Sunday, January 15, 2012

Catch up: Week 12-16

I am such a slacker this time around but with the holidays, several rounds of sickies and just the craziness of life, it's hard to keep track this time around! 

Things have been great the past month or so. I entered the second trimester and that was a huge sigh of relief this time around. I have started feeling movement and I'm loving it. Occasionally, I'll feel some big thumps and it's happening more often now. 

The belly is uh, growing. Ha! 

Week 13-16

 Symptoms: None really. Some days I'm ready to eat a horse others I would just rather not eat. I want to eat nothing but sweets, especially chocolate. I'm still tired but have a bit more energy than before. Heartburn/reflux still around but manageable. The girls still have times when they are sore. 

Cravings: Sweets especially chocolate Heartburn and well, just plain reflux has really been killing me this time around. I can't eat anything before I go to bed anymore or I pay for it in the morning but I'm ALWAYS starving around then! 

Movement: Ah, yes! Amazing. 

Gender: I go back and forth but everyone and their brothers but a a few people tell me it's a girl. I've had a lot of dreams and they are all girls but I'm not sure if that means anything or not. 

Bump: Oh it's there now officially. 

Brady's reaction: He told me he was going to help feed the baby a ba-ba and change it's poopy diapers. Ha! I hope he remembers this when the time comes! 

Pictures will come, eventually. I dropped my camera off, yes, again to be serviced so hopefully it's not as long this time around. Sniff. Sniff. Instead, I'll  leave you with a picture of my other baby. 

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Julia said...

Loving it---the movement, the belly, etc. Now get some belly pics up when you get that camera back, woman!