's aren't so bad after all.


Trisha said...

Halleluia for some relief! =)
The chiropractor did my back wonders after my "incident!" I'm hoping you're on your way to a speedy recovery!

Aimee said...

I love those machines! They are amazing! I started going to a new chiropractor recently. They have another cool thing I'd never seen. When you're getting the electrode therapy, you lie on a table. Well, this table moves and kind of massages your back! It rolls up and down your spine, helping it to be more flexible.

Apparently I have issues - my hips were out of alignment, my shoulders and neck are all tense and stressed, my head is too far forward (?), my neck doesn't have enough curve. Sheesh! I hope the chiro works out. I really enjoy going to them!

Amy said...

oh yea, traction? i did that at PT!

Abi said...

i like when they put the "juice" on me. it feels so good!!

Mary said...

I used to see student chiropractors, but it got to be too much of a pain to go as often as they said I needed to. I am considering going back to a new one that is closer. I hope you continue to have relief with the new electrodes!