Thursday, January 12, 2012

Toddler speak

Oh, toddlers. You are so mysterious. Sometimes, deciphering toddler speak is difficult and leads to lots of tears and not just from the little ones. Hopefully, I can help you learn to speak their language.

'I want to hold you or hold mommy.'
Translation: I want you to hold me.

Translation: Oatmeal

'Get the dirties out.'
Translation:  Washing hair or body in the tub

'Momma play with head'
Translation: Mommy, I wanna play with your hair because I'm love twirling hair when I'm sleepy and mine isn't cutting it.

'Put ba-ba in bowl'
Translation: I want milk in my cereal. (He calls his sippy cup a ba-ba, cup, mine, Brady's- it has many names because it's his one true love)

'No pashman today.'
Translation: The trashman didn't come today and that sucks. This is one that is repeated over and over in this house as his obsession with the trash truck grows daily.

'NOOOOOOOO! Brady!!!!!'
Translation: No, dammit. I want to do it!

Then, he says things that are more profound. Things that I could never imagine a two year old saying.

Brady: Mommy go bye-bye?
Yes, baby. I have to go to work.
Brady: Bye, Mommy! I wuv you!

'Mommy? Brady no cry today. Brady happy!'

Then, this mommy was left speechless with a smile on my face.

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