Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm halfway there peeps. HALFWAY!



Tomorrow, we find out what is or is not between this baby's legs!

I'm already prepping him or her to spread em' which got me thinking of all the things we will need to do to prepare for his/her arrival!

Of course we have to get the room ready and all that fun stuff but this time, while we have almost everything we should need, there is a bit more to add to the list.
Teach the importance of sleep. I apparently should have done that with Brady right after conception.

Go through Brady's baby stuff. Wash, sanitize to ensure all the baby puke remnants are gone.

Probably purchase new bibs, burp clothes because puke remnants are not easy to get out permanently.

Prep Brady, i.e. sign him up for a sibling preparation class and hope that Brady still likes the baby afterwards.

Plan some Mommy/Brady dates. I am going to soak up my one-on-one time with him!

Get work as caught up as I possibly can so I don't come back to mean coworkers.

Pep talk. Begin having pep talks with baby to encourage the proper exit route.

So, yes, lots to do!

Want to cast YOUR vote?

Boy? Girl? Undecided?


Carrie said...

My vote is girl! Can't wait! Promise you'll post tomorrow?

Julia said...

I vote for a healthy baby girl. Can't wait to hear the verdict.

Mary said...

Good luck, Amy! I'll be a rebel and vote boy:) Either way, Brady will be a great big brother!

Angie said...

If it's a girl I'm going to laugh because we're all having girls! I hope it's healthy and can't wait to hear!

LC said...

Not sure if it's a boy or girl but I just wanted to say that you need to post a belly picture. K, thanks!